Mayor Menino was more than a Mayor…….


Mayor Thomas Menino might of been the Mayor of the city of Boston, but to a Human Being of this Society here on this planet Earth, he was a great man and one that should be looked up to and looked at as a role model for all to try to achieve in being like him.

Mayor Menino was the Mayor of Boston for 20 years, the longest tenure of any Mayor of the City’s past, he gave everything to the city and the people out of the love from his heart, he loved his job, he loved his role in the community and he loved meeting with all the citizens of the city everyday of his tenure, Mayor Menino had great support around him in his Wife and family, which made his love of people flourish even that much more, if we all had just 10% of Mayor Menino’s qualities inside us, this Society and all the Planet would be a better place to live, with more love of each other instead of all the hatred that is out there.

Mayor Menino was a great man as now he is sitting in heaven with God and Jesus, may he rest in peace after all the great work he did here on Earth, prayer’s and thoughts go out to all his family and his friends, as Mr. Menino had plenty of them, Mayor Menino was a great leader and helped rejuvenate the city of Boston in many ways, as someone that lived in the city while in college at the time he first came in as Mayor, to reflect on that time to present time, he has changed the city for the better in many ways,  he also treated everybody around him with respect and dignity no matter who you were, he never judged you by the way you looked on the outside, as he always saw what was on the inside and helped in any way that he could, as a great leader he knew just how to lead properly and when he needed he ruled with an iron fist, but always did it while showing you dignity and respect.

Mayor Menino was always a Human Being first and the Mayor second, with all the Boston sports teams and their championships, it was he that had the idea of the rolling rallies with the duck boats, well I say give the Mayor one last look at the city he built and changed, by giving him a ride on the duck boats through the streets of Boston, so he can have one last look of the city he loved and the people of Boston can have one last look at the Mayor they loved and held dear.

Mayor Menino may you rest in peace, as you look down on the city you loved so dearly and see the fruits of your labor prosper, as the people you love keep your memory strong in all they do, just as a true Bostonian would do in the name of #bostonstrong.

P.S. Please say hello to Martin, Linzi, Crystal and Officer Collier, let them know we all think of them often and we will never forget in our prayers.

” Mayor Menino was a great man, that put his love of his job and the city he ran for 20 years, above all else, cause he believed in everybody regardless of who you were”

” The legacy of Mayor Menino would be of, when you treat people with respect and dignity, the love will pour like water out of a faucet, with no room for any kind of hatred at all”

Have we truly lost the true meaning of the word love?


Within this fast paced Society of today, where everybody thinks everything needs to be done now, but yet no one has the patience to stop and look at what is around them, we have lost the true meaning of the word Love, we throw this word around at everything, like passing candy out at a candy store, when we see a movie at a cinema we say we love that movie instead of I like that movie, we go buy a new car and say we love that car, not liking the car seems to not be good enough? everything we do and say we love, which proves further that we have lost the true meaning of the word love.

When Jesus came to us and walked his journey, he showed us just what love really means, it is not a word to just throw around at everything, the true meaning of the word is to truly care of anything/everyone around you, Jesus also showed us that to truly love something, you have to care deeply for that something and deeply within the heart, not just superficially on the outside, as a couple gets married today and say they love each other, then in a short time end up divorcing each other, was it really love? True love is to truly care for that special someone or something in your life.

We have the Ebola crisis that started over in Africa, which is now spreading throughout the world, most of us are panicking of this deadly disease, but a small percentage of us, are going in to help these people who have the disease, some may say it’s suicide to be around them, but what it truly is, the fact they care to help their fellow man and are showing true love of their fellow neighbor, this is what Love truly means, not listening to a song on the radio and saying you love that song.

With this word love being thrown around as it is today in this fast paced Society, shows just how out of touch we are with true empathy of ourselves and each other, with true empathy comes caring and love of one another, instead of looking at each other as an object, we are all Human and we all have feelings, it’s when we don’t care of one another, that we lose sight of the empathy, which takes away the true meaning of the word love, it’s when we look at each other as an object, when we don’t care of each other and hurt each other deeply in ways we don’t want to really see, hence all the hatred we see around us today.

When we love something is to truly care for that something, when we show true empathy of something, shows we truly care for and love for that something, without the caring and empathy you can’t truly love anything, this is the message that Jesus showed us with his actions, as he came and walked his journey with us, in this Society of today we have lost sight of this message and only see each other as an object, which explains all the hurt and the hatred around us, love is more than just a word, it is a word that when used correctly is the most powerful feeling we can ever feel as a Human Being, it is a word that when used correctly by all of us as Humans, we will see no more hate or hurt of one another, when this true love flows from our hearts, this entire planet Earth will be that of good, with no more room for the Evil around us.

