To be a true Teacher is a gift, not just a job for the benefits…

“Throughout the history of Mankind, we all walk our own paths throughout the Journey of life”.

As we walk these paths we find we need to work in order to survive along these paths, we all have our own knowledge that gives us the experience needed, so we can find that certain career for what makes us good at what we do,  but in order to get this knowledge we have to be a good listener and have the right teacher, that not only teaches from the heart, but teaches us with passion that one day their student, will become very successful from their teachings.

Jesus Christ was this great teacher, we all should strive to be like. Jesus used a lot of different examples, so we could understand better of what he was trying to say, like not just being a “Fisherman”, but being a “Fisher of men”, Jesus also made light of the Shepard and the Sheep and how the Sheep were great listeners, that followed the Shepard where ever he may go. The great Teachers like Jesus, to them guiding their students comes easily as this is a special gift, a gift that they don’t know they have, until they unleash it from within, like the Shepard over his herd of Sheep, this was a 24/7 job, but to the Shepard it wasn’t a job, it was more of a reward, that gave him freedom, to go where ever he wanted along this planet Earth, Jesus also didn’t look at himself as a teacher, or that it was a job of his, as his teachings were also 24/7 and came to him like a reward, with the freedom to wander where he may, teach whom ever that may have crossed his path, no matter who you were.

The true Teachers within Mankind, started with Jesus, but has continued throughout all the Mother and Father’s, as they teach their Children how to walk their paths along their journey of life, they didn’t force any type of path on them, only gave them the tools to explore and find their own path through life, they guided their Children out of love, passion and joy, as to make them happy to be a listener, learn all they could learn, so one day they to can be a great teacher, like Jesus and their Parents taught them. This is how the cycle of life is suppose to be, but somewhere/somehow the gift of a great Teacher, has become more like a job, instead of a gift that warms your heart, with all that is around you.

To be a great Teacher is more than standing in front of others and trying to lead them from a book, it is leading others from the heart, with a passion for the goodness of what you do, taking that warm feeling of love from within you and sharing that same feeling of warmth and love, with all that is around you, know matter who they are. If we all only shared more compassion and empathy of each other, toward each other, then just maybe this Society of which we all walk our paths along our journey of life, would show more of this warmth within our hearts? There are less great Teachers in our Society, only because we view a Teacher as a job, instead of as a ” Fisher of men”. ” The true difference between a Fisher of Men and a Teacher is the feeling of warmth from within, that is the love of ourselves that we share with each other”.

Jesus came to us and walked his path of his Journey of life, so we could listen and learn from his teachings, then as we walk our paths through our Journey of life, we to can become that great teacher that Jesus showed us, while we all share the warmth of his love that is within us all. It is when we all become that great teacher, that our Society becomes a great Society, full of compassion and empathy of one another, with no hatred and evil that Satan tries to tempt us into, “the temptation of Satan is strong, but the greatness of the teachings of Jesus, is even stronger”. May we all become that great teacher and not just a teacher for a job, may we all show more compassion and empathy of each other, so our Society can be great once again, as we all walk our paths, along our journey of life.

” A teacher just doesn’t show up for work in front of a classroom, a great teacher teaches 24/7, along their path of their journey of life”

” To be a great teacher, first you need to be a great listener”

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