Out with the old, In with the new………..


These two chairs you see on this lift, you always see one going up and another one passing by on the way down, it operates in a circular motion and never ends unless it is shut down, or there is a malfunction, think about the life cycle of all Mankind as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

We all go through a cycle as well as these chairs, just that this life cycle determines who we are and what we become, nobody ever looks at our journey through life in this way, instead we take everything for granted around us, we get so consumed with all that is going on around us, we forget to take care of ourselves, it is us as Individuals that make up an entire Society and not the other way around, some may become disillusioned and try to force others to see the same illusion as themselves and will stop at nothing to try to sway others to their illusions, this has been going on since the start of Mankind, as this is part of the life cycle we are all a part of, when our life cycle has a link that is weak because of wear and tear, then we need to take the time to replace that link, so we can continue forward with strength, to become better along our path of our journey of life.

Just as we exit one year and enter into a new year, it is not about going out and partying just to be seen and try to fit in with others, it is about looking back at the year we are exiting, see where we went wrong, so we can enter the new year, better and stronger then the year previous, correcting our mistakes and yes we all make them, so we can turn these mistakes into a positive and be better going forward into the new year.

Exiting one year and entering a new year, is only a small link along our life cycle that makes up our journey of life, but if we can get this link correct and make it stronger, it will help all of us within our cycle of life, the biggest link on our cycle is taking care of ourselves first before all else, when we take care of ourselves and keep ourselves strong, everything else will follow suit, including all Mankind within our Society, when we as Individuals are better and stronger, then all Mankind will be better and stronger as we all walk our paths along our journey of life.

” as we exit one year and enter a new year, let us do so safely while we take care of ourselves to help Society become better and stronger”

” Happy new Year to all and to all nothing but safety and good health to all”

” the life cycle of Mankind is one big circle, but it is a circle with many links that need to be kept up, so we all can be better and stronger moving forward”


Having true Empathy takes a lot of work on all our parts……

The true feeling of Empathy is within each of us as Humans, it is when we acknowledge it that unleashes its true power and greatness, when we don’t acknowledge it is when it destroys us and everything around us.

When you acknowledge your true Empathy, you actually feel for others and what happens to them, you care for the feelings of others with affection, warmth and kindness, than without thinking you think of the ramifications of your actions, before you take the action.

When you have any thoughts of prejudice, means you are not totally in tune with your Empathetic side, cause with prejudice comes opinions of someone or a group of someones and you put down blame and hate toward those someones, which means you have no Empathy towards those someones, because you may dislike someone or a group of someones, doesn’t take away the fact that they to are Human and have feelings as you and I do and when you are in tune with your true Empathetic side, you have these feelings of compassion for them, you can’t have compassion for anything, if first you don’t have feelings for that something/someone, as the empathy and putting yourself in someone else s shoes always comes first, before you can even think about having compassion for that someone.

Having Empathy and putting yourself in the shoes of another, is something that lacks within this society of today and will also explain all the hate we see around us today, some may say they have compassion of others? But you can’t have compassion of that someone, as you need to feel the Empathy, in order to have any compassion.

Those who say they don’t feel Empathy, or those that look to others as having no Empathy, just simply haven’t acknowledged the Empathy inside them, as we all as Humans have this Empathy within us, we all suffer a loss or have some kind of life event happen to us, it is these that make us suppress our true feeling and emotions deep within our core, when we do this we than become something we truly are not, because of the pain of the loss or life event, we suppress these feelings and emotions, to keep us from further harm in the future, but what we don’t realize is, the pain we are hiding from will eventually find us and hurt us worse than the original hurt, when we acknowledge our true feelings and emotions, we also acknowledge our Empathy within us and then have feelings for those around us, which will always make us think of the ramifications of our actions, before we take the action we will regret later.

Most people who show no Empathy of others, not only have suppressed their Empathy, but have cut off their feelings of fear, shame, pain, confidence and joy, they think that showing their feelings will only bring more pain toward them, Empathy doesn’t mean to just identify with the painful vulnerable parts, it also means to feel the strong, courageous parts also, having true Empathy will help you not only feel of others, but help you keep your feelings and emotions close to you, which will help you control your actions and not let you take action before you regret what you did.

