There are rules….but how do they really translate to us

Rules are different than the Laws we adhere to everyday as we drive our cars on the road, or live within this Society of today, some may say, rules and laws are made to be broken, while others live by them religiously, everyday as they walk their paths along their journey of life.

I don’t know if you ever saw the television show NCIS? Well for me it is the best television show ever, that has graced the screen of the television set.  Last nights episode proves just that, it was Tuesday night the sixteenth of December, if you want to look it up on your archive of shows within your Comcast box, it is a must see, as this show was the best of all that the show of NCIS has made.

The lead character is Mark Harmon, who plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs, he is a special agent in charge of a team of other agents within NCIS, which stands for, Naval Criminal Intelligence Service, throughout the many seasons that this show has been on, they have made many shows that are based on real life scenarios, the writer’s of this show are quite creative in the way they write each script for each show, not too mention they also know how to leave you hanging from week to week and even season to season, last nights show…..let me just say phenomenal. It had you laugh, be serious, had you guessing and even brought you to tears, if you didn’t shed some tears than maybe you need to fix whatever issues are troubling you.

Gibbs has these set of rules for his team of Agents, he doesn’t have them written down for you to memorize, you have to figure them out as you go, last nights episode was on these rules and not just how they apply while they are working, but how they translate to the rules of your childhood, while you were growing up with your Dad, each family growing up has their own version of these rules, as well as each employer you work for has their own set of rules, it may sound like a lot of rules to learn right? Not really if you learn to use your common sense and what all these different rules have in common is, the fact they instill respect in you and to have respect of others around you.

Last nights episode had them working a case about cyber hacking, Mcgee who is an Agent on Gibbs team, was busy working this case and the show started out with him writing a letter to his Dad, Mcgee wanted to finish this case so he could go to his Dad for Christmas as he had Cancer and all through the show that is what the writer’s had you believe, then at the end of the case Gibbs said to Mcgee, ” what are you still doing here, go to your Dad”, that’s when the flood gate of tears started, as it ended with Mcgee crying as he read the letter to his Dad, while his Dad was laying in a casket, this is what makes this show so great, it bring out a wide range of emotions within you, from episode to episode, something we in this Society need more of, it also gets you in touch with your true feelings like empathy, which is a feeling that this Society lacks and needs more of.

Throughout my path of my journey of life, this show NCIS is hands down, the best show ever I have watched, I totally recommend this a must watch by all, yes it is a TV show, but it is a show that is as close to reality as a show can get, if you watch a show like last nights and you don’t get emotional, then maybe you need to chat with someone, as maybe you are not really in touch with your true self? Which would explain all the Mentally Distraught Individuals out there, that think nothing of  disrupting another persons life without giving it a thought, Mentally distraught Individuals are Humans like you and I, they do have feelings like you and I, just that they bury their true feelings, so they won’t feel anything for whatever actions they take, most of the time they bury their feelings because of a major life event that has happened to them and they think they can move forward this way, as you and I do normally? We are all people, we are all Humans, we all have feelings and emotions, just that some don’t deal properly of the life events that happen to them, we all need to deal better with ourselves, so we can deal better with each other, as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

” we all need to deal better with ourselves, so we can deal better with each other”

” ncis is a TV show, but it is as close to reality as a TV show can get”

” feelings and emotions are within us all, to hide them is not good for ourselves and all those around us”

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