The Season of Lent

The Season of Lent is the Catholic way of reflecting on the journey of Jesus Christ. All other Religion of faiths celebrate and call his journey by a different name, but the one common denominator is Jesus Christ himself. Jesus never discriminated anybody and treated everybody as equals, unlike the people of this Society today. We the people are whats wrong with this Drama driven Society and we the people can change this if we really focused our energy to it.

When Jesus walked his journey with us, he taught us many things and showed us just how special the true path of righteousness really is, he sacrificed himself so the rest of us can be at peace, this is how his father The Almighty God wanted it to be, so we the people can see the true positive, of what true change really is. True change sometimes can be difficult and bring much pain to us, but when we accept the true change, do the work needed to apply it, then yes we to can find that true path of righteousness that Jesus showed and walked with us.

Within the season of Lent and all the names that other Religions call their remembrance of the journey of Jesus Christ, is a special time for all Catholics and other faiths around the globe, with the Catholics celebrating Lent, other faiths should celebrate with us, by respecting our views and beliefs, as we Catholics do of them during their celebration of the journey of Jesus Christ. This celebration and respect of each other is one of the things Jesus taught us as he walked with us, it is we the people that have wavered from the teachings of Jesus.

There is always going to be life events and other things that will happen to us throughout our journey of life, these events will and can control every fiber of our being if we let them, they will also bring us much pain and anxiety and we will do anything to try to stop the pain, but what we forget is, when we suffer great pain, Jesus suffers great pain with us, Jesus came to us to teach us many things, he will never leave us alone even if we feel like we are alone with no where to go? The power of Prayer works in ways we can’t explain, but God and Jesus do hear our Prayers and are always with us, within the hearts and souls of each and every one of us.

Now as we celebrate the journey of Jesus Christ, let us all remember and reflect on the lessons he taught us when he came and walked his journey with us. Let us all truly feel the warmth of his love for us deep within our hearts and souls and as we feel this warmth, let us then share this warmth of his love with all that is around us, there is always going to be temptation in our lives, as Jesus also had to deal with this, temptation only shows that Satan is alive and well within our Society and the group ISIS is prime example of this, but during this time of Lent and reflecting on the journey of Jesus Christ, we to can resist this temptation as Jesus did, by staying true to self and the Lord God, who created us and all that is around us. When we stay true to ourselves and feel the warmth of Jesus love within our hearts and souls, then share this warmth and love with all those around us, this shows our father the Lord God, that yes we did listen and learn from Jesus and with the power of prayer at our disposal, helps us communicate better with God, as well as with each other within this Society, So as we all find this true path of righteousness, let us all share with each other, so we all can walk our paths along our journey of life in peace, while we become better and stronger throughout the evolution of Mankind and God will then be happy of all of us, as his vision of Mankind will than become a true reality

” The Season of Lent may be a Catholic celebration, but the true celebration is that we all learn from the journey of Jesus Christ and show his love with all, no matter what faith of religion you belong to”

” Jesus never showed discrimination of anybody on his journey, this is only we the people that shows this towards each other”

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