When you have compassion for someone, this doesn’t happen without first having empathy for that person, you see a car wreck and you go over and help this person to ease their pain, this is compassion, but it first starts with putting yourself in their shoes, which is the empathy that comes out from within us, if you simply just drive by, then you lack the empathy and there is no sign of any compassion, to have compassion is not a sign of weakness, as in this society may make you think otherwise, to have compassion shows true strength and the simple fact that you are truly in control of your feelings and emotions and truly acknowledge your empathy that is within you.

To truly acknowledge this true Empathy and compassion within us, we must first take care of ourselves, so we than can take care of others as we would want to be taken care of, when you take care of yourself, it allows you to be empathetic, compassionate and active member of your community, plus not to mention when you trust yourself, it is a lot easier to trust others around you, with this trust goes understanding and when we understand better our true feelings and emotions, it makes it easier for all of us to understand each other as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

” Mental self, physical self, emotional self and spiritual self are what makes up the elements of a balanced life”

” A healthy social life requires all parts of self to be balanced”

” humor is what we all need, without it we often feel depressed and have no joy”

The many Adventures throughout our Journey of life.

As we all walk a path along our Journeys of life, let us not forget the many Adventures that make up each of our Journeys.

These Adventures are what makes us who we are, they protect us from any harm that may come to us, as they make us better and stronger along our Journey, these Adventures happen in many ways and there is no end to them as well, we may take some of these Adventures for granted, as they come to us in the form of a vacation from our place of employment, true we may have earned this Adventure from our hard work at our jobs, but what we tend to overlook is, this is our way of re-charging ourselves to move forward stronger and better along our Journey of life, the Adventures of our vacations come to us in many forms as well as the Adventure itself, but we must never forget the true meaning of our vacation Adventure and that is for us to re-charge ourselves, to be better and stronger along our journey of life.

An Adventure is also the path we choose along our Journey of life, we don’t know where this path will take us and we also don’t know what is in store for us along this path, as each path through life has it’s own twists and turns, which makes this Adventure important to us in many ways, we need to be strong through this Adventure and ready for whatever that may cross our paths, this Adventure should be top priority in all our lives, but somewhere along our journeys, we have lost all sense of any priority within our lives, as we lose our priorities then our Adventure through our journey of life becomes clouded with doubt and misinformation, this is one Adventure we all share, as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

Some of us may take an Adventure that others would not even think of, these Adventures help keep us physically strong as well as mentally strong, they are in the form of Trekking through the mountains and the wilderness of the homes of our wildlife on this Planet Earth, one Adventure that is on my bucket list is, the Trek along the Appalachian mountains, they stretch from Mount Khatadin  in Maine, down to Springer mountain in Georgia, it is over 2,000 miles and is a Trek that not only will keep you physically strong, but spiritually strong as well, by spiritual I mean, it will keep you in touch with the true feeling of self and that is how God wants us all, so we can love ourselves and spread this love with each other.

There are many Adventures that make up our journeys through life, these Adventures are what makes us who we are and become better and stronger in our lives, when we all are better and stronger, then anything is possible throughout our journeys, not to mention the fact that we will always love ourselves and show our true feelings and emotions, when we love ourselves it makes it very easy to share this love with others along our journey, instead of working harder through the cloud of doubt, then sharing the hatred we see in this Society now, we are all on an Adventure through a journey of life, we also take many Adventures inside this journey, we just have to see the true meaning of each Adventure, so we all can be better and stronger, show our love of self, so we then can share this love with each other, as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

” The Journey of life is an Adventure with many Adventures on the inside of the Journey”

” As we walk our paths along our journey of life, let us never forget the many Adventures that make up all our journeys we walk”

” There is no textbook that guides us along our journey of life, only the faith in Jesus as he to walked a journey here with us and the hope that we follow each adventure as he would of wanted us to”

Another Christmas that has come and gone along our journey

Now that Christmas has come and gone and is another memory in our past, let us not forget the other 364 days within the year til the next Christmas, let us not forget what Christmas really means to each of us as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, it is also we as Humans sharing our love of selves with each other, it is being with family over all the commercialization hype that surrounds each Christmas season, but more important it is us as Humans excepting Jesus Christ in our lives, so he can guide us to the true path of righteousness, the path that is full of good and love, all paths throughout our journey have their own twists and turns, but the true path of righteousness when followed correctly and believe in Jesus Christ will always lead us to good, while the love of ourselves flows from us and spreads throughout all Society.

