The Journey we walk throughout our lives

The Journey we walk throughout life can be whatever we as Individuals make of it?
Each of our Journey’s start from birth. they end who knows? nor do we know what happens at the end, some argue we go into after-life? other’s may argue we just lay in state within our wooden box? Some say we go to Heaven and meet God, to become a Saint? There is no concrete evidence to what happens at the end, but with true faith and hope. the end isn’t just an ending, it is the start of a new beginning.
When we all start out our Journey’s, we find there are many paths to chose from, but what we don’t know are the unknowns and where these paths take us? it is okay to fear the unknown, as long as you never let the unknown fear control your destiny, or who you become.
With all these many paths in which to chose, there are also many elements for us to explore, these elements help shape us into an Individual and keeps us strong, as we get better on walking our path.
These paths have many ups and downs, we meet many other Humans along these paths and as we learn of everything/everything around us, it can get a little overwhelming, to which we then get lost in these fears, lost in our direction and lost in how we percieve all that is around us.
Perception is a huge part of everything we do as Humans, as we walk a path along our Journey of life. This perception is alot deeper, than just looking in front of you, as you put one foot in front of the other, each one of us can look at one thing and have many different perceptions of what we just looked at, this is the real true beauty of God when he created us and shows how true beauty is within each one of us and is felt within our hearts and souls, never can this beauty be bought, touched, or even exchanged for something better, perception is unique to each of us and is how we grow with strength, while being better along our paths, perception is the way we look at everything around us and should never be pushed on to others as they walk their paths, it is these different perceptions, when seen correctly, that help all of us walk our paths along our Journey’s of life, in peace while we all stay stronger and better without conflict or hatred, which only make our Journey’s harder, when we are in peace, with faith and hope, than there isn’t anything that will stop us on our paths along our Journey’s of life.

” The Journey we walk in life, may have hurdles to conquer, but with faith and hope anything can be conquered”

” We may get lost along our Journey’s from time to time, but with true faith and hope, we will always find our way and unlock our GPS deep within our hearts and souls”

” The end is not really the ending of anything, it is the start of a new beginning”

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