We all share the Cross of Christ throughout our Journey

        God sent his one and only Son named Jesus to us, he showed us how the path of rightousness will provide us with the courage and strength, to walk our paths along our Journey of life, all we need to do is, have faith and truely believe in God and his son Jesus.

        We all get caught up in the happenings of Society, we to want what others may have, then become someone we are not and do what it takes to get those things, we stop being true to ourselves and those around us, as we give in to this temptation, Jesus was also tempted by this temptation of Saten, but he showed us that when we stay true to ourselves, this temptation will disappear, temptation is a strong force that will control us if we let it, by staying true to ourselves and having total faith in God, we can be stronger than this temptation, we may not see God, or hear his voice, but he is there within our hearts, all we need to do is, trust in him and feel him within our hearts.

        Jesus knew before anybody of the Society of which he walked, that he would be crucified and buried, than risen from the tomb into Heaven, to teach us all that no path is perfect, but being true to self and those around us, would help us be strong and move forward on the path of rightousness along our Journey of life, Jesus put his whole faith in his Father the Lord God, he believed with his whole heart and felt his Father within his own heart, Jesus showed us that even the pain of which he carried the cross, that good will come to him through all this pain, no matter how much pain we have in our lives, with faith and believe in God and feeling him within our hearts, we to can have the good Jesus had through all his pain.

        A lot of our pain comes from ourselves, we don’t feel God within our hearts, which leads to not having total faith and believe in God himself, this does not mean he doesn’t exsist, just that we don’t feel his presence within us, when we don’t feel this feeling, we become lost on our path of our Journey of life, than instead of fixing our pain, we become bitter and ridicule everything/anybody around us, we lose trust in ourselves and others around us, we even put ourselves above God and all others around us, because we are lost within ourselves, we think we are the only thing that matters along our path of our Journey.

       Life on our path along our Journey’s, is hard enough for us to learn, but we ourselves make it harder when we don’t truely feel God within our hearts, when we don’t feel God within us, is when we have the most pain, this is when we become lost within ourselves along our paths of our Journey, when we are lost and walking aimlessly we then become someone we are truely not and let the power of temptation control our every movement, our strength and courage to fight through the pain of temptation, comes from truely feeling God within our hearts, remembering the true path of rightousness that Jesus showed us on his Journey on Earth, God is with us all and all we need to do is truely feel him within us, stop all this bickering and bitterness from Saten and his temptation  trying to take control of us, truely feel God within our hearts, so we all can live in peace, with strength and courage to overcome anything that may cross our paths along our Journey of life.

” God may not be seen or heard from any of us, but he is always within us in our hearts, giving us strength and courage to walk our Journey’s”

” True believe and true faith in God, will always keep Saten and his temptations from controlling our every movements”

” The Journey of life is hard enough to learn, we don’t need to add to this by giving in to Temptation and becoming lost on our Journey”


Is it really what it seems

We grow into life onto a path of a Journey,
We get taught by so many things on our path,
We may see things one way then get taught another,
Life is full of perception but distorted many ways,
Some see a glass as half full yet others see it as half empty,
To truely see our paths before us just feel it in the heart,
Sometimes life will challenge us but our hearts will help us,
Our heart does many things only it is felt and not seen,
The heart will never lead us a stray we just have to feel it,
We get taught from one perception that leads to many,
These perceptions may seem real but only the heart is truely real,
True perceptions can not be seen only felt deep within the heart,
As we walk our paths along our journey of life, ask ourselves if what we see is. seen or is it felt within our hearts.

“Perception is what we see and tell ourselves is real, our heart than feels what we see to except it as actual reality”

“Our lives along this path of life, will get distorted from time to time, but the feeling within the heart will always guide us to rightousness and true perception along this journey God has set us on”

True outdoor camping, to primitive for this Society?

       Camping outdoors within a sleeping bag on the ground, inside a tent with no running water and building a campfire to enjoy while the heat keeps the night chill away, this to some is a bit far fetched, only because it is not part of their pampered lifestyle.

       In the beginning of Mankind this was not camping, this was a way to survive, as they walked their path along their Journey of life, they had none of the what we take for granted today, we wake up in the morning and flip a switch to turn on the lights, go to the kitchen to start our coffee machines, go to the bathrooms and jump in the shower with running water, drive to work in our vehicles, instead of walking to get around, these are things we all take for granted on a daily basis, back in the beginning of Mankind, they had to learn everyday just to survive, make their shelters with whatever they could find off the land, use leaves or brush as their blankets, make a fire not just for their camp, but to cook and a source of heat to stay warm, they cooked whatever they could be successful at in their hunt, they learned to make weapons out of things around them, so they could have a successful hunt, everyday was alot of work just to survive and today we complain when we lose electricity and have no switch to flip for the lights.

