Walking along the shoreline of the beach

We walk the shorline of the beach,
not just for our excersise but for its beauty,
the sand beneath your feet so soft,
the ocean so deep and blue with tranquility’
the birds flocking for their daily meal,
as you walk with a feeling of serenity,
the beach we take for granted full of beauty,
the beach is flat unlike the mountains in aloft,
the beauty of the ocean has so much to teach,
the horizon seems so far but yet never ends throughout,
the sand beneath the feet is a different feel,
what a great way to spend the day along the shoreline of the beach.

To some the beach may be relief from the hot of the summer,
to others being in the sun makes them sick with pain,
we all take for granted the real beauty of the beach,
the real beauty are the living creatures around the beach,
they like us are on their Journey of the Earth,
we can’t see that cause we are blinded by ourselves,
look onto the ocean we see beauty from the sun’s reflection,
but the true beauty of the ocean lies within and deep into the sea,
the waves of the ocean are created somehow,
we just think its part of the ocean and surf them,
the beach and the ocean has its own tail, we have to look deep within and we can hear what they say.

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