Is an ending really an ending?

In today’s World where we want everything now and patience does not exist, when something comes to an end, we immediately jump to the conclusion that, the ending is the end of whatever that has ended, then we try to move forward without truly starting a new.

” The ending isn’t really the end, it is really a new beginning, we just don’t realize it at the time”

Sometimes in life there will be things around us that will come to an end, heck even us as Humans will come to an end as well, when God decides to call in our number? No matter where you turn along your path of your journey of life, there will always be an ending to something and a new beginning to something else.

” A Society is thriving when we all are moving outward towards each other, not when we pull inward and hiding within ourselves”

There are no guarantee’s in life along the paths of our journey, everything around us will change at one time or another, when the change comes to us, it is how we except this change, that will determine how we move forward along the paths of our journey. It is when we don’t except the change and look at the ending as final, that we then pull back and will never see any ending as a new beginning,   in whatever that comes across our paths.

” When the change comes to us, it is how we except it, that will determine how we move forward along our paths of our journey of life”

In the World of greed and all about me we live today, we will never except any change positively, cause we are too busy living in our own worlds, pulling back into our shells, instead of moving forward openly with each other.  In the world of greed there are many things around us that will close, like our favorite restaurant, a store we have frequented for many many years, or even our church in which we were baptized, confirmed and married in, a church that has a special place in our hearts, yes we will feel the pain from this loss, but instead of letting the pain steer us in the wrong direction, let us work together and not pull back into our own little world’s, so we all can move forward into a new beginning together and not we ourselves moving forward into our own little world.

” Let us all work together and not pull back into our own little world, so we all can move forward into a new beginning together and not we ourselves into our own little world”

Life is a journey in which we all walk our paths along this journey, sometimes we find our original path wasn’t the right path later down the road, in order to truly change that path, we first need to except the change, in order to make the ending of one path, truly be the start of a new beginning along the new path we are about to embark on. There are many paths for us to choose from, the crossroads that come to us, shows us these paths and when we stay true to who we are, true to the Lord God and his son Jesus, we will always look at on ending, as being the start of a new beginning always along our journey of life, but when we let the feelings of negativity enter our hearts, then we will always have doubt, to which will force us to pull back deep within our own little worlds.

” The ending is really just a new beginning in disguise, we just have to except the change, be true to ourselves, God and Jesus, so we all can move forward together and not live in our own little worlds”


The Pentecost brings the HOLY Spirit

This weekend we celebrate Memorial day and we all have an extra day to relax and reflect, for our fallen Hero’s and those that serve today, so we can be free and feel safe along our paths of our journey of life.

Today we celebrate through the church of Jesus Christ the Pentecost, which is the Holy Spirit, the power of God, our Creator of all Mankind. At a time after Jesus had risen and his Disciples were in limbo as to which direction to go? The Disciples all gathered under one roof, that today is known as the church we visit on Sundays, while the Disciples were gathered, a dark cloud with strong winds surrounded the building in which they were, this was the Holy Spirit coming to empower them, fill their hearts and souls with the love of God, so they can go out and spread this love throughout the Society and continue the journey, that Jesus had embarked them on. This was what we call the Pentecost and to what we celebrate today, the power of the Holy Spirit, for all of us to feel deep within our souls, so we to can spread the love of God, the Creator of all Mankind.

Some of us today may not believe in God, or a person who created all Mankind, only because they don’t let themselves feel this Holy Spirit within them, in today’s Society we think it revolves around “me” and that everything around me, is created by me? The power of the Holy Spirit comes to us from within and we have to acknowledge it, to unleash it’s full potential.

The power of the Holy Spirit when we acknowledge it, fills our hearts with the warmth of God’s love, brings joy to our lives, gives us the wisdom to move forward along our paths of our journey, so we all can be better and stronger in our lives and when we are better and stronger, than all of Society benefits from this, as we spread with each other, the true power of the Holy Spirit.

The day of the Pentecost was when the power of the Holy Spirit came to the Disciples, so they can go out and spread the love of God, continue the journey of Jesus Christ and creating what we know now, being the church or the house of God.

There may be many different kinds of churches and even many different faiths under the roofs of the church, but just like God does not discriminate, the Holy Spirit does not discriminate and is open to all, who acknowledge the true power of the Holy Spirit, so we all can feel this warmth of the love of God within us all. With this love that fills our hearts and as we spread it with each other, then we all can walk our paths along our journey of life in peace, just as God envisioned when he created all of Mankind.