A lot of times we get caught up in the flow of society and what we think is the normal, just because those around us may be doing what they think is right, don’t really mean it is truly right, some may look at those who except Jesus and look at them as weird,  but the really weird ones are the ones that don’t truly believe in Jesus Christ, Jesus is the son of God, who created this planet and all of Mankind, Jesus came to us and walked his path of his journey, just like all of us do in our lives, the difference is that he showed us just what the path of righteousness is all about, he showed us just how our love of ourselves can spread the good throughout any Society and those who rebelled against this love, are the ones that bring this hatred and evil to any Society.

We all suffer a loss and grieve in our own way, we also suffer different life events that come to us along our paths, when these things happen to us, we then pray to Jesus to help us through these tough times, but when he doesn’t communicate back with us, we then lose this faith and belief in him and God, what we don’t realize is that Jesus doesn’t talk directly with us, he sends these signs for us to see, but we never look for these signs cause we don’t understand of what to truly see, cause these events have clouded our minds in ways we don’t understand, we then try to move forward on our paths in ways we think is the right way, but what we are really doing is becoming someone we truly are not, only because we have lost that true connection of Jesus Christ and what the path of righteousness really is.

When we have total faith and belief in Jesus Christ, understand what to see when he sends us these signs, we will always know where this path of righteousness is, it is not just any path of which we choose, it is a path that keeps us in touch with our true selves, lets us feel the warmth of Jesus within our hearts and souls, which is his love filling our bodies, so we than can love ourselves correctly, when we love ourselves then this same love spreads throughout our Society and all the good flows through the Society, like a mountain stream flows down a mountain constantly and fluently, we all have certain events happen to us along our journey, when we understand better of the why and never lose the faith and belief in Jesus, we will always know where to find the path of righteousness, so we all can walk our paths along our journey of life in peace and love of one another.

” Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ, being with our families, so this love of selves can then spread throughout Society, with all the good coming to each of us”

” With true faith and belief in Jesus Christ, we will always see his signs he sends us from our prayers”

” Christmas is the birth of Jesus and doesn’t end in one day, it is a journey like all our journeys through life”

To find our purpose is a great delight.

When God told the Prophet Isiah that he was his delight, it took some time to figure out exactly what he meant, we are all in the eyes of God his delight and when we find our true purpose in life along our journey, we to will know just what God meant by ” your my delight”.

There is nobody that can explain this delight, or even knowing what your true purpose is, but as you discover your true purpose in life, God will fill your heart and soul with warmth, as this is his love filling your entire body.

We all enter this World in the same way, we all take different paths through this life that is of our choosing, what we think and what others may tell us of our purpose, is not really what finding your purpose really is, some of us never find what our true purpose is, some may find out but at a time when our journey is almost over, well there may be some that find their true purpose what seems like right away, when we do find our true purpose, this is God speaking to us in prayer.

What really is prayer? What do we say in prayer? Why doesn’t God talk back to me? Is God real? You see these questions, these are questions we all think but we never ask them, well if you don’t ask the question than how do you arrive at the true answer? Yes I did say the true answer, cause we are all guilty of making up an answer, just to fill the void of a question. Prayer is our own private conversation with God, to have this chat with God we need total hope and faith he is real and the way we have this hope and faith is, God never answers you back, but he does sends us signs to see and it is us that will see these signs, so we can than continue our conversation with God by our prayers, prayers are very powerful to all of us, but to truly feel their power, we need to truly believe in the Lord God and like the Wreath of the Advent season, we need the total hope, faith, rejoice, love and Christ, so that the power of prayer, can truly work for us as they are suppose to work.

As we walk our paths of our journey of life, we are like the Explorer’s that came here first, as we are searching and exploring everyday, we are searching for our true purpose in life, so as we walk our paths along our journey, we can do so better and stronger and have the confidence to handle anything that comes our way, prayer is that form of communication that is direct with God, so he can give us signs that will guide us to finding that true purpose, then as we find it we can feel that warmth of God’s love filling our hearts and souls, as God fills us with his love, we will then know what is meant by, God telling the Prophet Isiah that he was his delight.

