The work may be hard, but the reward makes the work well worth it

Within this Society of ” all about me” and fast paced I need it now mentality, we have become lazy and not willing to put in the work, so we can receive the reward.

To walk our paths along our Journey of life, there is no easy way around, no matter how you look at it, even all these get rich quick schemes that are out there, you still need to apply yourself and do some work, in order to reap the rewards, not to mention that most of them are a scam, all our personal lives we live also don’t come easy and come with much work in order to live our lives, we see some living the plush and exotic lifestyle, but what we don’t see is, these same people working their tails off, so they can live their plush and exotic lifestyles.

Nothing in life comes easy, even our freedom to live our lives don’t come without putting in the work, I get the fact we all want to live the good life and be free to receive the rewards, but in order to do this we need to first do the work to receive the rewards.

Work is not just for the reward of living the plush exotic lifestyle, when you work hard you receive more than the rewards of a good life, you also get respect and praise of those around you as well, which in the long hard journey of life, means more than any reward you may receive in your life.

Work builds character, it also makes you better and stronger, for whatever comes across your path of your journey of life, the saying goes, ” don’t work harder, work smarter”, I say ” if you put in the the work as hard as you can, it makes you smarter to anything that comes across your path in life”.

Work is something we all take advantage of, we expect to get paid for our time, we all want to get paid, but nobody wants to put in the work for that pay anymore, we expect everything to be given to us and all we want to do is party, if you just lay around and wait for things to come, than your life becomes a wasted life and nothing ever comes to you, if you want it bad enough, you will find a way to work hard, in order to get what you want, when you become bored in life and from laying around without work, you then become bitter of everything around you and will do anything, including being someone you are not, in order to get what others have, without work we lose our self worth and self esteem, the two biggest things that give us the drive to succeed and live our lives as we want, life isn’t easy and takes a lot of hard work to do it right, without doing the work we become complacent and lazy, which makes our path along our journey of life much harder than it really needs to be.

” if you put in the work as hard as you can, it makes you smarter to anything that may cross your path in life”

” without the work we become complacent and lazy, with the work we get rewarded in so many ways that we don’t even realize”

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