        Camping is not what it used to be, now people say they are camping, but they have a trailer, or an RV with all the comforts of home inside, a generator so they can have a switch to flip for light, a water tank so they can take their shower, instead of jumping in the stream, a TV with a dvd so they can watch a movie, instead of truely communicating with each other, they think they are roughing it, but to truely rough it is going somewhere remote and sleep in a tent, build a campfire, to keep the nights chill away, roll out the sleeping bag on the hard packed ground within the tent, shut off the smartphones as their are no signals to play your games or make a call, which means take the time to truely communicate with those around you? Yes you have to talk face to face, as you can’t hide behind your devices, with this face to face communications, you may just learn something of yourself, or who ever you are with, true camping in the wilderness, under the star lit skies and on the natural carpet of the planet Earth, may be a dieing thing in this Society, but if we all took to this kind of camping from time to time, it would help us learn of ourselves, others around us, as we respect what we have now, not take for granted all the simple things in life and maybe even help us better understand everything around us, so we all can walk our paths along our journey’s of life in peace and be better and stronger moving forward.

           Camping to some means pack the camper, or the RV and go to a campground, that has a pool, and activities to keep you busy, along with wifi to keep you plugged into cyber world, but real outdoor camping involves, a tent, a sleeping bag, camp stove and grill, pop up canopies, a shovel to make a campfire pit, and a handmade porto-potty, you want to take a shower, just jump into the stream, it may be cold but your body will get used to it, you want activity just take a walk into the wilderness and learn of the planet Earth and what else it may endure, bring a fishing pole so you can fish the stream and maybe eat the fruits of your labor over the campfire you made earlier in the day, leave your devices at home as they won’t work in this remoteness and open your imagination to the real wonders this planet, plus open your mouths to real communication with those around you, as you may just learn new things of yourself and others around you, True camping to us now, may be a way to unwind from the dog eat dog world, but for the beginning of mankind, it was how they survived on their journey’s, it is very healthy for us to camp in this fashion, as we get back in touch with ourselves and our souls, it is how we grow to be better and stronger, on our paths along our Journey’s of life.

” Camping in the beginning of Mankind might of been alot of work and how they survived, but for us today it is good to get back in touch, so we can be better and stronger moving forward”

” You need not be afraid to camp in remote locations, just keep an open mind and get back to what made man strong and what helped them survive, to become what Mankind has become”


It’s a Double take World upon us

        “Say what you really mean, then act with sincerity on what you say”


       We are Living in a World today, that says one thing then does the complete opposite of what they actually said, nobody takes responsibility of their actions anymore, people say one thing to get you completely on their side, then they flip and do the complete opposite, nobody is accountable for anything, some may say they will help you with whatever you need, then when you actually need something, you find yourself all alone in a dog eat dog World, Our Politicians and our Lawyers are prime example of this, all the Lawyers want is your money, they will talk to you and get information that only help them win a case and recieve money, then later they won’t even remember your name, let alone say hi as you walk past them, a Politician will say what you want to hear, so they can get elected and than proceed to forget what got them there and only work on their own agendas,  in a Society of all about me, which we are in now, all of us as Individuals see whats happening and instead of trying to change the way of Society, we proceed to join Society and continue with the way it is, we then get bitter and chat negitively when things happen amongst us out of our control, instead of setting an example to other’s of, it don’t have to be this way, if we all do it correctly.

        When God created us and every living thing around us, he did so with a vision of peace, with all of us working together to achieve this peace, but in an all about me Society, we have lost the feeling of together and have gone completely in the other direction of God’s vision, you have groups out there like ISIS, that have their own views(as distorted as they are), but groups out there like them, will stop at nothing to push their views on the rest of us, if we don’t stop them in their tracks. These groups don’t even know who God is, or even have a clue what the “higher power” is, they think we all should bow to them and live as they should, they are totally out of touch with their own souls and their hearts, which means they have no feelings at all within them, when you lose this feeling of love, heart and soul within you, you than become lost with reality and everything that is around you.