” the word love is more powerful than we use it today, when used correctly can make real change very effective”

” to love anything you have to first show empathy and care deeply for that something”

” without true empathy and without caring deeply within the heart, you can not have true love of anything or anyone”

The Road less traveled


The road less traveled is only that way cause we don’t travel that road,

in life we get caught up in the have to be there now mentality,

we get stuck in the comfortable daily and safe routine,

we like familiarity and what others are doing for success on their path,

we are afraid to venture of the beaten path where we know we are safe,

we travel roads we know so we avoid the unknown and all it’s activity,

we get caught a lot going with the flow of others instead of starting fresh and clean,

we are afraid to get dirty on the road less traveled then having to take a bath,

when we stay in our comfort zone then we don’t worry of becoming chafed,

mostly we get lazy and stay the road most traveled cause we don’t know how to change the code.

We are all born into this World and all of us have started our paths of our Journey on an unknown road, as we grow within our families and in our communities, we learn of where our comfort and safe zones are, then as we grow further we will have some kind of life event happen, it is part of life and what makes us who we are, the problem lies within these events, as some are extremely difficult to overcome and others can be very easy, these events can change who we are and control our whole being if we let them, these events will turn us into something we are not and make it hard to do anything that is unknown to us, so we then stay on the road we know to be comfortable and safe.

What we don’t realize is, as we stay on the road most traveled, we are not living up to our potential and exploring every option that may cross our paths within life, we get stuck in our comfort zone which protects us from any further pain and harm that may come to us, by going down the road less traveled, we not only will have turns and bumps like the other road, we will also learn further of our potential and help us widen our comfort zone, to make us even more safe than our narrow zone we have lived with.

God created all Mankind, not for us to become someone we are not, or not to explore and become better and stronger from society to society, he put these events in place as a test, not for us us to be stuck on our path along our journey, but to constantly learn to be better and stronger, also not for us to live in solitude, but to be free to live and coincide with each other, so we all can help each other be better and stronger, so all of society can be free to explore all the roads less traveled, there is no road along our journey, that will be without twists and turns, we just have to learn to adjust, better understand these events, so the road less traveled will then be as beautiful as all the other roads we travel everyday.

” sometimes in life the road less traveled, is just as beautiful as the road mostly traveled”

” all roads will have twists and turns, we have to adjust to widen our comfort zone”

We are all Humans within this Society…….


To set the scene, this picture is of the Charles river in Boston, ma. Overlooking the dome at MIT college in Cambridge, this picture was taken on a happy night with 1000’s of other Humans coming together, for the fourth of July fireworks, people along the shores and people out on their boats, none the less, many people coming together to enjoy a great show.

This is what “Freedom” is all about, being free to do, enjoy and have great fun as you wish, this freedom came with a great price and this price was what we celebrate and the meaning of what the fourth of July really stands for, the ones that fought for this freedom,  were not just someones brother, sister, son, or daughter, they to were Humans like the rest of us, they were also very brave for standing up to other Humans, that were trying to take this freedom from us, without reservation they left their loved ones, so the rest of us can enjoy the freedom’s we have today.

There may be some on this Planet that may try to disrupt this freedom and will stop at nothing to keep us from enjoying what ever we want to enjoy, these Individuals are either within a group, or are operating solely on their own, but what they have in common are, they are all Terrorists and will do anything to have the rest of us show the feeling of fear, these Terrorists may be within a group or operate as an Individual, but what they all are equally, is ” Mentally Deranged Individuals”, that will do what ever they have to in order to create this fear in all of us, so they can have a feeling of power, hiding their true pains and harms that have hurt them in their past.

Whether you want to use the word Terrorist, or the word Bully? They are both the same and will do what ever they have to, in order to create this fear in the rest of us, so they can have a feeling of power over all, no matter how you look at it, we are all Humans living on this God created planet Earth, we all suffer some sort of “life event” along our path of our journey in life, just that the Bully or the Terrorist, bury all their true feelings and emotions and lash out on the rest of us, to try to keep us from enjoying our freedoms, that we worked very hard to achieve.