” The day of the Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit came to the Disciples and empowered them to go out and spread the love of God with all of us and continue the journey of Jesus Christ”

” The love of God is within us all, it is the acknowledgement of the Holy Spirit by all of us, that helps us spread this love with each other”

” The Society of today is in major chaos, cause we don’t acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit, which keeps us from feeling and spreading the love of God with each other”

The need to regulate will help with equality

Memorial day weekend of 2015 is upon us now, may everybody enjoy their weekend and be safe, as we remember our fallen and those who are serving this great country, so we can be free and enjoy our paths along our journey through life.

Most of us may be taking to the roads this weekend? While all the petroleum companies take us all for a roller coaster ride, this is actually a good way to compare the price of gas as well. You have your gas station franchises….. I see that it cost to buy into this franchise, but why does one station charge one amount, then another station of the same franchise charge a whole different amount? The gas is being delivered the same way, from the same provider, but yet each station gets to charge as they see fit, I just don’t get it and the only ones that make out of this roller coaster ride of prices, is the top Execs within the petroleum industry.

These same top Execs within the petroleum industry don’t care for you and me, they only care for the money that line their wallets, so they can also enjoy their plush lifestyles, while John Q. Public is barely scraping by. Regulation will level the playing field just enough, so maybe the regular guy can enjoy himself/herself as well.

“In this Society everything is based on GREED which is bringing our Society down, the time is now to act, so our children’s children, can have a place to grow and walk their paths along this journey of life”.

There are other Franchises that we buy to make money in our profits, these franchises are within the fast food places, like MacDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s, some of the menu items may be different, only because of the region they are in,to interpret the type of cuisine, now the franchise can blend in with and attract the locals, while still keeping the staple items on the menu throughout. With the menu in tact, the way they keep guest returning all the time? Is the fact that a consumer knows how much to budget, so they won’t end up in the poor hose.

With all the fast food industry’s regulating their prices, I don’t see a reason why these gas franchises can’t do the same thing? The top Execs within the fast food franchises, are living the same kind of plush exotic lifestyles, just like the petroleum execs, so why can’t we just regulate, so we all can be equal, even if it’s just a thought within each of our minds.

” Not everything should be regulated, some things are best left alone, but to regulate the gas prices, will let us all be equal and receive an award, of relaxing on our vacations”

” Regulators Mount Up………So we can all be free and equal to enjoy ourselves on our vacations with no fuss”

Decisions are a choice we all make…..

Most people when they think of making a decision, they totally think of themselves and how this decision will help them moving forward? A decision is the similar as making a choice, which we all make many choices everyday, throughout our journey we walk here on Earth.

Every decision we make no matter big or small, not only affects ourselves, but it will affect all those around us. When you think of all those around us and times it by the amount of people within our Society, now your talking about decisions or choices that affect a large amount of people. If we make a decision to not smoke cigarettes anymore, yes this will be better for ourselves, but lets not forget how good this will be for all those around us and just as good for our Society as well.

“Our decisions we make are up to us to make, but the choice to make that decision, will not only affect ourselves, but will affect all those around us”.

We all within this great country of the United States of America have a huge decision to make next year in 2016, do we want to stay the course we are in, or do we want real change to come to us, as we get ready to vote for the next President of the United States. With all the hype of Hillary Clinton, do we really want somebody that totally thinks she is above all of us and the rules only pertain to us not her? Do we want another Busch in office, when we already had his Brother and Father in office already? Maybe it’s time for some new blood sort of speak, somebody that will fix America first, before they give our hard earned tax dollars to a third World country.

We in this country of the United States have some major issues that need addressing, before we address the issues of another country. It is kind of like us as Humans, to be able to help each other, we first have to fix ourselves, in order to be able to share our love of ourselves, we first have to feel this love within our hearts and souls.

” You first need to fix yourself and your issues, before you can help fix others with their issues”

Those people in the Middle East have been fighting since before Jesus came to us and walked his journey with us. You think if Hussein was still in charge of Iraq, there would be a problem with a group called ISIS now? These are all questions we need the truthful answer to, before we waste more of the tax payer’s money, when we make a choice on the decision to help others before we help ourselves. I understand how true empathy works and how we put ourselves in the shoes of another, but at what cost do we have to leave those fellow Americans alone and go help others that don’t really care for the United States of America at all.

