The White blanket that covers the Earth…….

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA            This white blanket that is covering the Earth, is Mother Nature’s way of cleaning the Earth, so come Spring time we can see the true beauty of God’s creation.

Every winter here in New England will see this white blanket all the time, but what is unusual, other States within the United States that does not see this white blanket, has done so this year. Now some may not like this as they bicker and complain about it, but if they see the white blanket for what it truly is, they to will see the true beauty of God’s creation.

Winter is a time for all of nature to exhale, so come spring time it can inhale all the freshness, start a new with all re-budding for a fresh and clean look. It is a way for everything to be re-born, so we can enjoy God’s creation as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

We to as Mankind are part of God’s creation as well, just like Mother Nature cleans the Earth so we can see the true beauty, we to can be re-born and cleaned up, as we exhale the bad and inhale the good, to see the true beauty we all hold deep within our hearts and souls, God leaves this up to each of us to do of our self’s, but we have to want to do it and acknowledge the warm feeling of God’s love, that is deep within the heart and souls of each and every one of us.

We will all go through times in our lives that we want to forget, times that shame us in ways we can’t explain, so we then try to suppress this shame and move forward while we become something we truly are not, we take for granted things that could help us with this shame and become stubborn throughout our lives, instead of reaching out to God for his guidance, he does listen to our prayers and sends us signs for us to see, so he can guide us to the path of righteousness, all we have to do is inhale the goodness around us while we exhale this shame and bad that has come to us, while we do this God will fill our hearts and souls with the warmth of his love and it is up to each of us to acknowledge and truly feel this warmth, so we can not only love ourselves better, but share this love with each other, so Society will be better and truly see the true beauty of God’s creation.

Everything we do and everything that comes to us along our paths, happens for a reason, we have to find that reason understand better of the why’s, so we than can exhale and inhale properly, truly feel the warmth of God’s love inside us, stay true to who we really are, share our love of selves with each other, so we all can walk our paths of our journey of life peacefully, to be better and stronger as we coincide with each other within our Society.

” God’s love is always in our hearts and souls, we just have to acknowledge so we can feel it and unleash its true power”

” The white winter blanket of Mother Nature is to the Earth, as God’s love is to each one of us throughout Mankind”

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