The trek up the Mountain…..throughout the journey of life.

The paths throughout our lives are full of ups and downs, we never walk the same all the time, there is always something that comes across our path, that changes how we walk, or even makes our up hill climb seem longer than it really is. We will never become as high as God throughout our journey, but if we let him guide us, we can be beside him when our journey ends here on Earth.

The ups and downs of our journey of life, are similar than trekking up a mountain we see and want to hike, when you trek up a mountain it is never always an upward journey, you have some level ground as well as some downward ground, and when you reach the summit, now you have to come down, just as in life when you reach the top of anything, there is always a downward turn in order to go back up, for another path in which to explore.

To reach the summit of any mountain is an achievement for anybody no matter of who you are, there are obstacles to overcome like a downed tree laying over the path, maybe a stream to find your way across, little rocks and twigs all over in which to turn an ankle on, not to mention the challenge of our physical abilities, no matter how fit you may seem to be. Trekking up a mountain is similar to trekking our paths within our journey of life, there is always the unknown to explore and be ready for, with life we have these life events to set us back, trekking a mountain we have weather conditions and obstacles to ready for, so we can achieve our goal of reaching the summit, what both life and the mountain offers us together is, the WOW!!! factor when we reach the top and the feeling of achievement that comes over us.

The mountains offer us so much more than just a daily trek, just like when Moses trekked up the mountain and heard God speak to him and Jesus taking his disciples up the mountain to see the transition first hand, The transition from who we are, to where we can go when we find the true path of righteousness, as we truly feel God’s love within our hearts and souls.

Some may trek up a mountain and not feel anything, that is because you are not truly in touch with your true self, life has a way of getting us away from who we truly are, it will have us zig when we want to zag, life will throw things at us in the form of a life event and unless we understand the true why of the event, we will never have that WOW!!! feeling when we reach the summit of anything let alone the trek up a mountain. This WOW!!! feeling is of God and that warm feeling we feel deep within ourselves, this is God’s love we feel within our hearts and souls, that warms us in a special way, it is also we ourselves getting in touch with our true selves, you just can’t turn on this love and warm feeling, like you turn on the heat in your house or car, you need to walk your path along your journey of life with confidence, ready to explore everything that comes across your path, so you can better understand everything around you and of yourself, then as you better understand all around you and trek up that mountain, you to can have that WOW!!! feeling and the feeling of achievement, while God fills your heart and soul with the warmth of his love, so you can share that same love with all that is around you.

” life is like trekking up a mountain, you have to explore so you can better understand and when you reach the summit, then you can have that WOW!!! feeling of achievement”

” God’s love is always within us, just that we have to unleash it to truly feel its warmth”

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