      These groups may seem like they are in control right now, but if we all work together, change what we have become, live as God wanted us to when he created us and all around us, then and only then will these groups disappear, they will find they can’t inflict fear in us anymore and cower away, like the real cowards they are, so we all can live in true peace, as God invisioned for us, these groups are straight from Saten and when Saten showed himself to Jesus, he tempted Jesus to join the ways of the “dark side”, but Jesus stayed true to himself and toward his father, the Lord God himself, had complete faith in himself and God, with this faith, Saten and this temptation disappeared right before his eyes, we to can see this temptation, these groups and Saten disappear with our own eyes, all we need to do is, have complete faith in ourselves and God, change the ways we have become, to what God had envisioned for us, so we than can live in true peace, while walking our paths along our Journey of life.

“Peace is like freedom, it doesn’t come for free, we all have to work for it, while staying true to ourselves and changing what we need to, to stay strong while being better over time”

” Violence may bring chaos and disruption, but it never solves anything, being true to ourselves and having complete faith in ourselves and the Lord God, will always make change easier as we walk our path along our journey of life”


Society of today has no “Face”

Our Society of today quite simply has no more face to face interactions anymore.
All the Societies of Mankinds past and our Anchestor’s, was all about face to face interactions, when things needed to get done, or if you needed help with your troubles, you interacted with another Individual face to face, or even if there was a disagreement, you worked it out face to face, now everbody is afraid to interact face to face and just simply hide behind anything they can (like social media), so they won’t be afraid if some kind of action is taken on them.
With all these dating sites, social media sites, or even job sites, we lose the most important part of us as Humans building on our character, we lose out on our social skills and become Individuals of solitude, we don’t learn how to act properly in public settings, we say nothing to anybody cause we are afraid to offend them, NEWSFLASH!!! constructive criticism is an important part of us as an Individual growing with strength to be better, without face to face interactions, we become a troubled Society and it is showing now.
With the troubles in Ferguson, MO. Shows that we are a Society in Ruin, than you have a few that play the “race card”, another NEWSFLASH!!! There is no such thing as “race card” in a God created world, God created all of us as equal, no matter color of skin, or where you are from. It is us as Humans that have created this and it has to be us as Humans to end this. The problem lies within a few that use this so called “race card”, so they can push their views on the rest of us and use it as an excuse to put themselves above all,it is time the rest of us see through their agendas and stop listening to what they are saying.
While a high percentage of Americans are still looking for work, all the companies are hiding behind social media, so they don’t have to meet face to face, they lead on to the people looking for work and making them think they have a chance? You show up to follow up with them, only to find they won’t come out to meet you, instead they send out a subordinate inorder to get rid of you in a nice way, this political correction crap has made us all soft and not knowing how to deal face to face anymore.
Political correct, social media, technology, these are things that could of made our Society better and us as Individuals stronger, but we have gone in the other direction with these and it has made us weaker and worse off then Societies of the past, we all sneak around in order to avoid face to face interaction, than we stab each other in the back, with our actions we think are okay in our own little world, the time is now to wake up to reality, before reality stabs us all in the back, get out from behind your social media’s and look around at what God created for us, look around at life and how all other Societies succeeded from the beginning of Mankind.

” Face to face interaction is a blessing from God, not to hide from it and be someone you are not”

” Instead of being afraid of offending someone, take them aside and chat face to face with them, you just might learn something of yourself also”

The Journey we walk throughout our lives

The Journey we walk throughout life can be whatever we as Individuals make of it?
Each of our Journey’s start from birth. they end who knows? nor do we know what happens at the end, some argue we go into after-life? other’s may argue we just lay in state within our wooden box? Some say we go to Heaven and meet God, to become a Saint? There is no concrete evidence to what happens at the end, but with true faith and hope. the end isn’t just an ending, it is the start of a new beginning.
When we all start out our Journey’s, we find there are many paths to chose from, but what we don’t know are the unknowns and where these paths take us? it is okay to fear the unknown, as long as you never let the unknown fear control your destiny, or who you become.
With all these many paths in which to chose, there are also many elements for us to explore, these elements help shape us into an Individual and keeps us strong, as we get better on walking our path.
These paths have many ups and downs, we meet many other Humans along these paths and as we learn of everything/everything around us, it can get a little overwhelming, to which we then get lost in these fears, lost in our direction and lost in how we percieve all that is around us.
Perception is a huge part of everything we do as Humans, as we walk a path along our Journey of life. This perception is alot deeper, than just looking in front of you, as you put one foot in front of the other, each one of us can look at one thing and have many different perceptions of what we just looked at, this is the real true beauty of God when he created us and shows how true beauty is within each one of us and is felt within our hearts and souls, never can this beauty be bought, touched, or even exchanged for something better, perception is unique to each of us and is how we grow with strength, while being better along our paths, perception is the way we look at everything around us and should never be pushed on to others as they walk their paths, it is these different perceptions, when seen correctly, that help all of us walk our paths along our Journey’s of life, in peace while we all stay stronger and better without conflict or hatred, which only make our Journey’s harder, when we are in peace, with faith and hope, than there isn’t anything that will stop us on our paths along our Journey’s of life.

