There is no easy path along this journey through life.

We all walk this journey through life, we find our own paths to this journey, cause this shows just how unique we are to each other. Each one of us wants to claim that the paths we each take, is better then the others? There is no easy path or a path that is better than the other, because each path like each of us is unique to each other, just that we have to find that right path that is best for ourselves.

We as Humans have very similar qualities of each other, but yet are very unique to each other, the paths we chose before us along this journey are very much the same similarities, just that each path is unique to the other and it is up to each of us to find that correct path for ourselves.

When we chose a path to walk along this journey of life, there are many twists and turns, as well as many cross roads. There will be many factors along our journey that will try to force us to make the wrong choices along our paths, like the factor of these life events that will be huge in the way we make decisions, as we come to the cross roads of the paths. These life events if not taken care of properly, will take control of us and try to change who we truly are, these life events will have us moving in the wrong direction and within the clouded judgement we will be in, we will then make decisions without thinking through our actions of that decision.

This journey through life and with all the different paths within it, may seem very over whelming and to some may try to take the easy way out, only because they become to lazy to put in the work, they let these life events control who they really are, when all they have to do is, truly fix these events when they happen, so we can stay true to ourselves and be strong for what ever that may cross our path, not be afraid to work hard everyday, so eventually down the road of our path, we can be rewarded with many good things on the path of our choice, it is when you become lazy and let the events control who you really are, that life never shows you any rewards and when life seems harder than it really needs to be.

There is no easy path along this journey of life, only when you work hard along your path and think through all your decisions before you take the action of that decision, fix all the life events as they happen, before they have the chance to control who you really are, then this journey through life will seem easier with all the rewards and good things that come to you, ” you get out of this journey with what you put into it”, when you don’t put anything into this journey, then you will receive nothing in the form of rewards, or any kind of goodness that fills your soul with the warmth of accomplishment.

We all walk this journey through life, we may take a different path, but if we don’t work hard we will never have control of who we are, or will we have control of making our journey seem easier, with the rewards that life will send us. ” carpe-diem” means seize the day, if we all seize each day of our paths, then just maybe all of our paths along this journey of life, can be walked peacefully while we all share our love of ourselves with each other, with some hard work by each of us, than all our paths can seem easier, with life’s rewards coming to us all, along this journey through life.

” Carpe-Diem may be an old saying, but it is a saying that will always stand tall through the test of time”

” Hard work isn’t really hard at all, it is when we become lazy that this word called work becomes hard and why we avoid this word at all”

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