” the true delight has nothing to do with what you eat, for it is about God feeding us with his words and his love”

” we all may have our own way of praying, as God answers us all with the same signs throughout our lives”

” when you find your true purpose in life, you may find it on a very different path of which you started your journey”

The true signs within life………

The true signs of life are around us everywhere and wherever we turn, these are not the signs we see telling us where to go as we drive our car, not even signs of our favorite shops or eating establishments, the signs I am talking about, are always there but we have to want to see them, in order to truly be guided along our path of our journey of life.

Things happen to us for a reason, instead of getting depressed or making these things control who we are, look at it as a sign from God, telling us that, we need to change what we are becoming, so we can get off the track we are on and get back on the track of righteousness, a lot of times we don;t see these signs, because we become so clouded in our judgements that we don’t want to see anything except what troubles us and feeling sorry for ourselves.

Life has these true signs all around us, it’s God’s way of helping us see who we really are and guiding us to the path of righteousness, some may not truly believe in God, cause they can’t see him, but the fact is he is always there, he is within the souls of each one of us, that feeling of warmth you feel from time to time, that is God warming our hearts with his love, we may be  blessed with having some really good people around us, that is God putting these people close to us, to help us stay true to ourselves, sometimes we take advantage of these people but they always stay close to us at times of need no matter what, this is God’s sign to us that we are not alone and to fix ourselves to be better, we do need to forgive ourselves and reach out for help, we are not perfect as much as we want to think we are, we all need to reach out so we can be better and stronger along our paths of our journey of life.

Signs don’t have to tell us where to go and show us the direction of our travels as we live our lives, true signs are ways for us to be better in our lives everyday, as we walk our paths along our journey, when something happens to us that gets us down with troubles that overwhelm us, instead of getting depressed and becoming something we are not, just simply look deep within yourself and truly feel the love of God within you, so you can see the true life signs and reach out in ways that helps you change, so you can get back on the path of righteousness, to become stronger and better on your path of your journey of life.

” A true sign don’t tell you a direction to turn on the road as you drive, they help you see your true self and become a better person in your life”

” True signs have to be seen with your heart and felt within your soul, so you can truly change to become better and stronger”

The true Santa Claus of Christmas

The true Santa Claus like everything else we experience throughout our journey of life has changed and the meaning of Santa just isn’t the same as in generations past, I remember as a child waking up on Christmas morning with wide eyes as I ran downstairs to see the gifts that Santa brought, now a days the Parents aren’t as secretive when it comes to wrapping the gifts and putting them under the tree for their children, the children are figuring out at earlier ages that there is no Santa which ruins the true spirit of Christmas.

The true spirit of Santa and what Christmas is suppose to be, is for all of us as Humans to show our love of one another, being nice to each other 100% of the time, so Santa will bring us gifts on Christmas day and when we are naughty, he brings us either a lump of coal, or simply nothing at all.

Somewhere throughout the Different Societies that have come and walked their paths of their journey of life, we have swayed away from being nice to each other and showing our love of one another, we have become surrounded with all this hate of each other which has clouded all our judgements and has turned us into something we truly are not.

Yes there is still a lot of good amongst us, just that we have focused way to much on the ugly, that we have changed ourselves into something we are not, we have become self centered and only care of ourselves, to try to protect ourselves from all the hatred and ugliness that is around us, it takes more work on our part to try to protect ourselves from the ugly, than it does to just simply love each other everyday of our lives, this love is always within our souls and is who we are as Humans, as God wanted us to show this of each other always, so we can be better and stronger on our paths of our journey of life.

The true Santa Claus is within all of us and when we show this love of one another, Santa Claus will always live on throughout Mankind no matter which generation you come from, this is a special time of year, I understand we all go through some life events that force us to being something we are not and become depressed this time of year, but if we just learn to forgive ourselves and each other, show this love of ourselves to each other, not just at Christmas time, but everyday of the year, we all can be happy and walk our paths of our journey through life in peace, while we become stronger and better from generation to generation and from Society to Society.

” Santa Claus is always real, as he lives deep within the being of each of us”

” It is easier to share our love of one another, than it is to be hateful of one another”

” Santa Claus is to the children, when we all share our love of one another”