The real Trauma of our Society, within our Society

We may think of trauma as something that brings us to a hospital emergency room, for emergency medical treatment?

True Trauma of our Society happens in ways we have no clue of truly understanding it, it is what happens within our own bodies from the actions of the life events, that may happen to us throughout our Journey of life, this trauma could be a lot of things including, our very own soldiers that go fight for our freedom, so we here can enjoy our journey through life where we live, these soldiers while fighting the fight where ever they may be, they see a lot of things they normally would never see, they aim a weapon of destruction at another Human being and pull a trigger to kill that human, they see things that mess them up in the Psyche of their heads, then when they come back and we ignore them, tell them get over it there is nothing wrong with you?

You have other Humans within our own neighborhoods, because of the broken homes of which they were raised, think nothing of getting revenge on another, just because that person looked at them the wrong way?

You also have people of authority, that abuse their authority, just to have a feeling of control over others, then expect those people to bow at their every wish?

With all the crap that happens every day of our lives and within our community, no wonder why our Society is broken and in need of a desperate fix, but the way we are trying to fix the problems is the wrong way, we need to better understand the true meaning of trauma and what it is doing to all of our psyche’s.

This Trauma I speak of, is turning all of us against each other and forcing us to move forward full of hate, instead of full of love of one another, the trauma of the ones creating the chaos, will not be fixed by locking them up and keeping them from the rest of us, as this will only make the trauma fester within them stronger than ever, they need to be treated for the trauma by a specialist that will get to the root of the trauma and correct it, so the trauma can’t hurt anybody anywhere forever, this trauma isn’t just a superficial wound, this wound goes deep within the core of all of us as Humans.

Trauma happens to all of us everyday of our lives, we don’t acknowledge this trauma cause we simply don’t understand it, so we than move forward without addressing the trauma, in order to proceed like there is nothing wrong and we don’t want to show others around us we are weak, but when things happen to us, we need to communicate what we don’t understand, so we can be better and stronger moving forward on our paths of our journey of life, when we are better and stronger, then our Society becomes better and stronger, for all that live within that Society.

Trauma isn’t just a visit to the hospital for a superficial wound, trauma is deep within all of us and how we react to a situation that happens to us, that may end up making us do things we normally would never do, cause we don’t take the time to understand the trauma that has happened to us, Trauma could be small, it also could be big, but it is a trauma cause we let it fester inside us, til one day we do things we normally would never do, as we don’t take the time to understand it and communicate better of the trauma, in order to truly fix it, so this trauma won’t affect us or others around us in any way, shape or form.

” Trauma is more than a superficial wound, it affects us deep within the core of our being”

” To truly understand trauma will help us all move forward on our paths of our Journey of life”

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