Our Journey can be overwhelming at times…..

 We all walk a Journey through life with many twists and turns,

 sometimes these twists and turns can get us lost,

 without these twists and turns we can be bored on our Journey,

 sometimes we get torn between a twist when we should of turned,

 events happen that make us try to avoid these twists and turns,

 these twists and turns makes us stronger on our Journey,

 when we make the right decisions and follow the feeling of God within us,

 God is always there to guide us, but it’s us who makes the decisions,

 these twists and turns shouldn’t define us, just keep us strong,

 as we walk our paths along this journey of life,

 sometimes as we get lost within ourselves all the twists and turns,

 look the same, but in reality there is none that is similar,

 every twist and turn has their own situations for us,

 to figure out, by staying true to ourselves and having,

 faith in God these twists and turns will always test us,

 but they will never define who we are or become,

 twists and turns are part of the Journey of life,

 we just have to except them, trust in ourselves,

 trust and feel the Lord God within us,

 so our paths along our Journey of life will be,

 that of peaceful, full of strength and courage.


” we all have twists and turns on our Journey’s, we just have to stay strong and have the courage to work through them along our paths”

” twists and turns will always be there, we have to except them and work through them, moving forward along our paths of our Journey of life”


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