Newsflash!!! Abuse is not just happening in the Sports world.

Abuse is happening all over this Society and all we need to do is, take the blinders off and look around to see what is truly happening around us.

Abuse doesn’t have to be physical in nature, it is the use of words to each other that hurts even worse and the pain from this type of abuse, lasts a lot longer than the scars of the physical abuse.

Abuse of any kind hurts the victim in ways we don’t even see, because the long term scars are all on the inside of us, in the form of our self esteem, self worth and minds to name a few, in most cases the abuse starts in the form of derogatory words, that do nothing but breaks you of our self worth, gives you a feeling that we are not worthy of the good around us, then as the verbal abuse continues we go into a shell and become numb to everything around us to shut out the pain, we go into deep denial to try to rationalize away what the effects is doing to us, cause we don’t want to show any weakness to anybody, including the one that is abusing us.

The person that is doing the abuse wants to think they have complete control of you, with this control comes the urge to continue the abuse, so they can feel so much power that they think they are invincible, they smother their victim with so much abuse, that the victim feels trapped with no way out, which keeps the abuse going for a longer period of time, during this time of the abuse, it turns from verbal and mental abuse, to physical abuse which makes the pain that’s already there become more real and more painful, then the victim suppresses even further the pain to try to make it go away, while the victim suppresses they lose all sense of reality, they lose all their true feelings and emotions and there self esteem gets so low, that their self worth becomes non-existent, which does nothing but keeps them in the abuse, cause they think it’s the only way, while the Abuser becomes stronger with this power they have over you.

This abuse of one another has been going on since before Jesus came to us and walked his Journey with us, only in this Society of today, with all the “all about me” attitudes out there it has become worse, we show no empathy and remorse towards each other and look at each other as an object, instead of a person or a Human being with feelings, we are all the son or daughter of somebody and in the bigger scheme of our Journey, we are all sons and daughters to the Lord God himself, the reason why it has been raining down on us so much lately, is the fact that God is sad the way we are treating each other down here and he is crying for us, as he wants us to change our ways to the vision he had for us when he created us, this vision was out of love which is a feeling we have lost through time on our paths along our Journey of life.

Abuse is not just happening within the world of sport’s, it is happening within our Society everyday of our lives whether we see it or not, we need to open our eyes to it, better understand the effects it has on us, not just the pain of the victim, but the emotional power game effect it has on the abuser as well, we all hurt in our own way, but when we show no empathy and remorse towards each other, this hurt becomes so strong and gives us so much pain, we do anything to try to rid this pain from us, instead of shutting ourselves down and going into our shells to protect ourselves from the pain, we need to understand better the why? So we can stand up against it and not show “Hate” towards it, but show love, the reason why we don’t show this love, is because its harder to love and easier to hate than move forward on our Journey.

When the Victim of the abuse is in the darkest part of the abuse, it is very hard to reach out cause you don’t know who you can trust, so you stay within your shell and bury all the pain deep within yourself, like all your true feelings and emotions become lost deep inside, this trust becomes lost and now the victim feels helpless within the abuse, all the while the abuser has an even greater feeling of power over you, in both the victim and the abuser, they both have issues that need attention, more so on the victim, but the abuser has issues of a different kind, issues that make them crave more power and will do anything to get it, they than lose all their empathy and remorse, so they can keep creating more victims and the ugly circle just keeps rotating.

This problem of Abuse is not just an Individual or a sports problem, it is a problem we as a Society have to work together to fix, by better understanding what our actions of each other, have on each other, not just our physical actions, but our actions of our mouths and the words we use towards each other, abuse happens in many ways to all of us on our paths along our Journey of life, but when we show more empathy and remorse of each other, the abuse cycle we are in will cease to exist, nobody should have to suffer through any kind of abuse and we all should love one another, as the children of God that we are.

” Abuse is not just happening in the world of sports, it is happening within our Society as we walk our Journey of life”

” Abuse happens in many ways, we need to better understand it and show more empathy and remorse of each other”

” The victim of the abuse may be in the dark, the abuser thinks the light shines on him/her giving them this self proclaimed power”

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