NCIS…….Naval Criminal Intelligence Service,

NCIS is the best television show on TV today. The Writer’s who come up with the ideas and write the show, are the most creative crew and know how to keep their viewers in suspense from week to week or season to season.

Mark Harmon, a.k.a. Leroy Jethro Gibbs has the lead role in this show and is also the Executive Producer, but let’s not forget that he is also a great actor, his supporting cast around him are more than fellow actors, they together have formed a bond, like the foundation of a real life family.

NCIS is one of those shows that doesn’t come around all that often, it is a show that has story lines, as close to reality as you can get from in front of a camera and last nights episode proves just what I am saying. Last nights episode is a to be continued to next week and possibly the start of the season ending show? Which I can’t even imagine just how much this season ender might blow us all away. they have done it in the past with other season enders and left us hanging all summer, til the next season started, I must give 100% credit to the Writer’s of this show, as they truly know how to write and keep their Audience coming back for more.

Last nights episode of NCIS, was about Terrorists and how they recruit children, brainwash them to do their dirty work, so the Terrorist can stay hidden like the true Cowards they are. This is a growing problem within our Society today and shows just how in touch the show NCIS is with reality. The Terrorists of today are more brutal than those of the past and the fact they have no empathy or remorse for anybody/anything around them, shows just how brutal they are. they use Social media to recruit the children and the weak minded into their sick and twisted ways, they do what ever they need to do in order to put the fear of God, into each and every one of us. Most of us don’t see the true makings of what the Terrorist really is, cause we simply don’t want to know, so we can try to keep them at a safe distance from ourselves and think that if they aren’t bothering me, than a Terrorist really don’t exist.

A Terrorist is nothing more than a Bully, that will put fear into you, so the they can have all the power and control of everything around them. Both the Terrorist and the Bully are nothing more than a Coward, that has buried their true feelings and emotions so deep within themselves, that it is like they don’t exist, so the Terrorist/Bully can proceed on their quest of, controlling everything around them. The Terrorist is so afraid of us, that they look to recruiting children, brainwashing them to do their dirty work, cause they can’t face anybody that is strong and can stand up for themselves, you see Terrorists wearing hoodies and scarfs to cover their faces, which proves even more, just how much of a Coward they really are.

This TV show of NCIS, is as close to reality as you can get in a television show. The Writer’s do a great job in creating a script, that not only keeps it’s audience in suspense and keeps them tuning in from week to week, but they also come up with story lines that keeps us all in tune with, what is happening within the Society we live, not to mention they also tug at our emotions  from time to time, showing what the true meaning of having true empathy is. Love this show NCIS and hope this show never ends, as we all need a person like Gibbs and his gut, keeping us informed and caring enough of us, so we all can make well informed decisions, as we all walk our paths along our journey of life.

” NCIS may be a TV show, but it is a show that is as close to reality as you can get”

” Gibbs has his rules for his team on the show, he don’t write them down, just has them use their common sense to figure them out, so they can make good informed decisions in their jobs”

” The Gibbs rules are not anything special or set in stone, just wants you to use your common sense and all his rules are what we all should already live by, as we walk our paths of our journey of life”

The Spoked B is worn with pride throughout the team.

The spoke “B” on the jersey of the Boston Bruins, is worn with not only having pride for the organization, but pride for the teammates you play the game of hockey with. Patrice Bergeron shows just what this pride is all about.

These Bruins of the 2014/15 season did not live up to the expectations that not only the Management had, but the fans of the spoke “B” had. The reason for this starts with the General Manager in Peter Chiarelli and the Bruins did the right thing in letting him go. Even before the season started, Peter let go a huge part of the Identity of this team in Jonny Boychuk, but it started even before this, when they let Andrew Ference go? These two guys were not the most talented, but what they brought to the team in an Identity, goes way beyond, any kind of talent, they made this team very tough to play against.

The loss of the Identity became worse when they let Shawn Thorton go? True Thorty was getting older, but his toughness and grit, is what this team missed most this year, Thorty knew when to throw down the gloves and when not to, he knew how to make the players of the other teams see a shadow and cough up the puck, which carried throughout the team and made these Boston Bruins a hard team to play against, from whom ever they played against. In 2011 when they won Lord’s Stanley cup, they had all these ingredients and used them to whip up a gourmet meal, each time they took to the ice that year.

When Peter took these guys away, without adding similar guys ( maybe younger),  now you have a team playing without an identity. I mean like simple addition and subtraction like you learn in school, when you keep subtracting numbers, without adding in any other numbers, eventually you end up with zero or a negative number.

I will always bleed the black and gold of the Boston Bruins and have been a true fan since the Bobby Orr days, yes I still bleed the black and gold and always will bleed these great colors, not too mention my passion for the game, as a former player of the game. Now with that said, I still believe in some of the core players of this team, as yet a few of the core need some tweaking or changing.

