Change happens everyday/everywhere

Change is something that happens whether we like it or not, no matter where we look, where we turn, on our path along our Journey of life.
Change can happen to us for the littlest of reasons, or can be drastic and extreme as we can handle, it happens within our community and society, it even happens in our sports world, everywhere we look change is happening all around us.
We can either except it, or we can not except it, either way we ourselves will change, whether it’s for the worse or the better? when we except it we then will change along with the change, with the outcome being, we are better and stronger moving forward on our path, yes we will have to learn new ways and have different ideas of things around us, but as we learn and have a new perspective, we than will be stronger and better moving forward.
When we do not except the change, we then will become bitter of everything around us, we get stuck in a world of being unsure and doubt in ourselves, we become very defensive of others and everything around us, we look at everything around us with the eyes of ridicule and negitivity, we then wander our paths on our Journey, as all we do is clouded with doubt and self pity.
God has created all Mankind, for us to be better and stronger, from one Society to another, he gave us each a brain, mind and sole, so when the change does happen, we make the right decisions, make the right changes in our lives, so we can be better and stronger moving forward, not so we can be bitter and negitive of ourselves and all those around us, when we are bitter and negitive, there is no way we can be confident of ourselves and all those around us, confidence only works when we are better and stronger in all we do, confidence does not work in a society of bitterness and negitivity, change is something that will happen on any path we take along our Journey, change affects all of us no matter who you are, we can either except it, or we can not except it, the choice belongs to each of us, but it is a choice that will also affect us in a negitive or a positive way.

” Change is something you can’t get away from, so we can either embrace it or rebel against it, it’s a choice that will define you on your path of your Journey of life”

” There is negitive change and there is positive change, we all go through these changes as we walk our path on our Journey of life”

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