Tradgeies, death, grief, disease, throughout Society.

There is a lot going on within our Society today, but lets not forget that those in previous Societies, have also felt these same tragedies, death, grief and disease.

These four elements are a part of all our journeys through life, they are part of all our life cycles and with true faith in Jesus Christ, true faith in ourselves, these four elements will help us be stronger and better as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

When we walk our journey through life, we do so not just for ourselves, we do it also for all that is within a Society, it is what each of us brings to Society that helps it grow with strength, to be better for all of us, a lot of times when these four elements come across our paths and because we don’t take the time to better understand these elements, we become lost and our judgements become clouded, which we then just wander aimlessly along our paths, without really knowing what direction we are heading, because we wander aimlessly we are not capable of helping others that may be down and out also, plus we are not able to recognize when others are just wandering like ourselves, the journey is full of twists and turns, with each turn we have to deal with so many variations of the four elements, unless we take the time to better understand them and the why’s of them happening, we will forever just wander instead of truly walking our journeys with confidence.

These four elements happen to all of us for a reason, God leaves it up to each of us, to find the reason, find our purpose along our journey, so not only we ourselves can live in peace and love, but Society can live in peace and love also,  we all have to better understand ourselves, better understand how to deal with these four elements, learn to show our true feelings and emotions, without thinking that others will see us as weak, when we are true to ourselves and are not afraid to show our feelings and emotions, we become a lot stronger than we think and when others in Society do the same, then not only will we be stronger and better, a whole Society becomes stronger and better as we walk our paths along our journeys of life.

These four elements happen in so many different ways that it becomes easy to get confused, easy to not truly understand them, which makes sense to live your lives in moderation, instead of taking on so much of something we don’t want to understand, whenever we don’t understand something, we then just move forward by making up a solution that sounds good, instead of coming up with the right solution, that keeps us strong, so we can be better as we grow within Society.

We all walk this journey through life, we get confused when we see something good for one and wonder why its not good for another, we are all unique to each other, but what is good for one, is not necessarily good for another, which makes it even more important for each of us to know our limitations know ourselves, so when these four elements happen, we are better able to handle them, when we all do this and bring our strength to Society, than all of Society will be better and stronger, as we all walk our paths along our journey of life in peace and love of each other and ourselves.

” The four elements of life are tragedies, death, disease and grief, when we better understand them is what makes ourselves stronger and better”

” we get one shot at this journey, so we need to do it right, better understand ourselves, so all within Society can do it right and live in peace and love”

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