Coach Claude showed some versatility, when he put Pasternak, Spooner and Lootch together on a line and as this line showed great promise, it also brought to life the Bear in Lootch, as he played well with the young and future of the Bruins. Bergy was just being Bergy, as his game of the best defensive forward in the game, stayed true to form, no matter who was on his line, Soderberg and Eriksson proved they have great chemistry with each other, while the Merlot line showed that it needs more grit, as well as speed on the ice.

The defense is where this team needs to get better in a hurry and I would build a strong defense around Dougie and Krug. Now if Miller comes back from his injury? He would be a great 4th line defense man,   Seidenberg and Mcquaid? now here is where you get something while you still can, Chara true he is getting old for this fast game, but I would reduce his time on ice, as his reach can still work in your favor and let him retire as a Bruin out of respect. Which means that Patrice Bergeron finally gets the “C” on his jersey, as he more than deserves this.

I think you noticed a few names I have not mentioned? number one on the list of trade guys is Brad Marchand, as his reputation has hurt the team more than it helped, plus his play is not as consistent as it should be. Smith, Paille, campbell also haven’t been consistent with their game also, so use them to trade and better the team moving forward. Kretchi if he is healthy from his injury, can still help this team so he stays, as well as Max Talbot cause both of these can play the two way game like Bergy.

The Goalie situation with Rask stays the same, but the back up position needs some attention, so Tuukka can have some days of rest. Claude Julien and his system can still be effective in this league, just maybe add some speed within it, Claude is a great coach, but when a GM like Peter, subtracts without adding, now you tie the Coaches hands at what he can do. The roster for next season should be with Rask, Dougie, Krug, Miller, Chara, Lootch, Kretchi, Pasternak, Bergeron, Spooner, Soderberg, Eriksson, Talbot, Ferlin, with the rest of the other guys gone for more speed and guys that fit the system in place by coach Claude. These guys will be the core of the team and between them and who you bring in, they can form an identity that can be like the 2011 team, of a team that is hard to play against for any opponent they may face.

I have much respect for Cam Neely and I have total faith in him and if they bring back Don Sweeney as the new GM, that this team will contend for yet another Stanley cup.

” Go Bruins!!! Make us proud, so we true fans can enjoy Bruin hockey once again”

” I bleed black and gold, only the true fans bleed this color, as an ordinary fan bleeds the ordinary red blood”

There is no easy path along this journey through life.

We all walk this journey through life, we find our own paths to this journey, cause this shows just how unique we are to each other. Each one of us wants to claim that the paths we each take, is better then the others? There is no easy path or a path that is better than the other, because each path like each of us is unique to each other, just that we have to find that right path that is best for ourselves.

We as Humans have very similar qualities of each other, but yet are very unique to each other, the paths we chose before us along this journey are very much the same similarities, just that each path is unique to the other and it is up to each of us to find that correct path for ourselves.

When we chose a path to walk along this journey of life, there are many twists and turns, as well as many cross roads. There will be many factors along our journey that will try to force us to make the wrong choices along our paths, like the factor of these life events that will be huge in the way we make decisions, as we come to the cross roads of the paths. These life events if not taken care of properly, will take control of us and try to change who we truly are, these life events will have us moving in the wrong direction and within the clouded judgement we will be in, we will then make decisions without thinking through our actions of that decision.

This journey through life and with all the different paths within it, may seem very over whelming and to some may try to take the easy way out, only because they become to lazy to put in the work, they let these life events control who they really are, when all they have to do is, truly fix these events when they happen, so we can stay true to ourselves and be strong for what ever that may cross our path, not be afraid to work hard everyday, so eventually down the road of our path, we can be rewarded with many good things on the path of our choice, it is when you become lazy and let the events control who you really are, that life never shows you any rewards and when life seems harder than it really needs to be.

There is no easy path along this journey of life, only when you work hard along your path and think through all your decisions before you take the action of that decision, fix all the life events as they happen, before they have the chance to control who you really are, then this journey through life will seem easier with all the rewards and good things that come to you, ” you get out of this journey with what you put into it”, when you don’t put anything into this journey, then you will receive nothing in the form of rewards, or any kind of goodness that fills your soul with the warmth of accomplishment.

We all walk this journey through life, we may take a different path, but if we don’t work hard we will never have control of who we are, or will we have control of making our journey seem easier, with the rewards that life will send us. ” carpe-diem” means seize the day, if we all seize each day of our paths, then just maybe all of our paths along this journey of life, can be walked peacefully while we all share our love of ourselves with each other, with some hard work by each of us, than all our paths can seem easier, with life’s rewards coming to us all, along this journey through life.

” Carpe-Diem may be an old saying, but it is a saying that will always stand tall through the test of time”

” Hard work isn’t really hard at all, it is when we become lazy that this word called work becomes hard and why we avoid this word at all”

The fruit of the vine like the branches on the tree

We within this Society and as we walk our paths of this journey through life, have simply for gotten what the true spiritual meaning of ” the fruit of the vine, like the branches of the tree”, truly means.

Just as Jesus Christ told his Disciples, ” you are the fruit of the vine, as the Earth becomes the work of Human hands”, We the people are the fruit of the  branches within the vine, that spreads out and brings the love of God and ourselves, so that everything around us can be at peace and flourish, throughout all our journey’s, as we walk our paths of our lives.

