Is it really what it seems

We grow into life onto a path of a Journey,
We get taught by so many things on our path,
We may see things one way then get taught another,
Life is full of perception but distorted many ways,
Some see a glass as half full yet others see it as half empty,
To truely see our paths before us just feel it in the heart,
Sometimes life will challenge us but our hearts will help us,
Our heart does many things only it is felt and not seen,
The heart will never lead us a stray we just have to feel it,
We get taught from one perception that leads to many,
These perceptions may seem real but only the heart is truely real,
True perceptions can not be seen only felt deep within the heart,
As we walk our paths along our journey of life, ask ourselves if what we see is. seen or is it felt within our hearts.

“Perception is what we see and tell ourselves is real, our heart than feels what we see to except it as actual reality”

“Our lives along this path of life, will get distorted from time to time, but the feeling within the heart will always guide us to rightousness and true perception along this journey God has set us on”

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