To look at something as an object, is not really seeing the true value of that something

” Within this Society of fast paced and wanting everything now, we all get caught up in the objectifying of everything around us, including of each other”.

When we objectify we can’t really see the true worth of what we see, for instance when we look at each other, we judge each other by what’s on the outside instead of really getting a true judgement of what’s inside all of us, we all put up this fake portrayal on the outside, cause we all try to protect ourselves from further harm that may come to us, yes it’s true. we all have been harmed at some point in our lives and is why we move forward with this rough exterior, with this rough exterior always comes with a softer side that is deep within us, just that we don’t show it and hide it in order to protect ourselves from further harm.

Nobody ever wants to show weakness, cause in weakness comes further harm to us, so we hide within ourselves to protect ourselves from this harm, then in a Society of fast paced which all of us are guilty of, we don’t take the time to look deeper inside each other, to better understand each other, instead we judge each other by appearance and objectify each other to minimize all our deeper pains, through all this judging and objectifying, nobody is truly being themselves, nor are we being true to each other, we all hurt deep inside and by whatever has happened to us as we grew into this Society, but instead of hiding within ourselves and compounding our problems, we need to learn and better understand the effects of judging and objectifying has on each other, so we all can be better and stronger on our paths of our Journey of life.

The biggest thing that needs to change in this Society, is that all the advertising companies use sex as a way to get your attention and sell a product, they create an ad with a person wearing the skimpiest of clothes to try to get your attention? all this really does is add to us objectifying each other even further, we look at the person as an object, instead of looking deeper and seeing this person as a person, that has feelings and emotions and a family as we all do.

Another way that we have become a Society of objectification, is the true face to face contact that has been taken from us by all the social media sites out there, we all hide behind our computers or our techy devices, instead of actually going out and being social and chatting with each other, we have lost the true meaning of what “being social” really is, because when you type a text, or a message to someone, you just can’t see the true feelings and emotions that the person is showing, nor as that person can’t see your true feelings and emotions as well hence the term “fake reality”, we may say it is more convenient to just text or message someone, but in reality it is nothing but pure laziness and a lack of respect of each other, that does nothing but lead into our objectifying of each other, so we don’t look at each other as a true person, with true feelings and emotions.

” To view something as an object, you can’t truly see the true beauty of what lies inside what you see”

” Social media can’t be truly social, cause you can never see the true feelings and emotions of what your seeing”

” The judgement we make on the outside, will never be the same as what we see on the inside”

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