The true Santa Claus of Christmas

The true Santa Claus like everything else we experience throughout our journey of life has changed and the meaning of Santa just isn’t the same as in generations past, I remember as a child waking up on Christmas morning with wide eyes as I ran downstairs to see the gifts that Santa brought, now a days the Parents aren’t as secretive when it comes to wrapping the gifts and putting them under the tree for their children, the children are figuring out at earlier ages that there is no Santa which ruins the true spirit of Christmas.

The true spirit of Santa and what Christmas is suppose to be, is for all of us as Humans to show our love of one another, being nice to each other 100% of the time, so Santa will bring us gifts on Christmas day and when we are naughty, he brings us either a lump of coal, or simply nothing at all.

Somewhere throughout the Different Societies that have come and walked their paths of their journey of life, we have swayed away from being nice to each other and showing our love of one another, we have become surrounded with all this hate of each other which has clouded all our judgements and has turned us into something we truly are not.

Yes there is still a lot of good amongst us, just that we have focused way to much on the ugly, that we have changed ourselves into something we are not, we have become self centered and only care of ourselves, to try to protect ourselves from all the hatred and ugliness that is around us, it takes more work on our part to try to protect ourselves from the ugly, than it does to just simply love each other everyday of our lives, this love is always within our souls and is who we are as Humans, as God wanted us to show this of each other always, so we can be better and stronger on our paths of our journey of life.

The true Santa Claus is within all of us and when we show this love of one another, Santa Claus will always live on throughout Mankind no matter which generation you come from, this is a special time of year, I understand we all go through some life events that force us to being something we are not and become depressed this time of year, but if we just learn to forgive ourselves and each other, show this love of ourselves to each other, not just at Christmas time, but everyday of the year, we all can be happy and walk our paths of our journey through life in peace, while we become stronger and better from generation to generation and from Society to Society.

” Santa Claus is always real, as he lives deep within the being of each of us”

” It is easier to share our love of one another, than it is to be hateful of one another”

” Santa Claus is to the children, when we all share our love of one another”

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