The Storm factor of life……

You notice how in the Winter we get into these weather patterns, that seem like it snows everyday and it gets brutally cold, so cold you get a brain freeze like your eating ice cream too fast, this is part of all our lives as Mother Nature doesn’t discriminate where she brings her wrath, we can’t control Mother Nature and this is part of the Winter season, which is one of the four seasons we all go through together.

We have Candidates within our Government that shouldn’t be and do nothing for the people in which voted them in, instead they work on their own agendas and become engulfed in a perfect “me” world. Then you have people that don’t vote and say they don’t, but are the first to complain when things go sour, they use the excuse that ” my vote doesn’t count”? I have news for you, with many attitudes like this, explains totally why we do not have any good politicians, that actually put their money where their mouth is.

We all walk a path on a journey through life, this journey is not perfect for anybody, we the people are the ones making this journey hard for each other, all we do is complain when we don’t get our way, we live in a region that brings snow in the winter, but yet you complain every time, we don’t like a person within the Government and complain of the job they do, but yet you don’t vote? We want to control everything, but we can’t even control ourselves? The problem doesn’t lie in just a few, it lies with each and every one of us as People of this Society.

People are unique to each other, but yet are very similar in many ways, true some may look differently than others, but this is what God had in mind, when he made us unique to each other, God just didn’t figure on that, we as people would take this uniqueness to a whole new level. We like to put ourselves above one another and when we can’t do that we lash out at each other, we will do anything to be a leader and this proves that yes we are animalistic, just that we are supposed to be smarter and better than all the other animals on this planet.

The journey of life for some may be short, others a little longer, but the journey is still the same, we all need to be better at coinciding with each, like God envisioned when  he created all of Mankind. God isn’t happy at what we are doing now, all the tragedies, fires, weather events ect… Are signs from God, for us to change what we are doing, cause the path we all are on now, is all about destruction and God worked to hard to see his creation ruined. We all walk a path this path is unique to us as, we chose this path in which to walk along this journey we all walk through life, to be happy, peaceful and while showing our love of self’s, to each other everyday.

” We the people are our own worst enemies, change is needed so we all can coincide instead of showing hatred of each other”

” People are unique to each other, we are all similar and equal as well, just that we are not true to ourselves to see it”

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