” The Journey we walk in life, may have hurdles to conquer, but with faith and hope anything can be conquered”

” We may get lost along our Journey’s from time to time, but with true faith and hope, we will always find our way and unlock our GPS deep within our hearts and souls”

” The end is not really the ending of anything, it is the start of a new beginning”

A Society in ruin right before our eyes

With all the technology we have today, with all the Social Media sites within our reach and view, you would think we are better off than of Societies of the past? The true answer is, we are worse than all other Societies of the past, simply because we lack true communication and trust.
When you look at the history of Mankind right from the beginning, they did not have all this technology, nor did they even know what social media is? There communication was with each other, not being afraid to do something and making a mistake at first, then correcting that mistake through trial and error, as Mankind evolved through time and became more sophisticated, is when the real troubles began.
We stopped with truely communicating with each other, cause we thought we ourselves were better then the other, when your view didn’t match mine, well then I won’t associate with you which than stopped true communication in it’s tracks.
When you don’t have true communication , now you have a Society of Individuals that are living in their own little fantasy world.
With all the crap we have right here in the United States and throughout the World, only proves that our true communication towards each other is gone, we need to look deep within ourselves, fix all our negitives, so we than can take it into Society, so Society can fix itself of all it’s troubles.
God’s vision of a peaceful Society, was not for us to stop truely communicating with each other, was not about guys like Reggie Jackson and Al Sharpton, to say they are God willing, then play the race card, to get their point across, the race card doesn’t even exsist in God’s peaceful Society, as all of us as Humans are equal, no matter of your color of skin, this is just fuel to the fire by two Individuals trying to play God. The race card is just an excuse to try to put yourself above all others.
There is communication, then there is true communication, with true communication we all work together to fix ourselves, so our Society will fix itself and we all can walk our paths along our Journey of life in peace, while we are better and stronger moving forward.
With all the crap going on in Ferguson, MO. Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri state police has a great message and that is of true communication of each other, plus he himself walked through the communities down their as a person and not an officer of the law, to try to instill the trust and confidence of each other once again, we should all listen to him throughout the World and not people out for their own agandas, that do nothing but try to put themselves above everybody else.
We all walk a path, not every path is perfect, we may be in a different part of the World, we may not all look the same, but in the end and with true communication and all of us as Humans working together on our paths, all our Journey’s of life will be in peace, which will help us all be stronger and better moving forward.

” Without true communication, now you have a Society of Individuals, that lack trust of each other and live within their own little fantasy World”

” No matter the color of your skin, where you are from, we all are God’s children, we are all Humans that walk a path along a Journey of life”

Walking along the shoreline of the beach

We walk the shorline of the beach,
not just for our excersise but for its beauty,
the sand beneath your feet so soft,
the ocean so deep and blue with tranquility’
the birds flocking for their daily meal,
as you walk with a feeling of serenity,
the beach we take for granted full of beauty,
the beach is flat unlike the mountains in aloft,
the beauty of the ocean has so much to teach,
the horizon seems so far but yet never ends throughout,
the sand beneath the feet is a different feel,
what a great way to spend the day along the shoreline of the beach.

To some the beach may be relief from the hot of the summer,
to others being in the sun makes them sick with pain,
we all take for granted the real beauty of the beach,
the real beauty are the living creatures around the beach,
they like us are on their Journey of the Earth,
we can’t see that cause we are blinded by ourselves,
look onto the ocean we see beauty from the sun’s reflection,
but the true beauty of the ocean lies within and deep into the sea,
the waves of the ocean are created somehow,
we just think its part of the ocean and surf them,
the beach and the ocean has its own tail, we have to look deep within and we can hear what they say.