This group called ISIS that we all hear about through the news, is a whole different breed of Bully/Terrorist, they are using social media to recruit, prey and brainwash the weak within our Society, they are so radical, that all their views have become so distorted, that they don’t believe in anything except killing everything that don’t buy into their ways and creating so much fear in us, that we are afraid to enjoy our freedoms, as bad as this group is, they are Humans within this Society just as we all are, if you look back in a time before Jesus walked his Journey, there have been plenty of radicals like ISIS that stop at nothing to create fear in others, so they can get all the power, their views were also distorted in ways we can’t explain, well it’s time to understand this distorted way of these Bullies/Terrorists, so we can all get back to walking our paths along our journey of life, in peace, love and be free to enjoy the freedom that our brave Individuals, fought for throughout all Mankind.

” A Terrorist is the same as a Bully in that they inflict fear in all of us, so they can have more power”

” No matter who you are, we are all Humans on this God created planet, that need to coincide with each other, to live in peace while showing love of one another”

” Freedom is never free, it always comes with a great price”

The Fire that burns within us all…….


We all as Humans have a fire that burns deep within us, this is the drive that pushes us to succeed on our paths of our Journey’s of life.

This fire never blows out or gets extinguished, but it may become cooled from the different life events that may cross our paths, these events will effect us in ways we can’t explain, cause we let them control every fiber of our being, they will make us act in ways we normally would not,   but yet if we only learned and understood better these events, just maybe these events wouldn’t control us, so this drive of the fire within us, would keep on burning and we all can succeed on our paths of our journey of life.

We are all afraid of fire, as the fire we are familiar with destroys everything around us, but what we tend to forget is this fire within us, only helps us stay in control of ourselves and drives us along our paths of our journey, this fire is deep within the core of our spirit and operates in ways we don’t understand, cause with the help of these events and this fast paced society we live today, we lose sight of our journey, we lose direction of the path we are walking and the fire that burns within us, gets covered as we lose the drive to succeed and then wander aimlessly along our journey.

” The real fire isn’t hot at all, as it is deep within the core of all of us as Human Beings”

” The burn of the fire is really the drive that helps us succeed in anything we do on the paths of our journey of life”

” We get one shot at walking our journey, let the fire burn and give us the drive to succeed along that journey”

To stand alone, doesn’t mean to be lonely…..


When we take a trek through the outdoors, do we see what we are really looking at?

At first glance of this picture, you see a single tree, with no fellow branches and no leaves, at first glance you think it is cool? then you see bigger trees in the background that are full of life and very vibrant, smaller trees and plant life in the fore-ground, with a little stream that has an Otter swimming in it, still thinking how cool this picture would be, but then as you look deeper into the scene, while taking in the serenity and peacefulness of what your seeing, makes you think of all life of your own and others around you.

Life is full of so much beauty and we as Humans throughout Mankind, have taken so much of it for granted, we look at things superficially without really looking deeper at what we see, we look at scenes like this picture and only see what we see, but we never look at these scenes as the trees and plant life are also living and breathing on this planet, much the same like we as Humans, just as the plant life changes, we as Humans change as well, just that a lot of times we resist the change and the plant life goes with the flow of nature, so they can rejuvenate and be better, to be once again vibrant on their journey here on Earth.

We as Humans throughout our Journey’s, go through more changes than we want to acknowledge, we get lost along our Journey from different life events that happen to us, sometimes these events are minor, but a lot of times they effect us in ways we can’t explain, so we then bury them deep within us, to hide the pain and harm that has come to us, then we move forward on our journey, while we become something we truly are not and resisting change in any way, to keep harm of any kind from bringing us pain again, this resisting of change is also known as “denial”, we deny these events so we can try to forget them and keep the pain and harm from hurting us anymore.

This tree in the middle of the picture, is a living breathing part of the plant life here on Earth, true it looks lonely there in the middle of such vibrancy,  but it is far from lonely if you look deeply into the picture, as even the trees and the plant life will have many changes like we as Humans, all change is good when it is done in the right way, change only becomes bad when we don’t acknowledge it and make the changes for the wrong reasons, we as Humans have all been this tree at some point in our lives, just that we become depressed and isolate ourselves from everything around us, the tree excepts the change so it can once again become vibrant like all the other plant life around it.

” change is good when done correctly, change is bad when we don’t except it and become something we are not”

” don’t just see the beauty of the outdoors, look deeply into what you see”

” there is so much to learn from the outdoor world, we just have look deep into it and not just see what is in front of us”

The Bridge with Serenity make for a great combination


Bridges were made to get across gaps, that otherwise would have us taking the long way around, there are many bridges throughout this planet Earth, but none more important than the bridges on our paths of our Journey of life.

