To be in control, unlike to be controlling of all that is around us

The journey of life has many twists and turns, it throws us a curve when we are ready for the slider, it will bury you with thoughts and thoughts that you don’t understand, sometimes as we walk our paths we get lost at the difference of being in control and trying to control everything around us.

When we think of control we tend to forget that, if something happens beyond our control, just walk away as whatever it is that, is trying to control us, really has no bearing on who we are and us being in control of ourselves. Your driving your car and out of the blue your tire blows, it was nothing of what you did, it could be something in the road, maybe a bad valve stem? Whatever has made the the tire blow, was nothing you could of done to control, it just happened at that particular time, yes now maybe your late for an appointment or work, but you know what, it is out of your control so breathe deeply in and out and think what do I do now? When you stress of things that happen out of your control, you make yourself sick in ways you may not see at first, when you step back and breathe so you can see the big picture, now you start thinking in ways of a solution, like calling a road side assistance person to help, call your work or whoever your appointment was with, letting them know of your misfortune, so they can adjust to you being late and your self as well as others can be back in control of yourself.

We all in this Society are guilty of trying to control everything, even if that something wasn’t meant to be controlled. If we were all truly in control of ourselves, than everything else will simply fall into place, nobody would worry or stress of things out of their control and becoming sick in ways we can’t explain, to be totally in control of anything, always starts with us controlling ourselves first, walking away when something happens out of our control, so we don’t become sick to the point, we become something we are not, we walk our paths along a journey of life, with all the twists and turns already there, we don’t need any more to complicate things even more for us.

When we are in control of ourselves, there is no better feeling from within our hearts and souls, that keeps us healthy, with strength to be better no matter how long or short our journey may be, even our journey we can’t control, without first we control of ourselves, once we learn to truly control ourselves and make the necessary changes we need to make, then not only will our journey be better and stronger, but the journey of all of us within Society will be better and stronger, so we all can live in peace and love, instead of what we see now, with all the hate and destruction that is around us.

” to control isn’t that we control everything/anything around us, it is that we first control ourselves so everything else will fall into place”

” to be controlling of others before ourselves, is the recipe for disaster no matter how you try to rationalize away being in control”

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