The path may be our own, the Journey we all share

When God created Mankind, he did so with a vision of, we are all unique in our own way, but yet we are all equal, so we can work together along our Jouney of life.
We are all unique in the way we think and chose our path along our journey of life, swometimes as certain events happen to us as we grow, we get clouded in our thinking, which causes our choices to be of bad judgement, instead of owning up to our bad judgements, we hide them and try other choices to see where we go from there? What we forget to realize is, these bad judgements always come back to haunt us, further down on our path, it is always better if we take responsibiblity of all we do, than to try to hide it and move forward.
We all may be unique, but yet we are so equal in everything we do, we may be unique in our color of skin, or the way we think, but we are equal in everything else, some may think color of skin makes us very different, but when God created us, he made this to be part of our uniquness, some of us as Humans, may think because of your color of skin, determines your spot in Society? God never judges by our color, he treats us all as equals and as Humans walking a path along our journey of life.
The problem lies solely on us as Humans, as we judge by color of skin, we think we ourselves are greater than all other Humans, we ourselves think that our own views are the views that should be law of the land, this is because we have let our Ego’s control everything we do.
All the problems within our Society and of throughout the World, are solely on each and every one of us as Humans on this planet, because a few will stop at nothing to make their views known throughout and the rest of us just sit back and let them, because we are too busy partying in our own lives, to let them bother us, if we would just stand up to these Individuals, we would find that they would just disappear, cause they will find they can’t disturb us anymore.
Our paths are full of interruptions and hurdles, no matter what path your on, they all hold their own obstacles, this don’t mean we should become full of ourselves and only think of ourselves, just to pass through along our Journey of life, cause part of God’s vision was for all of us to work together, so we all can be strong with strength, as we walk our paths along our Journey’s of life in peace.

” Humans are so unique in their way, but are so similar in many ways”

” God’s vision wasn’t of hatred and fighting of each other to bring harm throughout, but for all of us to work together and be strong, while sharing peace and love with each other”

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