Decisions are a choice we all make…..

Most people when they think of making a decision, they totally think of themselves and how this decision will help them moving forward? A decision is the similar as making a choice, which we all make many choices everyday, throughout our journey we walk here on Earth.

Every decision we make no matter big or small, not only affects ourselves, but it will affect all those around us. When you think of all those around us and times it by the amount of people within our Society, now your talking about decisions or choices that affect a large amount of people. If we make a decision to not smoke cigarettes anymore, yes this will be better for ourselves, but lets not forget how good this will be for all those around us and just as good for our Society as well.

“Our decisions we make are up to us to make, but the choice to make that decision, will not only affect ourselves, but will affect all those around us”.

We all within this great country of the United States of America have a huge decision to make next year in 2016, do we want to stay the course we are in, or do we want real change to come to us, as we get ready to vote for the next President of the United States. With all the hype of Hillary Clinton, do we really want somebody that totally thinks she is above all of us and the rules only pertain to us not her? Do we want another Busch in office, when we already had his Brother and Father in office already? Maybe it’s time for some new blood sort of speak, somebody that will fix America first, before they give our hard earned tax dollars to a third World country.

We in this country of the United States have some major issues that need addressing, before we address the issues of another country. It is kind of like us as Humans, to be able to help each other, we first have to fix ourselves, in order to be able to share our love of ourselves, we first have to feel this love within our hearts and souls.

” You first need to fix yourself and your issues, before you can help fix others with their issues”

Those people in the Middle East have been fighting since before Jesus came to us and walked his journey with us. You think if Hussein was still in charge of Iraq, there would be a problem with a group called ISIS now? These are all questions we need the truthful answer to, before we waste more of the tax payer’s money, when we make a choice on the decision to help others before we help ourselves. I understand how true empathy works and how we put ourselves in the shoes of another, but at what cost do we have to leave those fellow Americans alone and go help others that don’t really care for the United States of America at all.

We here in the United States have some huge choices and decisions in the days ahead of us, we can make the right decisions when we make ourselves well informed, but we need to focus on fixing ourselves first, so we can be better and stronger, then we can help others around the World, as we will be strong enough to handle anything that may cross our paths. We all walk our paths along our journey of life, so we can be better and stronger moving forward, to do this we all need to make better decisions of our choices, so real and positive change comes to us all.

” Before we can change for the better, our decisions of our choices needs to be better and well informed”

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