To perceive is to see the exterior, as to look is to see the interior of what your seeing

When you perceive something you are looking at, you don’t really see what you are truly seeing.

A perception of something you see, is at best an educated guess of what your looking at, you just can’t look at something, then make a perception of what you truly see, the only way to make the perception real is to look on the interior of what you are looking at.

We as Humans are unique in our own way, we all have different perceptions of the same thing we look at everyday, one may look at the cup of coffee as hot, others may see it as not enough sugar, which is where the term “glass half full/glass half empty” comes from, there is no way around how we perceive¬† things in our daily lives, it is Human nature along our Journey of life, it is also how God created us, so we can be better and stronger on our journey, throughout the generations and Societies on the planet Earth.

There are many Humans throughout this planet Earth, for which is why we have so many issues throughout this planet as well, cause with all the different perceptions we all have and being in a fast paced individual Society, shows that we don’t take the time to look at the interior of anything, to make our perceptions real and when we are not real, we portray a fake reality as to not show to others our weaknesses.

The way we perceive things around us, is only part of the equation of our lives along this journey of life, there are so many other equations that a lot of times we simply don’t want to understand them, this is when we just perceive what we see on the outside, instead of truly perceiving something and looking on the interior to totally understand and make the perception real, than move along our journey in peace.

To perceive something is to graze the surface of something, to truly see what your looking at, is to look in the interior of what you see, not just to make the perception real, but to better understand what you see, so we all can be real and live in peace with one another, while we all walk our journey’s of life on this planet called Earth.

When we perceive something is another way we protect ourselves from all harm that may come to us, nobody wants to feel pain, but we all go through this pain with our perceptions, when all we need to do is, look deeply to the interior of what we see, to better understand what we see, so we can move forward in peace, with no need to protect ourselves from the self harms of life along our journey. there are plenty of other harms without we ourselves creating further harms that need to be avoided, life is hard enough and we should be looking at how to be free and peaceful, instead of making a perception, than living our lives in doubt and bringing unwanted crap to our lives, which makes it harder than it really needs to be, on our paths along our Journey of life.

” perception we see from the outside of something, to truly see something we need to look deeply into what we see”

” A perception is unique like we as Humans are unique to each other”


Long term -vs- short term in today’s Society

” We within this this Society of today, have gone the other way in the form of attachment to anything/ anyone, cause we try to protect ourselves from any harm that may come to us”.

Let’s look at relationships of a man and a woman, back in the day of our forefathers and theirs before them, they knew how to communicate correctly with each other to make their lives better and stronger, they didn’t even have the latest technology as we do today, but yet they knew everything of what was happening around them everyday, when the husband said he he was going to town for supplies, the wife knew it would be an all day event by horseback and would take care of the homestead and have dinner ready on his return, dinner time was a time to talk face to face on the daily happenings of the days events and there were no beating around the bush, as there was complete honesty and trustworthy between each other, unlike married couples of today who do not know how to truly communicate, with many secrets being held between each other everyday.

This lack of attachment in today’s Society, has divided each one of us into a Society of Individualism, when we are alone it is very hard to trust and be honest with everybody around us, especially the one or ones we are close with, but in the end the only one that loses out on all the fun is we ourselves, as we learn that we are truly alone with nobody to turn to in the time of our need.

Sometimes this lack of attachment is not our fault, but we think in our minds that it is totally our fault and don’t share with anybody our troubles, then proceed further on our journey while hiding in plain sight and portraying this fake side of ourselves, this makes it hard for us to accept trust and honesty with ourselves, let alone the trust and honesty of those around us.

Life Events happen to all of us, sometimes they are small and easily fixable, but most of the times they are great and affect us in ways we don’t understand, when we don’t understand something, we than proceed to bury how we feel inside so others won’t see us in a state of hurt or something less than we are, Life events are part of all our lives on our Journey’s of life, we just need to better understand them, so we can move forward better and stronger, with the confidence to to overcome anything that may cross our paths along our Journey of life.

Life for all of us is full of many twists and turns, but with true communications of each other, with true honesty and trusting of each other, showing our true attachments of each other, without being in a lonely Individual state of mind, we can all live our lives in peace, while we show our true selves and be happy in everything we do, when we get involved with another person it is not cool to be with them while you think of being with another person, this is what’s hurting all the attachments in our Society, this is what makes our Society become a Society of short term, instead of a Society of long term, when we live for the short term we easily become bored and want to move on from what we have, regardless if what we have is solid and right, not to mention all the other crap that comes with living for the short term, sometimes it’s better to be the Tortoise than the Hare, so you can enjoy what you have and think of all your options before you react, cause sometimes it is the reaction that turns us into something we are not, if we all just simply be ourselves and not this fake reality self we put forth, we will find all of us in this Society will be much better for it and Society itself will be much stronger, as we walk our paths along our Journey of life.

