The Fire that burns within us all…….


We all as Humans have a fire that burns deep within us, this is the drive that pushes us to succeed on our paths of our Journey’s of life.

This fire never blows out or gets extinguished, but it may become cooled from the different life events that may cross our paths, these events will effect us in ways we can’t explain, cause we let them control every fiber of our being, they will make us act in ways we normally would not,   but yet if we only learned and understood better these events, just maybe these events wouldn’t control us, so this drive of the fire within us, would keep on burning and we all can succeed on our paths of our journey of life.

We are all afraid of fire, as the fire we are familiar with destroys everything around us, but what we tend to forget is this fire within us, only helps us stay in control of ourselves and drives us along our paths of our journey, this fire is deep within the core of our spirit and operates in ways we don’t understand, cause with the help of these events and this fast paced society we live today, we lose sight of our journey, we lose direction of the path we are walking and the fire that burns within us, gets covered as we lose the drive to succeed and then wander aimlessly along our journey.

” The real fire isn’t hot at all, as it is deep within the core of all of us as Human Beings”

” The burn of the fire is really the drive that helps us succeed in anything we do on the paths of our journey of life”

” We get one shot at walking our journey, let the fire burn and give us the drive to succeed along that journey”

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