My Journey of creating words with my blogging……

I have started this Journey half way through the year 2012, it’s been a fun and learning journey as I share my creativity of words not just with myself, but with others from all walks of life, when I first started this blog and when blogging was just a thought in my mind, I didn’t know how to do this, I wasn’t even sure I could put sentences together that would even make sense? Now here I am two years later, with over 400 blogs in my archives.

This journey of writing I have walked for the last couple years, not only have I been blessed with the many followers I have received here on WordPress, but it has also been a learning experience of myself along this new path of my journey of life, my original path of my journey may have started out as a chef and being a chef, I have learned to be creative with many different foods, of which I have created many dishes on that journey, but what I have learned most is, taking that same creativity and turning it into a creativity of a different kind, which has been the creativity of words.

I have also taught myself how to be very tech savvy and how to self promote myself through social media, so I can reach a greater audience for my creativity of words, even set up my settings on my dashboard, so my words can be found from any search engine anywhere throughout the world, whenever I look at my stats and see them jump higher from day to day, it gives me a huge feeling of accomplishment, which helps my creativity grow even higher within me, throughout these last couple years as you can see from my archives and at the point of my beginning, my creativity and style of writing has grown and has gotten much better from blog to blog.

Now as we enter a new year of 2015, I think it is time to grow my creativity even higher than it has grown to this point, change is good for the soul when you do it for the right reasons and do it correctly, I am not saying I will change my style of writing, just tweak it a bit so I can be better and take my creativity of words to the next level, I may even dabble a bit in the art of songwriting? Only cause music that is done from the warmth of your heart, touches all of us in so many different ways, the power of music starts with the power of words and taking my creativity of words into the next level, just might make good sense in dabbling in the art of songwriting, I know nothing of the art of songwriting, just as I knew nothing of the world of blogging, but as you can see from the last couple years of my blogging and how I have taught myself so many things, not to mention of myself, I can teach myself this very special art of songwriting and bring my blogging into the next level.

Songwriting is what makes the music special and what warms our hearts into feeling things we usually would never feel, or even get in touch with our softer side, we in this Society are afraid to show this softer side, cause we simply don’t want others to see us in a weaker state, on the contrary music and words put together in a special way only show how strong we really are, it brings out feelings within the core of our being, that we would never let ourselves feel so we can be better and stronger along the paths of our journey, there is so much ugliness out there, that we are afraid to get in touch with our softer side, for fear of being hurt from this ugliness, we go with the flow and what we think is suppose to be the normal? Just to try to Coexist within this Society, so we then build this fake image of ourselves on the outside, which does nothing but bring more unwanted harm to ourselves, if we only stay true to ourselves and who we are, this feeling that we all have within us, that brings warmth to our hearts and our souls, will not only make us as Individuals better and stronger, but it will also spread throughout Society making it better and stronger as well, words and music put together in a special way, not only form a bond with each other, they also form a bond with all of us in Society, as they warm our hearts and souls making us all stronger and better, along our paths of our journey of life.

” Creativity of words put together with music, will always warm your heart and soul in ways you have never felt before”

” There is so much ugliness in our Society, that it has stopped us from truly being who we are”

” With all the ugliness out there, when we stay true to ourselves we will always feel the true warmth of our hearts and souls”

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