We all share the Cross of Christ throughout our Journey

        God sent his one and only Son named Jesus to us, he showed us how the path of rightousness will provide us with the courage and strength, to walk our paths along our Journey of life, all we need to do is, have faith and truely believe in God and his son Jesus.

        We all get caught up in the happenings of Society, we to want what others may have, then become someone we are not and do what it takes to get those things, we stop being true to ourselves and those around us, as we give in to this temptation, Jesus was also tempted by this temptation of Saten, but he showed us that when we stay true to ourselves, this temptation will disappear, temptation is a strong force that will control us if we let it, by staying true to ourselves and having total faith in God, we can be stronger than this temptation, we may not see God, or hear his voice, but he is there within our hearts, all we need to do is, trust in him and feel him within our hearts.

        Jesus knew before anybody of the Society of which he walked, that he would be crucified and buried, than risen from the tomb into Heaven, to teach us all that no path is perfect, but being true to self and those around us, would help us be strong and move forward on the path of rightousness along our Journey of life, Jesus put his whole faith in his Father the Lord God, he believed with his whole heart and felt his Father within his own heart, Jesus showed us that even the pain of which he carried the cross, that good will come to him through all this pain, no matter how much pain we have in our lives, with faith and believe in God and feeling him within our hearts, we to can have the good Jesus had through all his pain.

        A lot of our pain comes from ourselves, we don’t feel God within our hearts, which leads to not having total faith and believe in God himself, this does not mean he doesn’t exsist, just that we don’t feel his presence within us, when we don’t feel this feeling, we become lost on our path of our Journey of life, than instead of fixing our pain, we become bitter and ridicule everything/anybody around us, we lose trust in ourselves and others around us, we even put ourselves above God and all others around us, because we are lost within ourselves, we think we are the only thing that matters along our path of our Journey.

       Life on our path along our Journey’s, is hard enough for us to learn, but we ourselves make it harder when we don’t truely feel God within our hearts, when we don’t feel God within us, is when we have the most pain, this is when we become lost within ourselves along our paths of our Journey, when we are lost and walking aimlessly we then become someone we are truely not and let the power of temptation control our every movement, our strength and courage to fight through the pain of temptation, comes from truely feeling God within our hearts, remembering the true path of rightousness that Jesus showed us on his Journey on Earth, God is with us all and all we need to do is truely feel him within us, stop all this bickering and bitterness from Saten and his temptation  trying to take control of us, truely feel God within our hearts, so we all can live in peace, with strength and courage to overcome anything that may cross our paths along our Journey of life.

” God may not be seen or heard from any of us, but he is always within us in our hearts, giving us strength and courage to walk our Journey’s”

” True believe and true faith in God, will always keep Saten and his temptations from controlling our every movements”

” The Journey of life is hard enough to learn, we don’t need to add to this by giving in to Temptation and becoming lost on our Journey”


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