” The fruit of the vine and the work of Human hands”, this is a quote within the scriptures, that we all need to look more deeply into, so that we can not only understand it better, but so we can understand better of ourselves and all those around us.

Now that we are into the season of spring, let us look deeply into what spring truly means to us all, as we all go outside into our yards and tackle the clean up of winter within our yards, let us look deeply into that clean up, as we make our yards beautiful once again. This year seems like more branches and limbs have fallen from the tree’s than years previous, we all may complain of this as we work in our yards, then try to put the blame in places it really shouldn’t be. When the fruits of the vine and the branches of these vines lose their ability to harvest beautiful fruit, then their time has come to an end, so the fruit of the vines can stay beautiful for us once again. Just as we the people along our journey comes to a close and we breathe our last breathe, the branches of the vines also take their last breathe, so new and fresh branches can be born amongst us.

We don’t understand death cause we fear it greatly, death is part of us as Individuals, as well as everything we see around us. We and everything we see around us, are the fruit that the branches of the vines carries, this fruit is what brings out the beauty, not only in ourselves, but the beauty in everything around us. Jesus taught us this and then it was written in the scriptures, but we have long since for gotten this, as we walk our paths along our journey of life, within our community of the Society we all live today.

It is never too late to regain what the meaning of ” fruits of the vine and the work of Human hands” really means, Jesus is always with us even if we don’t truly believe, he is within our hearts and that warm feeling you feel deep inside, is the love of Jesus warming our hearts with peace and goodness, so we can acknowledge it and then share it, with all those around us, as we all walk our paths of our journey through life.

” The fruit of the vine is more than the grapes we see on a grapevine, it is God guiding us along our journey, to be at peace with ourselves and all those around us”

” may the peace of God be with you all, as we all share his love within us, to each other along our paths of our journey through life”

The Scammers Scam a time in which we live…..

Throughout this Global Society in which we live, our economies are in a time that makes it difficult for all. Inflation, the cost of gas that rises and falls more times than we can keep up with, all the corporations that stop at nothing to put more money in their pockets, plus you have the Governments that are corrupt and say what you want to hear, than they get in office and turn their backs on the ones that put them their, just for their own personal gain, now in the last few years we have to deal with a new kid on the block, the Scammer that will try everything just to bait you into their World and as they rob you of all your hard earned money and dignity.

These Scammers will call your house or cell phone, even if your on a DO NOT CALL LIST. They try to get your attention by saying their someone in which they truly are not, they pretend their a police officer, your bank president, anything or anyone that will get you all nerved up, just so you get baited into picking up the phone, then BAM!!! they have you hook, line and sinker.

These scammers get your information from the corporations that sell it to the highest bidder, then they do their research on you, target you, by making their calls to you as personal as they can, in order to bait you into picking up the phone. Once you pick up the phone, then it’s game on in their World, to which screws you out of all your hard earned money, dignity and respect. Now who these people really are? Nobody really knows, not even the best coder’s and hacker’s that try to track them, can find who they are, they use the best VOIP system they can, so it is even harder to track them, from my research these Individuals are over seas and in a small boiler room who knows where? Out of the reach of any law Official anywhere.

These Scammer’s will harass you and won’t even lose sleep over it, which makes these Individuals a very sad group and a group that definitely has no empathy or remorse for anybody around them. Sound familiar? Like just maybe these Individuals and the Terrorists around the World are working hand in hand? I mean it makes sense and the Terrorists need money, so they can create chaos in all our lives and between the two, their end game is to control not only us, but everything/anything all around the Globe.

God did not create all of Mankind, so we could strip each other of our respect and dignity, create a fear of each other that we don’t even say hello to each other anymore, God created all of Mankind to respect each other, show our love of one another, so we all can walk our paths along this journey of life in peace and be better and stronger from one Society to the next.

It is just sad that, there are Individuals out there that will stop at nothing, to rob you of your respect, dignity and pride. These Individuals are clearly troubled Individuals and have hidden deep inside themselves, their true empathy and remorse, we all have this and it just doesn’t go away, empathy and remorse is a feeling within us all, that God gave us when he created us, just that we have to acknowledge it and clearly, these Individuals have not acknowledge theirs.

We are all Humans within Mankind that God created, just that these Scammers and Terrorists are troubled Individuals, that do not acknowledge their true feeling of empathy and remorse that is within us all, instead they put forth this fake self and reality, just so they can get to their end game of, controlling everything and anything around them and around the planet Earth. The time is now for all of us to get back to what God wanted when he created all of Mankind, so we all can be at peace and show our love of each other, as we all walk our paths along this journey of life we all travel.

” If your on a do not call list, a true Telemarketer will honor that and not call, but a scammer just doesn’t care and will call just to harass and rob you of your respect and dignity”

” We all walk a path along this journey of life, if we all just showed more empathy and love of one another, then we all can live in peace and be stronger at what ever that may cross our paths”