The true signs within life………

The true signs of life are around us everywhere and wherever we turn, these are not the signs we see telling us where to go as we drive our car, not even signs of our favorite shops or eating establishments, the signs I am talking about, are always there but we have to want to see them, in order to truly be guided along our path of our journey of life.

Things happen to us for a reason, instead of getting depressed or making these things control who we are, look at it as a sign from God, telling us that, we need to change what we are becoming, so we can get off the track we are on and get back on the track of righteousness, a lot of times we don;t see these signs, because we become so clouded in our judgements that we don’t want to see anything except what troubles us and feeling sorry for ourselves.

Life has these true signs all around us, it’s God’s way of helping us see who we really are and guiding us to the path of righteousness, some may not truly believe in God, cause they can’t see him, but the fact is he is always there, he is within the souls of each one of us, that feeling of warmth you feel from time to time, that is God warming our hearts with his love, we may be  blessed with having some really good people around us, that is God putting these people close to us, to help us stay true to ourselves, sometimes we take advantage of these people but they always stay close to us at times of need no matter what, this is God’s sign to us that we are not alone and to fix ourselves to be better, we do need to forgive ourselves and reach out for help, we are not perfect as much as we want to think we are, we all need to reach out so we can be better and stronger along our paths of our journey of life.

Signs don’t have to tell us where to go and show us the direction of our travels as we live our lives, true signs are ways for us to be better in our lives everyday, as we walk our paths along our journey, when something happens to us that gets us down with troubles that overwhelm us, instead of getting depressed and becoming something we are not, just simply look deep within yourself and truly feel the love of God within you, so you can see the true life signs and reach out in ways that helps you change, so you can get back on the path of righteousness, to become stronger and better on your path of your journey of life.

” A true sign don’t tell you a direction to turn on the road as you drive, they help you see your true self and become a better person in your life”

” True signs have to be seen with your heart and felt within your soul, so you can truly change to become better and stronger”

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