Change happens all the time, whether wanted or not…….

We as Humans change as we grow into this Society, everything around us changes as well, we have to learn to adjust to the change, no matter how it pains us to do the adjusting.

My favorite news station of Fox25 news, both the morning and evening editions, has and still is going through some major changes, as Cox Media has taken over the station, this was obviously a quiet take over as I wasn’t aware til now, the two political Commentators  are gone, with Jim Polito leaving before the take over, as he saw the writing on the wall, now VB is gone cause he don’t fit their style, Cox media is doing away with the in studio interviews and want the news Anchors, to be like a Robot and read from a prompter, then repeat what was said later in the news?

To me it sounds like Cox Media is taking the fun out of the news, with all the ugliness going on throughout this Planet, we need the news Anchors to report it with a sense of humor and make it fun to actually listen to, Fox25 with VB and Jim along with all the other personalities of the station, had a great repor with each other, they were like a family at the station and to us who watched them daily.

Every summer the Morning news did there Zip Trips on Fridays, this was good for both the Anchors and the people that watched, as the Anchors had a chance to get out of the studio and mingle with the people who watched where ever they were that week, each week they were in a different city or town throughout Massachusetts, not just to meet the viewership, but they also brought out the history of that town and was fun learning something about a town you thought you knew? Without these Zip Trips I bet the ratings drop big time? Elizabeth Hopkins is a great personality on the morning news, she does a segment called Lilly on the loose, this is what makes the news fun to watch and without segments like this, makes the news dull and boring, just repeating all the ugly crap that happens everyday.

I was very disappointed to hear of this take over by Cox Media, because WFXT Fox25 made the news beyond ordinary, they made the news fun to watch and listen to, VB and Jim kept all our Politicians in this State accountable for their actions, Sharmen Sacchetti asking all the tough questions to the Politicians, which made us laugh to see the Politicians try to sneak away from her, not to mention how they set up the studio in a very comfortable way, like bringing in nice plush sofa chairs, to make the guests feel cozy, so they could interview in a relaxed way, now no more of this interviewing in studio? Now the Anchors sit in a stool, at a big desk, while reading from a teleprompter and not being able to ad lib anything, maybe they should just have the Company I-Robot make a Robot news Anchor, cause that sounds like what they want and not to mention, they don’t have to pay the Robot?

Will I continue watching? maybe so as I do enjoy listening to Gene Lavanchy, as I do remember and watched him on TV38, before we had NESN  the Boston Bruins were televised there, Gene took over for Tom Larson on the Bruins pre-game, I also enjoy watching Maria Stephanos, especially her real people stories, will this not be a segment anymore? I hope this segment stays as we all need stories like this, to break up all the other crap we hear everyday, then there is Sorbony Banerjee, Mark Ockerbloom, Bob Ward, to name a few that make up this great Fox25 family we watch daily, Fox25 has become a staple news channel to a lot of people throughout the viewing audience, these segments and the different personalities they have there, are what make the news fun to us, as well as fun to each of them, this is what makes Fox25 so popular throughout New England, now with Cox Media they just want ordinary and stale news, that is delivered by Robots, I hope that Cox Media sees the writing on the wall and keeps Fox25 as it always was, true maybe some change is good, in a gradual way, but to make big changes and quickly, only makes people turn to another station and you lose on the ratings, which is money in your pockets.

” Fox25 morning and evening news was awesome before Cox took over, please keep it the way it was( ok maybe a few tweaks)”

” Fox25 Anchors were like a big family to us the viewers, when you mess with family you make us very angry”

” Change is good when done correctly, but when done incorrectly makes for a lot of hatred instead of showing true love”

” Cox Media is all about Greed, they care nothing of the people they hurt”

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