True Empathy is a feeling we all have within us

         Empathy is a feeling within us all, it is us as Humans that make a choice to truly feel this feeling, or not acknowledge its existence.

          Empathy is a special feeling within, that helps us not only feel of ourselves, but feel for everybody around us in a sincere way, when we don’t acknowledge this feeling of Empathy, we are not being true to ourselves and treating others as an object instead of a Human being like ourselves, Empathy puts us in the position of others around us and makes us think of our actions, before we make decisions or take an action that we will regret later in time, there may be some life events that happen to us throughout our lives, with these events we suppress these feelings of Empathy, to further protect ourselves from any future harm that may come to us, it is natural for us to protect ourselves, but to do it in a way that will bring more harm later in our lives is not natural and only makes our pain greater for a longer period of time.

        There are a lot of poisons we encounter in our lives, but none more poison than the ones that kill our Empathy and the feeling to care of ourselves and others around us, poisons like selfish urges, anger, twisted thinking and denial are all poisons that kill the feeling of Empathy within us, the Empathy never truly dies, it’s just that we don’t acknowledge the feeling within us and when we don’t, is when our troubles become so great, we suffer more pain then we can handle, through this pain we stop at nothing to end it, which turns us into something/someone we are truly not.

       When we suppress these feelings of Empathy, because of the poisons we encounter, our sufferings become greater, which leads us to violence and revenge, then our twisted thinking makes us do things we usally would never do, with all the crap around the World today, we can clearly see that there are many of us as Humans, that are suppressing these feelings of Empathy and acting on the poisons that surrounds not acknowledging this feeling, Empathy is a very powerful feeling within us all, it is a feeling that God gave us when he created us to walk this Earth, so we can coincide with each other and walk in peace together, along our paths of our Journey of life.

     We as Humans make many choices in our lives, we chose our paths on our Journey, we chose not to acknowledge this feeling of Empathy, the time is now to stand up for all our actions, take more responsibility of ourselves and those around us, so not just for us to fix ourselves, but so Society can fix itself for the better and we all can walk our paths along our Journey of life in peace, then we can be better and stronger with the courage to handle anything that may cross our paths.

” Empathy is a strong feeling within us all, we need to acknowledge it so we all can live in peace”

” The poisons of no Empathy, selfish urges, anger, twisted thinking and denial we need to recognize these to move forward better and stronger in all our lives”


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