The Inner child within us all……..

1398913762364                This photo is of a young eight year old boy named Martin Richard. He was taken from us at this young age, in a senseless tragedy, during what was supposed to be a happy occasion? Let us never forget this young boy, who was an innocent victim and never had a chance to grow into his full potential.

Martin Richard was a young innocent by stander, watching the Boston Marathon with his family, then one of the two Individuals responsible for the attack, placed a backpack right next to Martin, this pack contain a bomb that went off taking his life and injuring many others.

This picture he is holding here, is at a happier time for him and the sign he holds could of been what his potential could of been? ” No more hurting people…..peace”, this is an excellent quote by Martin, one that we all throughout Mankind should never forget.

Martin Richard was a young boy, we all have this young child deep within our souls and like what happened to Martin, we to through what life throws at us, won’t let this inner child grow to it’s full potential. When this inner child has a chance to grow properly, the sky is the limit to what we can do and achieve throughout our paths along our journey of life.

The inner child that is within all of us throughout Mankind, is God’s way for all of us to grow and to better ourselves as we walk our journey, when this child is affected in any way, by whatever life throws at us, then we as an Individual will struggle and walk our journey with doubt and a clouded judgement, it doesn’t matter what your age on the outside, this child has no age, but what it does for us as an Individual, goes way beyond any number we place on ourselves year to year.

As we walk our journey throughout this Society, we the people have made great strides to become better than Societies of the past, we have technology that no other Society has had and we can chat with each other through this technology, from anywhere on this planet Earth. The one thing we forget is, with all this technology, we still haven’t mastered the one thing that walks this Earth and that is, us as the people of Mankind. We are our own worst enemies cause we don’t truly understand what makes us tick, we still have no idea what is in the mind of one another, the brain? it is the most complex thing, of all the technology we have today. Some may say there is no inner child within us? But those that truly believe in God and truly believe in themselves, can feel this child within them and try to with their actions, help this child grow within them, so it can reach it’s full potential.

This child within us, is part of our core and is who we are as an Individual. When we believe in God and pray for his forgiveness or pray at a difficult time for us, this child is how God communicates to us, when this child grows within us properly, we never lose faith of ourselves and who we are as an Individual, but when this child is a victim like Martin Richards was, then we all walk our paths through this journey of life, with doubt and not truly knowing who we really are.

” We gain confidence and courage when we face all our fears head on”

” The little child within each of us when they grow properly, we all grow properly on our journey through life”

” Life throws us all a curve ball, but when the curve ball hits us and affects the growth of our inner child, we cast doubt on ourselves and never live up to our full potential”

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