” The lack of attachment in our society, has made us into a society of Individualism”

”¬† living life as an individual makes you feel alone, as living life with attachments makes you truly feel alive with a stronger feeling of self worth”

” Sometimes the lack of attachment is not our fault, but in our own minds we think it is totally our fault, so we move forward without it and become lonely in our own world”

The true Beauty of anything is always on the interior

Within this Society of which we walk our Journey, we are all guilty of judging by the exterior and not truly seeing the true beauty of what we are looking at on the interior.

The Human being is similar to the Oyster in the way of, we put up our crusty shells on the outside to protect ourselves from others and is what others see at first, but like the Oyster we are all different and unique on the inside, some Oyster’s even have a beautiful pearl inside, while others have their own beauty, the Human Being is very similar except the interior of all Humans is a thing of beauty when you really get to know it and see it.

There is an old saying ” judge a book by it’s cover”, this is something we all as Humans are very guilty of everyday of our lives, just because something/someone has a rough exterior, does not mean that the interior has the same roughness? Sometimes through our lives and with our struggles or life events, our exterior gets beat up and run down, this does not mean that we on the inside look and feel as others see us.

We as a Society get caught up in our cliques and our gangs, we use the ways of these groups as our own so we can fit in and be excepted, forgetting about our true selves and hiding our hurts and pains so others of the group don’t see it and they see us as just like them? then when others try to fit into the group and because their exterior looks different, the group rejects them and pushes them aside like the weekly trash, this happens everyday, everywhere no matter where you walk your journey.

Life for anybody is not fair, but we as Humans have taken this to the next level, by the way we judge everything and everybody around us, true judgement should be made by viewing everything we are choosing and by viewing all the contents of the interior and the exterior, when you judge just on the exterior, you are missing out on the true beauty of the interior.

The interior of anything and not just us as Humans, is the real true beauty of God’s creations here on Earth, as we all walk our journey’s we find life isn’t fair to all, some may have different tools than others, but when we stop the judging and look at all the interior’s in front of us on our path, we may find that life is a little fairer than we think, plus when we truly see each other and what each other holds on the inside, than all our exteriors may look a little smoother as well and maybe a bit more polished, through all this judging we have lost our ability to truly communicate with each other as well, which explains why our Society is a Society of “Individualism”, to get back to God’s vision we need to truly communicate, stop the judging and see the interior of everything, instead of just looking at the exterior and throwing the rest in the weekly trash.

” True beauty lies within everything, what lies on the exterior is only temporary til it is cleaned up”

” Judgement is only true when you judge the whole picture, only judging half the picture is what keeps us from truly believing that life is not fair”

We all hurt in many ways, along our Journey of life

We as Humans, from the time of our first breathe, to the time of our last breathe here on Earth, on our Journey through life hurt in many ways, sometimes the hurt is not that bad, but a lot of times the hurt is great and we do anything to ease our pain.

When we hurt and because we don’t understand the why’s, we then suppress this pain so not to show to others our pain, but in reality those others are hurting also in their own way, hurt can come to us in many ways like grief, sorrow, a major life event etc… there is no magic to dealing with these hurts, just that we as Humans need to better understand the why’s, so we can move forward with the strength and courage to be better along our paths of our Journey of life.

When Jesus came to us and walked his path of his Journey, he to went through hurt and showed us that, when we stay true to ourselves and believe with faith in the Lord God, this hurt is only temporary and the good will prevail in all our lives, so we all can walk our paths of our Journey in peace, while showing our true love of one another.

In this Society of “all about me”, it is very easy to get caught up in the “why me?” part of life, we become so involved in the hurt that is happening to us, that we get lost within ourselves and on our paths of our journey, we lose trust in everything around us and go into a shell, in order to try to protect ourselves from all that is around us, but in reality all we are doing is, hiding in plain sight and furthering the lost world we are in, which does nothing but make the pain of this hurt even worse.

The hurt part of life we may not be able to control, but the pain from the hurt is something we can control, when we better understand the why’s and not being caught up in the “why me”, life for all of us along our journey’s is full of this hurt, it is how we deal with this hurt that determines how we walk our paths, not every path or even not every journey is perfect, they all have this hurt and other hurdles for us to get over, we as Humans are very similar but yet we are very unique in our own way, some may have the tools to fix the hurt properly, while others struggle on a daily basis with this hurt, which is why we need to understand better of this hurt, so we can communicate better with each other and help each other, so as we all walk our paths of our journey we do so together, there is no amount of hurt that will give us great pain, that we get lost within ourselves or on our paths of our journey through life, when we communicate and help each other, which is what God’s vision for us was, when he created all of us to walk our paths along our journey’s of life.

