There is a lesson in the Market Basket front

           Market Basket is a very successful supermarket, it has 70 to 80 stores within New England, with the majority between New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, it is privately owned by the Demoulas Family, the first store was actually called Demoulas, before the name Market Basket was unvailed.

           Over the years of the history of Market Basket, it has grown into a great business, which not only has made the Demoulas family successful, but it has also built a greater family with all the Associates and their loyal customer base, throughout time and with most other companies adding unions and temp agencies to their mix, Market Basket stays with treating their Associates like a family and as a person, instead of a number.

         This hold out we all witnessed by the Associates, for their beloved CEO, who knew each of them by name, will go down in history and re-write all the business books, showing that it is not just about working a job, it is working a job that you love and wake up every day excited to go to work, when you are excited to go work everyday, you will work hard for that company regardless of who the company is, than when you work hard, it further gives you a feeling of productivity and a feeling of self worth, may all the companies take note of the Market Basket way, so this Society can get back to what made this Country of United States great.

        In this Corporate World in which we live today, there are far and few between CEO’s that will actually take the time to meet and simply say hello to their worker’s as the CEO of Market Basket, not just a hello, but a hello by the name of the worker, what this does is makes the worker feel good of themselves and gives them good self worth, as this will make them work harder and go home at the end of the day with a feeling of productivity.

       Market Basket has proved that, even in this Corporate world, yes we can still treat each other with respect, with this respect gives us all a feeling of confidence, with the courage to move forward on our path of our Journey of life, maybe the Media blew it up bigger than it had to be, but it did go viral and all were watching throughout the Country of USA, we need to see through the exterior of the message of Market Basket and see the real message we usally would not see and maybe we can all change for the better.

        The Demoulas’s may be an individual family, but what they grew out of their business the most is, treating everybody from the Associates to the customer’s, as an even bigger Demoulas family and when you are treated as family, you stick up for your own.

” Market Basket may have started small, but it is much bigger than we really know”

” Treating people with respect and just simply acknowledgeing them by name, goes alot further than what you realize”

” Family whether it’s immediate or extended, look out for one another, you don’t think just do”


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