Tranquility in life as opposed to Anger in life……….

early winter

I chose this picture cause it shows how calm and tranquil everything is, with the snow covering the ground and the tree’s, with a pond in the background that reflects its surroundings. This is what our journey of life should be without the strong feeling of Anger that is within us all and that we let control who we are, even when we don’t realize we are doing it.

Anger is one of those feelings we all have within us, some may not show this feeling as much as others, but we all feel its effects and deal with it differently.

We all go through issues in our lives, its what being Human is all about, its how we deal with these issues that brings out or, we suppress these feelings of anger, instead of us dealing with these issues correctly, we then let the anger within us control who we are, which is not really our true selves. Life for all of us is hard enough without having to deal with extra-curricular activities, so we teach ourselves to use this anger to deflect or, hide our issues from those around us, so we can try to move forward and try to fit into Society as if we have no issues. Some of us use this anger to act out in ways we would never do if we are true to who we are, others may just use this anger to hide our true selves, so we portray a calm and normal demeanor, We are Human first and we are an Individual with our own minds and thoughts, there is nobody that can determine 100% what is going on in the mind of another, which is the reason why we as Individuals need to know ourselves and what makes us tick, so we can control ourselves better, instead of letting this anger control who we really are.

This anger within us is a way for us to procrastinate what is really wrong with us, so we don’t have to work at the issue, cause a lot of times these issues, brings much pain to ourselves, as well as much grief, we then focus our attention to keeping the pain from us, so we move forward with letting the anger control who we are, so we can try to be normal, like we think most around us are? Nobody is truly normal, nobody has no issues, some may have lesser issues than others, but nobody is issue free, this is why we need to truly know who we are, know what makes us tick and to do this, we need to reach out to the right people, so we can be guided in the right direction.

Anger in this Society is a huge problem and is a feeling that we overlook, cause we truly don’t understand it. Sometimes we need to step back, find that tranquil place to reflect and have a good sense of calm, so we can see the big picture, understand truly who we are and how we work, so we can fix our issues and have control, instead of the issues controlling who we really are and letting this feeling of anger control our core being within us.

This tranquil place could be anywhere, some may have a room in the house they can enter and lock themselves in? Some may like being outdoors and hiking a mountain, or fishing a stream or lake? this is an Individual thing, which shows how unique we are to each other, it also shows we are Human and can think for ourselves, as well being in control of ourselves so we than can help others to do the same. We only need to understand better, know when to reach out, know that the pain we feel is real and not just we ourselves feel it, everybody feels pain, just that we as Individuals deal with it in our own way, but we can only help others when we truly help ourselves be better and truly understand how we ourselves work. This anger management of ourselves will help understand why our Society has so much hate, just that we need to truly understand ourselves better, so we than can better understand whats around us and as we do so, then we all will find this piece of tranquility so we all can live in peace on our paths of our journey of life.

” Tranquility is to peace, as anger is to hate and destruction”

” Understanding ourselves and how we tick, will go along way in understanding  how others throughout tick and act”

” Anger is a powerful feeling within us all, it will control who we are if we let it and don’t understand how it works”

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