” Hurt is what we all feel in our lives, pain is what we do with the hurt, when we don’t understand the why’s from this hurt”

” We all walk a journey in life, the hurt part of the journey makes us stronger and better along this journey”

” Jesus showed us along his journey, that through the hurt the good will always prevail, when we stay true to ourselves and have faith in the Lord God”

Newsflash!!! Abuse is not just happening in the Sports world.

Abuse is happening all over this Society and all we need to do is, take the blinders off and look around to see what is truly happening around us.

Abuse doesn’t have to be physical in nature, it is the use of words to each other that hurts even worse and the pain from this type of abuse, lasts a lot longer than the scars of the physical abuse.

Abuse of any kind hurts the victim in ways we don’t even see, because the long term scars are all on the inside of us, in the form of our self esteem, self worth and minds to name a few, in most cases the abuse starts in the form of derogatory words, that do nothing but breaks you of our self worth, gives you a feeling that we are not worthy of the good around us, then as the verbal abuse continues we go into a shell and become numb to everything around us to shut out the pain, we go into deep denial to try to rationalize away what the effects is doing to us, cause we don’t want to show any weakness to anybody, including the one that is abusing us.

The person that is doing the abuse wants to think they have complete control of you, with this control comes the urge to continue the abuse, so they can feel so much power that they think they are invincible, they smother their victim with so much abuse, that the victim feels trapped with no way out, which keeps the abuse going for a longer period of time, during this time of the abuse, it turns from verbal and mental abuse, to physical abuse which makes the pain that’s already there become more real and more painful, then the victim suppresses even further the pain to try to make it go away, while the victim suppresses they lose all sense of reality, they lose all their true feelings and emotions and there self esteem gets so low, that their self worth becomes non-existent, which does nothing but keeps them in the abuse, cause they think it’s the only way, while the Abuser becomes stronger with this power they have over you.

This abuse of one another has been going on since before Jesus came to us and walked his Journey with us, only in this Society of today, with all the “all about me” attitudes out there it has become worse, we show no empathy and remorse towards each other and look at each other as an object, instead of a person or a Human being with feelings, we are all the son or daughter of somebody and in the bigger scheme of our Journey, we are all sons and daughters to the Lord God himself, the reason why it has been raining down on us so much lately, is the fact that God is sad the way we are treating each other down here and he is crying for us, as he wants us to change our ways to the vision he had for us when he created us, this vision was out of love which is a feeling we have lost through time on our paths along our Journey of life.

Abuse is not just happening within the world of sport’s, it is happening within our Society everyday of our lives whether we see it or not, we need to open our eyes to it, better understand the effects it has on us, not just the pain of the victim, but the emotional power game effect it has on the abuser as well, we all hurt in our own way, but when we show no empathy and remorse towards each other, this hurt becomes so strong and gives us so much pain, we do anything to try to rid this pain from us, instead of shutting ourselves down and going into our shells to protect ourselves from the pain, we need to understand better the why? So we can stand up against it and not show “Hate” towards it, but show love, the reason why we don’t show this love, is because its harder to love and easier to hate than move forward on our Journey.

When the Victim of the abuse is in the darkest part of the abuse, it is very hard to reach out cause you don’t know who you can trust, so you stay within your shell and bury all the pain deep within yourself, like all your true feelings and emotions become lost deep inside, this trust becomes lost and now the victim feels helpless within the abuse, all the while the abuser has an even greater feeling of power over you, in both the victim and the abuser, they both have issues that need attention, more so on the victim, but the abuser has issues of a different kind, issues that make them crave more power and will do anything to get it, they than lose all their empathy and remorse, so they can keep creating more victims and the ugly circle just keeps rotating.

This problem of Abuse is not just an Individual or a sports problem, it is a problem we as a Society have to work together to fix, by better understanding what our actions of each other, have on each other, not just our physical actions, but our actions of our mouths and the words we use towards each other, abuse happens in many ways to all of us on our paths along our Journey of life, but when we show more empathy and remorse of each other, the abuse cycle we are in will cease to exist, nobody should have to suffer through any kind of abuse and we all should love one another, as the children of God that we are.

” Abuse is not just happening in the world of sports, it is happening within our Society as we walk our Journey of life”

” Abuse happens in many ways, we need to better understand it and show more empathy and remorse of each other”

” The victim of the abuse may be in the dark, the abuser thinks the light shines on him/her giving them this self proclaimed power”

The “Abuse” is more than what we think abuse is……..

