Is an ending really an ending?

In today’s World where we want everything now and patience does not exist, when something comes to an end, we immediately jump to the conclusion that, the ending is the end of whatever that has ended, then we try to move forward without truly starting a new. ” The ending isn’t really the end, it

The Pentecost brings the HOLY Spirit

This weekend we celebrate Memorial day and we all have an extra day to relax and reflect, for our fallen Hero’s and those that serve today, so we can be free and feel safe along our paths of our journey of life. Today we celebrate through the church of Jesus Christ the Pentecost, which is

The need to regulate will help with equality

Memorial day weekend of 2015 is upon us now, may everybody enjoy their weekend and be safe, as we remember our fallen and those who are serving this great country, so we can be free and enjoy our paths along our journey through life. Most of us may be taking to the roads this weekend?

Decisions are a choice we all make…..

Most people when they think of making a decision, they totally think of themselves and how this decision will help them moving forward? A decision is the similar as making a choice, which we all make many choices everyday, throughout our journey we walk here on Earth. Every decision we make no matter big or

The Choices and changes throughout our journey of life.

The Choices and the Changes throughout our journey of life, to some they may be over whelming and get lost along their journey, they may also lose sight of who they truly are? Yet others may seem as if they have no issues with the choices and the changes? We all throughout the history of

Is it a scandal, or maybe just jealousy….

This whole thing between the New England Patriots, Tom Brady and the National Football League, really has no legs to stand on after seeing the Wells report. You can clearly see there is no solid evidence proving that Brady did, or knew of the deflation to the game day footballs, nor if the deflation really

” Professional” Sports today…..

“Professional sports today has changed greatly, from what sports used to be like of yesterday”. In the World of sports today, no matter what sport you look at, Greed has taken control of everything about that sport. You can start with the Owner’s and work your way down from there, An Owner is not going

NCIS… a TV show or reality?

NCIS may be a tv show, but it is a show that it’s story lines are as close to reality as you can get. The networks say this is the number one show and for someone who has watched this show, for the twelve seasons it has been on, I can say they are spot

God’s love for us, comes through our Mother’s

“God’s love we may not see and to some it doesn’t exist, as for a Mother’s love…. it is very precious and will never leave us, even when they cut the cord as we exit from the warmth of our Mother’s body”. God’s love when we chose to acknowledge it, is deep within the soul

The Hater’s will always be hateful of everything.

All this talk of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots with “deflate gate”, has been so over blown that nobody can talk about any sport, without bringing up Tom Brady in a negative way. ” The Hater’s are going to always hate”, simply because they are too lazy, to even try to be like

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