The power of the music that is around us everyday of our lives…….


” Music has the power to influence us in all we do, throughout our paths of our Journey of life”.

Just like everything else we encounter on our paths of our journey, music has it’s good as well as its bad, but what all music does is inspires us at everything we do throughout life.

There are songs we may not hear for a while, but when we hear them they bring us back to a place in our lives, whether its a happy place or a sad place, depends on the Individual? Most of us never make a connection to the music we listen to, we just listen cause we like the beat, what music truly does is inspire us in ways we can’t explain, whatever kind of mood we are in, there is a song or melody that will help us through whatever we are going through, with all the different kinds of Genre of music out there, there is a song for everybody, there is a melody for everybody, music is an extension of us as Human beings, as it is us as Humans that write the songs we listen to.

Making a connection to a certain kind of music, or maybe a certain song we have heard, goes a lot deeper than just turning on the radio station, we listen to certain songs cause it makes us feel good when we are feeling lousy, but there are kinds of music and so called songs that do nothing but promote anger and violence, these kind of songs or the lack of the word song, are not real songs, as they are just noise that occupy our minds for a short time, no matter what kind of music you listen to, it will inspire you whether the inspiration is out of good or bad, is all up to each one of us as Individuals and Humans that walk a path along our journey of life.

Music is a very powerful device that inspires us in all we do throughout Society, just like we watch a TV show, these shows are just that a show, they are there to entertain us while we watch, but they are all a fake reality that we take to seriously sometimes, some shows may be based on reality, but they to are just a show, that is there to entertain us and full of drama to keep us into that show for how ever long that show airs to us all, TV shows and music are very powerful devices that are there to help us feel good when we need it most, but the bottom line to either of them is that they entertain us, it is when we let them consume us, that we go over the edge from healthy to being addicted and trying to live fake reality as real reality.

Music unlike TV shows will inspire us, in more ways than we will ever know and even when we don’t realize it, no matter what Genre you listen to, all music will inspire even more so than any TV show, no matter where your from and say you don’t watch any TV shows, you still listen to music wherever you are, music can be made anywhere and with anything, like hitting two sticks together to make a beat, then all you do is create words to go with that beat and now you have a song, it is the words that are created and added to the right beat, that truly becomes and inspiration to us all, as we walk our paths along our Journey of life.

” music is an inspiration and very powerful form of expression of ourselves to others”

” music can be upbeat or it can soothe us, it all depends on us as an Individual and whatever mood we are in”

” music is around us in all we do, which shows the power it has on us and the effect certain Genre’s have to each of us”

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