NCIS… a TV show or reality?

NCIS may be a tv show, but it is a show that it’s story lines are as close to reality as you can get. The networks say this is the number one show and for someone who has watched this show, for the twelve seasons it has been on, I can say they are spot on and the best show of my lifetime.

I am someone that is trying to break into the world of freelance writing and these writer’s of this TV show….. Well let’s just say, I would love to be a fly on the wall, in the room where they create the words, for each script week to week.

These Writer’s of this TV show NCIS, have found their niche in the way they write and captivate their audience, not just week to week, but from season to season. Each episode of each season just gets better and better all the time, then you add in the cast of Actor’s that bring each character to life for our viewing eyes, now you can see why this is the best TV show on television today.

The season twelve ending this year and the story line the writer’s chose to end with, is just the proof you need on how close to reality this show really is, the last three weeks of this season. led into the last show of the season, plus the way they ended it will keep you in suspense the whole summer.

The story line was of how the Terrorists use and brain wash children, to do their dirty work, which further proves just how much of a coward a Terrorist really is. They hide behind these children so they themselves don’t get hurt, or have to feel any kind of feeling, like the normal people of this Society. True we all throughout Mankind have empathy, just that these Terrorists have had some major kind of life event happen to them, that they chose not to acknowledge the empathy that is inside them.

NCIS may be a TV show, but t is a show that not only keeps you in suspense with it’s story lines, but a show that is as close to reality as a TV show can get, the Writer’s may be behind the cameras, but these Individuals don’t get enough credit, for the great work and creative ideas, they bring to us the viewers week to week and from season to season. As an inspiring Writer myself, I am inspired by these Writer’s and do hope this show never ends? We all throughout Mankind have this creativity inside us, just that we don’t let this creativity flow freely within our lives as we walk our paths along our journey, a good Writer has this special kind of creativity that flows within them and when they unleash this creativity, they write words that captivate their audience and keeps them coming back for more, these writer’s of NCIS have definitely unleashed their creativity of words, as they know how to captivate us the viewer and keep us coming back week to week and season to season.

” NCIS may be a TV show, but it is a show that is as close to reality as you can get in a show”

” Terrorists are cowards with deeper problems of their own in which they have buried deep within themselves”

” Terrorists brain wash our children in the music they listen to, the games on the computer they play and recruit them within all the social media’s that is around us all”

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