Exploring our journey through life

“We all throughout Mankind start out this journey very much the same way, it is what we go through as Individuals, that forces us to explore this journey very differently”.

We all start out as a fragile young baby, like a sponge ready to absorb many things, all our body parts and internal parts taking time to develop, to some this development may be a bit different, as some of the body parts may be missing, or slow to develop? Yet others maybe have a life event happen to them from a young age and force them into much shame that, forces them to hide within themselves, instead of absorbing much information like the sponge we are suppose to be like.

The Human body and brain is the most complex thing we will ever know, the smartest of scientists don’t truly know of how they work, the Human mind is unique to each of us and no one has the same mind, we may never know what is happening in each others mind, which is what makes us who we are today. When things happen to us, we compartmentalize things different from each other, some struggle while others move on like nothing happened? All we can do is try to understand better, so we as Individuals can walk our paths of our journey of life peacefully, while we become better and stronger on our journey and be ready for what may cross our paths.

The journey of life for us all may start the same, but the process and the ending are very different from each other. The life events and how each of us handle them, is what makes us into who we become, sometimes these events come to us by another trying to control us and force us to do things we normally would never do, just so they can have a feeling of power and control, but because these things happen from a young age, we suppress our true feelings, then think that maybe what has happened was our fault and not the fault of the other? This then confuses the inner child within us and stops its development and keeps us stuck within ourselves, stops us from truly becoming true to ourselves, stops us from truly walking our path of our journey in peace, instead we walk a path along a journey, just to try to be as normal as we think normal is?

We all have these life events happen to us all at different times in our lives, it is these events that either determine who we are, or how we portray who we are? Life’s journey is never easy for anybody, there are a lot of bumps and turns along any path you take, what we tend to over look is, “it is not how we get knocked down that matters, it is how we get up from the knockdown that matters even more”.

” We all walk a journey through life, we take our own paths within the journey and there is no wrong path, just that we have to learn to adjust to anything that may come across our paths”

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