Long term -vs- short term in today’s Society

” We within this this Society of today, have gone the other way in the form of attachment to anything/ anyone, cause we try to protect ourselves from any harm that may come to us”.

Let’s look at relationships of a man and a woman, back in the day of our forefathers and theirs before them, they knew how to communicate correctly with each other to make their lives better and stronger, they didn’t even have the latest technology as we do today, but yet they knew everything of what was happening around them everyday, when the husband said he he was going to town for supplies, the wife knew it would be an all day event by horseback and would take care of the homestead and have dinner ready on his return, dinner time was a time to talk face to face on the daily happenings of the days events and there were no beating around the bush, as there was complete honesty and trustworthy between each other, unlike married couples of today who do not know how to truly communicate, with many secrets being held between each other everyday.

This lack of attachment in today’s Society, has divided each one of us into a Society of Individualism, when we are alone it is very hard to trust and be honest with everybody around us, especially the one or ones we are close with, but in the end the only one that loses out on all the fun is we ourselves, as we learn that we are truly alone with nobody to turn to in the time of our need.

Sometimes this lack of attachment is not our fault, but we think in our minds that it is totally our fault and don’t share with anybody our troubles, then proceed further on our journey while hiding in plain sight and portraying this fake side of ourselves, this makes it hard for us to accept trust and honesty with ourselves, let alone the trust and honesty of those around us.

Life Events happen to all of us, sometimes they are small and easily fixable, but most of the times they are great and affect us in ways we don’t understand, when we don’t understand something, we than proceed to bury how we feel inside so others won’t see us in a state of hurt or something less than we are, Life events are part of all our lives on our Journey’s of life, we just need to better understand them, so we can move forward better and stronger, with the confidence to to overcome anything that may cross our paths along our Journey of life.

Life for all of us is full of many twists and turns, but with true communications of each other, with true honesty and trusting of each other, showing our true attachments of each other, without being in a lonely Individual state of mind, we can all live our lives in peace, while we show our true selves and be happy in everything we do, when we get involved with another person it is not cool to be with them while you think of being with another person, this is what’s hurting all the attachments in our Society, this is what makes our Society become a Society of short term, instead of a Society of long term, when we live for the short term we easily become bored and want to move on from what we have, regardless if what we have is solid and right, not to mention all the other crap that comes with living for the short term, sometimes it’s better to be the Tortoise than the Hare, so you can enjoy what you have and think of all your options before you react, cause sometimes it is the reaction that turns us into something we are not, if we all just simply be ourselves and not this fake reality self we put forth, we will find all of us in this Society will be much better for it and Society itself will be much stronger, as we walk our paths along our Journey of life.

” The lack of attachment in our society, has made us into a society of Individualism”

”  living life as an individual makes you feel alone, as living life with attachments makes you truly feel alive with a stronger feeling of self worth”

” Sometimes the lack of attachment is not our fault, but in our own minds we think it is totally our fault, so we move forward without it and become lonely in our own world”

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