We here in the United States have some huge choices and decisions in the days ahead of us, we can make the right decisions when we make ourselves well informed, but we need to focus on fixing ourselves first, so we can be better and stronger, then we can help others around the World, as we will be strong enough to handle anything that may cross our paths. We all walk our paths along our journey of life, so we can be better and stronger moving forward, to do this we all need to make better decisions of our choices, so real and positive change comes to us all.

” Before we can change for the better, our decisions of our choices needs to be better and well informed”

The Choices and changes throughout our journey of life.

The Choices and the Changes throughout our journey of life, to some they may be over whelming and get lost along their journey, they may also lose sight of who they truly are? Yet others may seem as if they have no issues with the choices and the changes? We all throughout the history of Mankind, have had to make many choices to which we then had to change, sometimes these changes don’t really show who we really are.

Since the beginning of Mankind, we have always had these choices and changes come to us, we all throughout Mankind have walked paths and it’s these paths that sometimes we find are not the right path? When we start out on our first path that we have been guided towards, we don’t realize that this is not the only path and we have to understand that it is our choice to either, walk our first path, or find other paths that may be better suited for who really are. When we come to the many cross roads along the path of our journey’s, we look to try to continue along the path we are on? what we don’t realize is, the cross roads is the chance for us to change direction, follow a different path, that truly allows us to be who we truly are.

Jesus Christ came to us and walked his path of his journey of life, he showed us that there are many paths to get to the path of righteousness, just that we have to chose the right path, that will help us be true to who we are and not only believe in ourselves, but believe in Jesus and the Lord God. Life isn’t about separating ourselves from each other, it is about coming together as one, so we all can walk our paths of our journey’s, in peace while we share the love of God, Jesus and ourselves with each other.

When we make bad choices along our paths (yes we all do it), we then hide who we really are, so we can try to continue on our path, looking as normal as we possibly can towards others. When you have all throughout Mankind not understanding of the choices, now you have a Society trying to move forward by hiding within itself, now you have Individuals separating themselves from each other, trying to move forward as if they are normal and all others are different? Jesus didn’t come to us to show us how to separate from each other, he came to us to show Unity and that when we come together, we all can be better and stronger as we walk our chosen path along our journey of life.

Choices and Changes will come to all of us throughout Mankind, Jesus showed us that we don’t have to let these choices and changes define us, but if we better understand our choices, than the changes we make will always help us be better, so we all can be at peace, while we share our love of each other and we all can be stronger to handle anything that may come across our paths along our journey of life.

Jesus may have chosen his twelve disciples to help him spread his message from his Father the Lord God, but this message isn’t just spread from these twelve Individuals, the message is spread from each one of us, throughout the history, the present and the future of Mankind. Right now in the present we have wandered away from the message of Jesus, we have wandered away from each other and now we are wandering solely by ourselves, which is making us show our weaknesses, instead of being strong and who we truly are. To understand the choices we make in our lives, is not really that hard, we are the ones that make it harder than it has to be,  when we understand better the choices, then the changes we make will be better informed and help us be stronger, plus the changes will help us stay true to who we are, without hiding from ourselves or each other. We all walk our paths along our journey of life, when we stay true to ourselves and Jesus Christ, we will see that there are many paths to chose from and that we can change from path to path, which will help us all become one in unity, instead of drifting apart from one another, so we all can be at peace with one another, while we share our love with each along our journey through life.

” when we better understand the choices within our lives, the changes will become natural and make us stronger throughout our lives”

” Unity of one another will help us all be better and stronger, while we all make better choices to change what we need and walk our paths of our journey in peace and love”

Is it a scandal, or maybe just jealousy….

This whole thing between the New England Patriots, Tom Brady and the National Football League, really has no legs to stand on after seeing the Wells report. You can clearly see there is no solid evidence proving that Brady did, or knew of the deflation to the game day footballs, nor if the deflation really happened. It could quite possibly be that pure science, the warmer temp from the inside and then the colder temp of the outside, could be the reason for the deflation, if it all happened in the first place?

This could be just the NFL trying to save face, after the way they handled one case of child abuse charges and another case of one player ( on video) beating his wife unconscious? Not to mention the fact that, there are other players within the NFL that, simply don’t put their best foot forward representing the NFL in the best way.

