The Sports world lost a great guy today.


” Life may not be a sport, as sports isn’t like real life”

Stuart Scott had a way about him, that never put himself above sports, when he interviewed some of the Worlds biggest sports stars, he did so while treating them with the up most respect and dignity, when he sat at the big desk of Sports center, he had this way about him that made it interesting to listen, even if you didn’t like the sport he was talking about.

While watching this last Espy award show and when ESPN honored Stuart with this award, listening to his speech and this Quote which will become one of the best quotes in sports, there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience, as well as viewers at home, Stuart showed us in this speech that sports is just a game, but it’s a game that can inspire anyone’s life if done the right way, we all walk a journey through life, there are tough times within life that could get us down and out if we let it, when we are down and out, we look to anything for inspiration, to help us get back up and move forward better and stronger, we all have our favorite sport, we also have our favorite player/players of that sport, of which we usually turn to sports to help pick us up, when a player plays the sport they love and does it the right way, without the greed and crap getting in the way, they help us see sports in a different light, a light that inspires instead of creating hate and when our team and players win, we then get inspired by that and this helps us overcome the odds in our lives, to move forward with strength, to be better than we are now.

There were many of us sports fans watching this Espy award show, to which we all saw Stuart Scott inspire us all with his words, even the sports players in the audience were tearing up with his words, everybody came together for a moment, to show support for Stuart and all who suffer this terrible disease of Cancer, which makes me think why we cant keep coming together and inspire each other to be better and stronger, as we walk our journeys of life everyday of our lives, sports can do this when played correctly, there have been many sports stars in the history of sports that have inspired, but none better than Stuart Scott did, on the night of the Espy awards.

Right here in the area of Boston, Massachusetts we had a guy named Bobby Orr, who not only changed the game of hockey and the position of Defense man, but also inspired a lot of young children to play the game of hockey, to which many Arena’s were built to handle the growth of Hockey in the area, this gave hope to a lot of children to better themselves and try to get into the NHL, like their Idol and favorite player that was Bobby Orr, this is what sports can do when played the right way.

Stuart Scott may you rest in peace, thoughts and prayers go out to your loving family, you showed us that no matter what happens to us in life, when we have the right attitude and do it correctly, then not only will we treat others with respect and dignity, we will also have respect and dignity of ourselves, which is the key to walking our journey of life, to be better and stronger everyday and this will also help us help each other throughout their journeys as well

” sports will inspire when played correctly and done in the right way”

” lets not look at sports for the wins all the time, as when you lose with dignity you will always be a winner in life”

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