To perceive is to see the exterior, as to look is to see the interior of what your seeing

When you perceive something you are looking at, you don’t really see what you are truly seeing. A perception of something you see, is at best an educated guess of what your looking at, you just can’t look at something, then make a perception of what you truly see, the only way to make the

Long term -vs- short term in today’s Society

” We within this this Society of today, have gone the other way in the form of attachment to anything/ anyone, cause we try to protect ourselves from any harm that may come to us”. Let’s look at relationships of a man and a woman, back in the day of our forefathers and theirs before

The true Beauty of anything is always on the interior

Within this Society of which we walk our Journey, we are all guilty of judging by the exterior and not truly seeing the true beauty of what we are looking at on the interior. The Human being is similar to the Oyster in the way of, we put up our crusty shells on the outside

We all hurt in many ways, along our Journey of life

We as Humans, from the time of our first breathe, to the time of our last breathe here on Earth, on our Journey through life hurt in many ways, sometimes the hurt is not that bad, but a lot of times the hurt is great and we do anything to ease our pain. When we

Newsflash!!! Abuse is not just happening in the Sports world.

Abuse is happening all over this Society and all we need to do is, take the blinders off and look around to see what is truly happening around us. Abuse doesn’t have to be physical in nature, it is the use of words to each other that hurts even worse and the pain from this

The “Abuse” is more than what we think abuse is……..

With all the Domestic Abuse we see through the Media on a daily basis, it is a far bigger problem that happens to many of all walks of life. The only reason we hear of this Domestic Abuse from the Media, is the fact it is happening from some high profile sports athletes, when in

People skills are natural, you need no skills at all

In today’s Society we all have lost sight of what true People skills are. True People skills is something we all have within us, but with all the negative crap around us, around the planet Earth and even when we go to work, we get caught up with what we “think” is normal cause everybody

Our Journey can be overwhelming at times…..

 We all walk a Journey through life with many twists and turns,  sometimes these twists and turns can get us lost,  without these twists and turns we can be bored on our Journey,  sometimes we get torn between a twist when we should of turned,  events happen that make us try to avoid these twists

The Community within a Society that grows with togetherness and strength

        From the beginning of Mankind, when God created all living things that walk and breathe upon this planet Earth, God’s vision was for all to coincide with each other in harmony, live and walk this planet in peace while showing love for all that is around.         We are all born into this World

Human Spirit isn’t made to be Isolated with no Social skills

         We as Human Beings were created by God not to be alone, but to coincide with other Humans as we walk our paths along our Journey of life.            When the Human Being is left alone with no interaction with others around them, they begin to pull back from what is around them and

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