Have we truly lost the true meaning of the word love?


Within this fast paced Society of today, where everybody thinks everything needs to be done now, but yet no one has the patience to stop and look at what is around them, we have lost the true meaning of the word Love, we throw this word around at everything, like passing candy out at a candy store, when we see a movie at a cinema we say we love that movie instead of I like that movie, we go buy a new car and say we love that car, not liking the car seems to not be good enough? everything we do and say we love, which proves further that we have lost the true meaning of the word love.

When Jesus came to us and walked his journey, he showed us just what love really means, it is not a word to just throw around at everything, the true meaning of the word is to truly care of anything/everyone around you, Jesus also showed us that to truly love something, you have to care deeply for that something and deeply within the heart, not just superficially on the outside, as a couple gets married today and say they love each other, then in a short time end up divorcing each other, was it really love? True love is to truly care for that special someone or something in your life.

We have the Ebola crisis that started over in Africa, which is now spreading throughout the world, most of us are panicking of this deadly disease, but a small percentage of us, are going in to help these people who have the disease, some may say it’s suicide to be around them, but what it truly is, the fact they care to help their fellow man and are showing true love of their fellow neighbor, this is what Love truly means, not listening to a song on the radio and saying you love that song.

With this word love being thrown around as it is today in this fast paced Society, shows just how out of touch we are with true empathy of ourselves and each other, with true empathy comes caring and love of one another, instead of looking at each other as an object, we are all Human and we all have feelings, it’s when we don’t care of one another, that we lose sight of the empathy, which takes away the true meaning of the word love, it’s when we look at each other as an object, when we don’t care of each other and hurt each other deeply in ways we don’t want to really see, hence all the hatred we see around us today.

When we love something is to truly care for that something, when we show true empathy of something, shows we truly care for and love for that something, without the caring and empathy you can’t truly love anything, this is the message that Jesus showed us with his actions, as he came and walked his journey with us, in this Society of today we have lost sight of this message and only see each other as an object, which explains all the hurt and the hatred around us, love is more than just a word, it is a word that when used correctly is the most powerful feeling we can ever feel as a Human Being, it is a word that when used correctly by all of us as Humans, we will see no more hate or hurt of one another, when this true love flows from our hearts, this entire planet Earth will be that of good, with no more room for the Evil around us.

” the word love is more powerful than we use it today, when used correctly can make real change very effective”

” to love anything you have to first show empathy and care deeply for that something”

” without true empathy and without caring deeply within the heart, you can not have true love of anything or anyone”

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