The close tight knit feelings of Family

Families are our foundation in our lives, as we walk our paths on our Journey’s of life.
Those of us growing up today, do not remember the TV show the Walton’s, or even know who the Walton’s were? This is everything that is wrong with our Society of today.
The Walton’s were everything a Family should be, they created a bond with each other so strong, nothing on this Planet would of broken it, everyday they woke up they ate breakfast together, talked about what the day was to hold for them, they worked their family business together with no excuses, no calling in sick or playing hookey, they each had their daily chores around the house and running errands around town, while picking up their supplies, every meal was together as they chatted of their daily troubles, to help each other overcome what was in front of them, before each meal they said grace and thanked God for everything that was brought to them, even before the last light was turned out in their house, they said good night and sweet dreams to each other, as they went to sleep to rejuvinate for the next days chores.
The Walton’s showed us that, when we and our Families stick together, form a strong bond with each other, have open communication with each other, with no fear of being made fun of, or made out as an outcast, our foundation to life will never crumble, it may develop leaks over time, but with our strong family bond, our foundation will be fixed to be stronger than ever.
Back in the days of yesteryear, families everywhere were like the Walton’s, every meal was presented at the table with all family members present and accounted for, there was never a missing spot as families were excited to be together and talk about their days, so they all together could help each other, overcome what was in front of them on their path of life.
In today’s Society of fast paced and broken homes, we have lost this special bond and the building of a strong family foundation, with each meal we eat it is done in lonliness as we stuff our face, then get up and go to another job, or simply come up with any excuse just to be removed from the table, this is a huge problem for our Society and why we have become a troubled Society, with nothing but pain and anguish throughout this Planet and not to mention all the hatred, or the all about me world in which we live.
In this Corporate world in which we live, we have put the Corporations ahead of our own Families and it shows with all the broken foundations wandering within our Society, with a strong foundation we walk our paths on our journey of life with confidence and strength, with a broken foundation we can’t walk, cause we are wandering with no purpose, our minds are clouded with crap cause we can’t focus on what is truely important, we become lost in a journey that is moving quickly by us, the foundation and bond of a Family is the key to each one of us, walking with confidence and strength, our path in life along our Journey through life.

” A Families bond and a Families foundation, is the key to true happiness along our path of our Journey through life”

” True communication in our lives, starts with the family being all together at the dinner table, helping each other overcome all of life’s obstacles”

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