When we chose our paths to walk on our Journey, there are many gaps that we need bridges to help us cross them, there are also many obstacles for us to need a bridge to help us across, but most of the time we get knocked around by the obstacles and cross the bridge without realizing of the bridges direction of which we just crossed, sometimes we let the paths control us, because of the obstacles and life events that happen to us, but if we stay true to ourselves and cross the right bridge, the path of our journey of life, will always be that of good and keep us walking a path of righteousness.

A bridge is one tool we use to walk our paths in life, we have many tools to use that we take for granted like the bridge, cause we let ourselves get caught up in the fast paced Society that consumes us all today, we simply cross the bridge only cause it’s convenient to do so, instead of realizing why it is actually there for? Bridges are there on our paths to make our Journey’s easier, so we can be free to love ourselves and those around us and make our journeys in life better and stronger for a safe trip on our path of our Journey of life.

Some bridges are made on paths less traveled, some bridges are made on paths more traveled than we thought they would be, which leads to erosion and makes the bridge become brittle, just as we become brittle from a rough path on our journey, the bridge also needs fixing at time of need, without the bridge we than have to take the long way around to our destination, bridges are an important tool for us to walk a safe path along our journey of life and they also help us cross gaps just for a safe voyage on our trips in life as well.

The bridges of less traveled are bridges where serenity and peace are the main topic, they are in the middle of nowhere and makes you wonder how they got there? These bridges brings us to places of serenity and peace, so we can think and unwind from a fast paced Society that consumes us now, these bridges in the middle of nowhere, may stand for an eternity cause they are on paths less traveled and are built to withstand the weather and everything that may cross them, these bridges bring us to a place where other species of the animal kingdom roam freely, they share this planet with us Humans and we need to understand that, so we can coincide with them as well as with other Humans along our path of our Journey of life.

” all paths wherever we go have their obstacles and turns, its the bridges along our path that help us walk our paths along our journey, in peace and safety”

” a bridge less traveled is just as important as a bridge well traveled”

” don’t take any bridge for granted and always cross having a good sense of direction along your path of your journey”

Branches of the tree’s are like the paths of our Journey throughout life.


Most who take pictures of the outdoors, look and say ” cool this would be a great picture”, but as I saw this and captured in a picture shot, my mind said to me ” now this is a great picture, that looks deep into the paths we travel, along our journey in life”.

What I truly saw as I snapped the picture was, a group of tree’s with colored leaves on them and in the center was a tree with the leaves that have fallen from it, showing all the different ways the branches grow, which got me thinking of all the different paths along our journey of life, true the paths are endless as we walk our journey’s and it is us as an Individual that chose a path to follow on our own journey, it is also true that the path we chose can change as we walk it, it can either sprout a new path or growth like a branch on a tree, or it can break off as the path gets worn, like the branch on an old tree.

In some ways the branches of the tree and we as humans, who walk a path on our journey, are similar, just as each branch has a cross branch from each other, so does the crossroads of our paths and move in a different direction from each other, each branch changes over time, much like our paths of our journey, some paths show erosion and wear over time, just as a branch shows how old it is, by how brittle it becomes and then breaks off to the ground below.

Change happens to everything and anything around us including us as Humans, most of the time we either don’t notice the change, or we just simply ignore the change, but a lot of the times we just don’t except the change and try to move forward along the paths of our journey, when we do this we simply miss out on all the true beauty within us and around us, on this God created planet in which we live.

Within this Society of fast pace and I need it now mentality, we over look all that is truly important to us, plus as all the different life events happen to us, they rob us of the true feelings in order to feel what is around us as well as not being able to truly see the true beauty all around us.

The branches of the tree’s and the paths of our journey’s, are very similar in the way they show us how to see and except change all around us, God created this planet this way, for us to see the real true beauty around us, but we are all guilty of not truly seeing the true beauty of God’s creation, as we live within a Society, that doesn’t take the time to stop and see all the true beauty around us all, through this Society we have become someone in which we are not, instead of truly being ourselves and showing each other the true beauty within us all.

” The branches of the tree’s are like the paths of our journey of life”

” the branches of the tree’s become brittle through time, like the paths of our journey’s become eroded through the time of mankind”

” does the picture in which you look at, really tell you what you see”

You see Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire, I see….well here goes


Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, New Hampshire is one of the most hiked mountains in the world, as someone who have hiked it many times, it is a very fun hike and a hike that is a prelude to bigger mountains, I have hiked many mountains here on my journey I walk on this planet Earth, they all are special in their own way, even though I hiked Mount Washington in New Hampshire many times, the one hike that stands out above all is, Mount Albert in Leadville Colorado, as this mountain was the highest I have ever been at 14,500, I hiked it in the middle of July with a beautiful day of 85 degrees at the start, then once I reached the summit was welcomed by a quick 10min. Snowstorm, then the sun came back out and I enjoyed the view from the summit greatly.

