Mayor Menino was more than a Mayor…….

Mayor Thomas Menino might of been the Mayor of the city of Boston, but to a Human Being of this Society here on this planet Earth, he was a great man and one that should be looked up to and looked at as a role model for all to try to achieve in being like

Have we truly lost the true meaning of the word love?

Within this fast paced Society of today, where everybody thinks everything needs to be done now, but yet no one has the patience to stop and look at what is around them, we have lost the true meaning of the word Love, we throw this word around at everything, like passing candy out at a

The Road less traveled

The road less traveled is only that way cause we don’t travel that road, in life we get caught up in the have to be there now mentality, we get stuck in the comfortable daily and safe routine, we like familiarity and what others are doing for success on their path, we are afraid to

We are all Humans within this Society…….

To set the scene, this picture is of the Charles river in Boston, ma. Overlooking the dome at MIT college in Cambridge, this picture was taken on a happy night with 1000’s of other Humans coming together, for the fourth of July fireworks, people along the shores and people out on their boats, none the

The Fire that burns within us all…….

We all as Humans have a fire that burns deep within us, this is the drive that pushes us to succeed on our paths of our Journey’s of life. This fire never blows out or gets extinguished, but it may become cooled from the different life events that may cross our paths, these events will

To stand alone, doesn’t mean to be lonely…..

When we take a trek through the outdoors, do we see what we are really looking at? At first glance of this picture, you see a single tree, with no fellow branches and no leaves, at first glance you think it is cool? then you see bigger trees in the background that are full of

The Bridge with Serenity make for a great combination

Bridges were made to get across gaps, that otherwise would have us taking the long way around, there are many bridges throughout this planet Earth, but none more important than the bridges on our paths of our Journey of life. When we chose our paths to walk on our Journey, there are many gaps that

Branches of the tree’s are like the paths of our Journey throughout life.

Most who take pictures of the outdoors, look and say ” cool this would be a great picture”, but as I saw this and captured in a picture shot, my mind said to me ” now this is a great picture, that looks deep into the paths we travel, along our journey in life”. What

You see Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire, I see….well here goes

   Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, New Hampshire is one of the most hiked mountains in the world, as someone who have hiked it many times, it is a very fun hike and a hike that is a prelude to bigger mountains, I have hiked many mountains here on my journey I walk on this planet

The work may be hard, but the reward makes the work well worth it

Within this Society of ” all about me” and fast paced I need it now mentality, we have become lazy and not willing to put in the work, so we can receive the reward. To walk our paths along our Journey of life, there is no easy way around, no matter how you look at

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