40 day journey of lent, for everyday of our journeys of life.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA                Yet another Easter season has come and gone, with it another season of lent as well. Let us throughout Mankind learn deeply of the teachings of Jesus, when he came and walked his journey with us here on Earth. Jesus never looked away, or discriminated anybody, no matter who you were, or what your background, he always looked at each of us as the creation of his father, the Lord God and equal to each other.

The journey of lent is a 40 day journey, of which we sacrifice a part of our selves, for the good of all that is around us. Jesus also walked this 40 day journey and he sacrificed and suffered for us, so we could truly learn from him, in order to be true to who we are, love ourselves deeply so we can love all those around us. When Jesus died for us and then rose to the right hand of his father, he never left us as he is always deep within our souls and that warm feeling you feel within your heart, is the love of Jesus within our hearts, so we can love ourselves and than love each other, so we all can be better and stronger throughout our journey of life.

Within this Society of today and all the crap we see daily around us, shows just how out of touch we have become, from all of the teachings of Jesus when he walked his journey with us, some don’t believe in Jesus and that his journey is made up? When you don’t believe in Jesus only shows just how troubled this Society really is. We all walk a journey through life, we may take different paths, but the journey is the same, we also go through many life events, that throws us many curve balls also, sometimes we let these events determine who we are and bury deep inside who we really are, when we bury a part of ourselves deep within, we are also not acknowledging Jesus and the warmth of his love within our hearts.

Jesus loves us all no matter who you are, or no matter if you acknowledge him or not. No matter what situation you are in, when you acknowledge him and feel his love inside, he will always forgive you and guide you to the path of righteousness, so you can be truly who you are, while truly loving yourself and then sharing that love with all those around you, when we all are true to who we are, believe not only in ourselves, but also with Jesus, acknowledge that Jesus is within our souls, than not only will we be better and stronger along our journeys, our Society will also be better and stronger, so we all can walk our paths along our journey of life in peace, while we share the love of Jesus within us and with all that is around us.

” The journey of lent doesn’t just last the 40 days, it lasts deep within all of us as we walk our paths of our journey of life”

” The 40 days of lent isn’t just for Christians throughout Mankind, it is for all no matter what your faith is”

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