All hikes up whatever mountain you chose to trek, are special and beautiful in their own way, they all give you the chance to take the time to notice all the beauty that is around you, they give you the chance to breathe in fresh clean air, without all the smog of the cities and suburbs, gives you the freedom of spreading your wings sort of speak, unlike where we live at places that are over run with homes so close together, they also give us the chance to notice that we are not alone on this planet and there are other species that share this planet with us, while you are on the trail it is like time stands still, cause we lose track of it while taking in all the beauty around us, which is a far cry from the “I need it now mentality” of our everyday lives that consume us today.

God created this planet for all of us to share,  not just in our everyday lives, but in our times of relax as well, some of us think to relax is to go to a place where we can party, drink and sit on an exotic beach somewhere, yet others like to relax in a place that hiking a mountain is the way around, I prefer the latter, as this lets us see the true beauty of God’s creation, just like the true beauty that is deep within all of us, that we take for granted in our fast paced Society in which we live.

” Beauty is in the eye of the be-holder” this is an old saying that has traveled a journey of it’s own throughout the Generations, I say, ” true beauty is deep within us and all around us within this God created planet we live”, the only problem is we don’t take the time to see the true beauty of ourselves, others around us and what God has created for us.

Hiking a mountain may seem like a lot of work, but when you hike while looking at all the beauty around you, makes you forget about the work and makes you relax on your trek up the mountain, to see the trees become smaller on the way up and the view from the top, will simply overwhelm you with what true beauty really means, if we can see the true beauty from the summit of the mountain, than why can’t we see the true beauty within ourselves and each other? When we see all the true beauty around and within us, is when we will share all the love and forget what the word hate means, so let’s all take a trek up a mountain, it doesn’t matter the size of the mountain , just take the trek to see all the true beauty that we all have taken for granted within this society, on this path we walk along our journey of life.

” True beauty is within us and around us, in this God created planet we live”

” Hiking a mountain may seem like a lot of work, but it is work that keeps us in touch with ourselves and everything around us”

” Hiking brings out the real true beauty, it’s when we become consumed with the I need it now mentality, that stops us from seeing the true beauty”

The work may be hard, but the reward makes the work well worth it

Within this Society of ” all about me” and fast paced I need it now mentality, we have become lazy and not willing to put in the work, so we can receive the reward.

To walk our paths along our Journey of life, there is no easy way around, no matter how you look at it, even all these get rich quick schemes that are out there, you still need to apply yourself and do some work, in order to reap the rewards, not to mention that most of them are a scam, all our personal lives we live also don’t come easy and come with much work in order to live our lives, we see some living the plush and exotic lifestyle, but what we don’t see is, these same people working their tails off, so they can live their plush and exotic lifestyles.

Nothing in life comes easy, even our freedom to live our lives don’t come without putting in the work, I get the fact we all want to live the good life and be free to receive the rewards, but in order to do this we need to first do the work to receive the rewards.

Work is not just for the reward of living the plush exotic lifestyle, when you work hard you receive more than the rewards of a good life, you also get respect and praise of those around you as well, which in the long hard journey of life, means more than any reward you may receive in your life.

Work builds character, it also makes you better and stronger, for whatever comes across your path of your journey of life, the saying goes, ” don’t work harder, work smarter”, I say ” if you put in the the work as hard as you can, it makes you smarter to anything that comes across your path in life”.

Work is something we all take advantage of, we expect to get paid for our time, we all want to get paid, but nobody wants to put in the work for that pay anymore, we expect everything to be given to us and all we want to do is party, if you just lay around and wait for things to come, than your life becomes a wasted life and nothing ever comes to you, if you want it bad enough, you will find a way to work hard, in order to get what you want, when you become bored in life and from laying around without work, you then become bitter of everything around you and will do anything, including being someone you are not, in order to get what others have, without work we lose our self worth and self esteem, the two biggest things that give us the drive to succeed and live our lives as we want, life isn’t easy and takes a lot of hard work to do it right, without doing the work we become complacent and lazy, which makes our path along our journey of life much harder than it really needs to be.

” if you put in the work as hard as you can, it makes you smarter to anything that may cross your path in life”

” without the work we become complacent and lazy, with the work we get rewarded in so many ways that we don’t even realize”