When you have a team like the Patriots, that win more than they lose, you are going to have the hater’s hating on the team. Now with these gross implications by the NFL, you have the hater’s speaking loudly now more than before, This so called Wells report has no clear cut evidence to back up the findings and when Brady breaks his silence through his Lawyers, we will all see that Tom did not cheat in a game he loves so much, not to mention a game that clearly no one is as competitive as Tom is of football.

We all need practice to compete in at a high level on game day, Tom during team practices will practice harder than his teammates and he is always first to show up at the practice, this is known fact and this is why he has become a winner, in the sport he knows, loves and enjoys to play. My statement to all the hater’s is, if you want to be like Tom, then step up to the plate, put in the hard work like Tom and become a winner from the hard work you achieve, you will never be a winner from always taking the easy road and hating on a true winner, winning is never easy and when you think you practiced enough, think again? keep practicing so you then can become great at what you do, with this greatness is how you become a winner and a champion.

Quarterbacks like Tom Brady don’t come around all that often and when you hate on him for winning, you just can’t come to like him, nor can you just simply watch and enjoy his play, while he is still playing the game he loves and enjoys to play.

The game of football is first about strategy and second about having the talent to compete and play at a high level, you can’t excel and be great without first practicing and putting the time in to practice, to be better in the sport you love to play. the strategy comes from the playbook that the coaches put together and the players practice the plays, so they can execute each play with perfection, when the players and coaches are on the same page and when the strategy is executed to a “T” and is the best strategy on the field during game day, this is what helps you win the game and ultimately winning the championship you set out to win, on the first game of the season.

” winning and being a champion is about the hard work put in during the practices, so you can execute and have the best strategy”

” to be able to be a winner and a champion, you need to step up to the plate, put in the hard work in practice and stop taking the easy way, or hating on those that do actually win or are a true champion”

” Professional” Sports today…..

“Professional sports today has changed greatly, from what sports used to be like of yesterday”.

In the World of sports today, no matter what sport you look at, Greed has taken control of everything about that sport. You can start with the Owner’s and work your way down from there, An Owner is not going to invest in a sports team, just because he/she loves that sport, they spend big dollars to buy a team, so they then can turn a profit and make the return of investment (ROI), even greater than what they originally paid.

You then have the sponsors who pay these Owners to advertise their products/product inside their stadiums, so they to can make even more money back (ROI). Inside these stadiums the fans want something to eat or drink while they watch that sport they came to see, now you have the food service companies that hold a contract with the stadium, to sell the food and drink to the public and they to want to make money back on their investment, so they charge big money even for a candy bar you may purchase.

You then have to have media there to cover the games whether via radio or television, so the teams can further their brand throughout the sports world, these media companies also want to turn a profit, so they can further create drama instead of calling a game. With all this greed going on within the stadium, I still haven’t mentioned the product on the field, which happens to be the Player’s that play that sport.

These Players of today and because of greed, don’t play the sport anymore just because they love the game? they now want the big money contracts so they can live their plush lifestyles and make others jealous of their new fortune. With this new fortune by the player’s, it will also go straight to their head, which they then play for the money and not the love of the game. Okay true their are some that will play because they love what they do and will excel for the fan, that pays big money to watch them, but these type of players are far and few between, as today sports are played to make everybody wealthy and the fan reaching deeper into their pockets.

The biggest problem with sports today is, now the players and their competitive juices, will do whatever it takes to get the upper hand on their opponent, even if that something is in the form of cheating, just to gain the upper hand. Now I am not saying that all sports players cheat? But they will do whatever it takes to win that game, extend their careers so they can make the big money, for a longer period of time, just so they don’t have to work hard in a 9-5 type of job.

Now as the player learns to gain the system so they can make the bigger money within their sport, you now have players that shouldn’t be playing, simply because they lost the love of the game in which they play, not to mention the love of ourselves, that we all lost towards each other as we walk our paths along this journey through life. When we show this love for each other, than not only will the sports players play the game, for the love of the game, we also throughout life, will walk our journey through life being better and stronger and with a confidence, so we can over come any hurdle that may try to derail us from our path, these hurdles will become smaller as we work hard to achieve them and not try to live a false reality through our sports, or try to gain the upper hand on each other.

” Sports when played the right way and for the love of the game, will always make each on of us watch that game with enjoyment and fun”

” sports today is too much about greed and not enough about the love of the game”