With all the Domestic Abuse we see through the Media on a daily basis, it is a far bigger problem that happens to many of all walks of life.

The only reason we hear of this Domestic Abuse from the Media, is the fact it is happening from some high profile sports athletes, when in reality it happens to many Humans everyday of their lives, most of the time it doesn’t start out as physical, it starts as mental abuse with words and degrading someones mind into thinking they are worthless and less than others around them, when our self esteem is broken, is when the physical side of the abuse starts and the victim of the abuse see’s no way out of it.

Domestic Abuse is not just a problem within the sports world, it is a problem within our Society as some feed on the control of another Human, so these Individuals can think they have the power of control, the biggest reason a person who is a victim of the abuse doesn’t communicate to anybody, is the fact that they are afraid to admit to their weakness and the fact that their self esteem is so low, that they have no confidence in themselves to make their lives better.

The person who is doing the abusing, in most cases shows no true empathy or remorse, to their victims, which leads to the abuse spinning further out of control and a lot of times becoming very violent towards the victim, the Abuser only sees it as they themselves having all the control and the Abused sees themselves as maybe it is suppose to be like this, then becomes trapped in a world full of pain.

No matter how you look at Domestic Abuse, it is a big problem throughout Society and not just within the sports community and the players who play the sport, we as a Society need to take this more seriously, show more empathy and remorse of each other, so we can end all the abuse whether it’s domestic or any kind of abuse, abuse of any kind whether verbal through words, or physical in nature should not be tolerated in any way shape or form, the ones that do the abuse shouldn’t be locked up to protect the rest of us, as this will only make them abuse more, what they need is good serious treatment, so they can get to the bottom of why they do it and just maybe through this and the rest of us showing more empathy and remorse of each other, we all can walk our paths along our journey’s of life in peace, as we become stronger and better to face the real hurdles that may cross our paths.

” Abuse happens everyday to anybody, not just in the high profile world of sports and the players of the sport”

” Abuse is a weakness that to some, they think it brings them power over everything around them”

” Abuse is not just physical in nature, it is also from the words we say to each other everyday”

People skills are natural, you need no skills at all

In today’s Society we all have lost sight of what true People skills are.

True People skills is something we all have within us, but with all the negative crap around us, around the planet Earth and even when we go to work, we get caught up with what we “think” is normal cause everybody else is doing it, through all the life events and world events that happen to each of us daily and with the Political correction that has engulfed this Society, we have forgotten and become lost at what true People skills really mean.

With the Political Correction in our Society, we have become afraid to say anything to anybody, for fear of offending someone, instead of being truthful and honest, we say nothing like it never happened, than we ignore and move forward like that person or persons don’t exist, eventually this way of walking our paths along our Journey of life, will only lead to a Society of Individualism and this Society is all the proof we need to prove this.

The life events that happen to each of us along our Journey, is in direct correlation with all the World events that is happening around the globe today, because we are in a Society of Individualism is the reason why others want to bring harm and hurt others, because of the fear of this hurt and harm, we further this Individualism, by keeping to ourselves and not properly interacting with each other, when we communicate better with each other as a Society, is when we as a Society are at it’s strongest and can be better to overcome anything, that may cross our paths along our Journey of life.

Social Media is another avenue that furthers this Individualism, cause now we can hide behind our computers and techy devices, we don’t have to interact “face to face”, which buries our People skills deeper inside us, to the point we become lost at something as simple as true communication and a simple face to face talk, when people are hurting they are afraid to communicate their hurt, cause their people skills are buried and they become lost within themselves, which leads to more hurt and pain, then they project their pain on others to try to ease their own, eventually you end up with a Society that is hurting deeply and will do anything to ease the pain, which leads to destruction of all that is around us.

People skills are a natural skill within us all, you don’t need to be taught them, you don’t need to read them from a book, all you need is to feel inside what is right and let them flow like water from a faucet, when you show true empathy of yourself and all those around you, is when the true power of the people skills are at its strongest and when we all communicate better with each other, leaving behind all the other crap that has engulfed everything within this Society, true People skills are an important part to each of us walking our paths along our Journey of life in peace, when we are happy and peaceful, is when we are at our best to be stronger for anything that may cross our paths along our Journey, so we can thrive in a Society which makes the Society better and stronger for all.

” People skills are there within us, we just have to feel them and they will work for us naturally”

” People skills are natural like water flowing from a waterfall”

” In a Political correct society it is hard to show our true People skills, cause we are to busy hiding within ourselves and avoiding each other without true face to face interaction”