We all hurt in many ways, along our Journey of life

We as Humans, from the time of our first breathe, to the time of our last breathe here on Earth, on our Journey through life hurt in many ways, sometimes the hurt is not that bad, but a lot of times the hurt is great and we do anything to ease our pain.

When we hurt and because we don’t understand the why’s, we then suppress this pain so not to show to others our pain, but in reality those others are hurting also in their own way, hurt can come to us in many ways like grief, sorrow, a major life event etc… there is no magic to dealing with these hurts, just that we as Humans need to better understand the why’s, so we can move forward with the strength and courage to be better along our paths of our Journey of life.

When Jesus came to us and walked his path of his Journey, he to went through hurt and showed us that, when we stay true to ourselves and believe with faith in the Lord God, this hurt is only temporary and the good will prevail in all our lives, so we all can walk our paths of our Journey in peace, while showing our true love of one another.

In this Society of “all about me”, it is very easy to get caught up in the “why me?” part of life, we become so involved in the hurt that is happening to us, that we get lost within ourselves and on our paths of our journey, we lose trust in everything around us and go into a shell, in order to try to protect ourselves from all that is around us, but in reality all we are doing is, hiding in plain sight and furthering the lost world we are in, which does nothing but make the pain of this hurt even worse.

The hurt part of life we may not be able to control, but the pain from the hurt is something we can control, when we better understand the why’s and not being caught up in the “why me”, life for all of us along our journey’s is full of this hurt, it is how we deal with this hurt that determines how we walk our paths, not every path or even not every journey is perfect, they all have this hurt and other hurdles for us to get over, we as Humans are very similar but yet we are very unique in our own way, some may have the tools to fix the hurt properly, while others struggle on a daily basis with this hurt, which is why we need to understand better of this hurt, so we can communicate better with each other and help each other, so as we all walk our paths of our journey we do so together, there is no amount of hurt that will give us great pain, that we get lost within ourselves or on our paths of our journey through life, when we communicate and help each other, which is what God’s vision for us was, when he created all of us to walk our paths along our journey’s of life.

” Hurt is what we all feel in our lives, pain is what we do with the hurt, when we don’t understand the why’s from this hurt”

” We all walk a journey in life, the hurt part of the journey makes us stronger and better along this journey”

” Jesus showed us along his journey, that through the hurt the good will always prevail, when we stay true to ourselves and have faith in the Lord God”

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