Betrayal and Trustworthyness

These are two words within our dictionary that have different meanings, but yet bring strong feelings of emotion to each one of us, as we walk our Journey of life.
Both of these words can also be tied together, as they both lead into each other, Betrayal is when someone you have a trust for, goes behind your back and does things that affect you emotionally in every way, or even when you confide in someone and say things you trust they won’t repeat, but yet they go ahead and chat behind your back, even when you go for employment, you trust in that company to find you work, than they go and hire someone else for that position in place of you, in this Society both these words affect each one of us everyday.
It sucks that in today’s Society, you can’t develop a trust with anybody anymore, cause you just don’t know if you will be betrayed and left in an emotional wreck? So instead of facing it, we then hide this pain and build an invisible wall around us, to help protect ourselves from any of this distrust/betrayal, which is a big reason why, we in this Society have become so full of ourselves and a very lonely Society.
The best and healthiest way to combat these two words are, face them head on, confront these people whether a company, or a so called freind, don’t confront in a violent way, but a smart way that makes them out to who they really are and you yourself, come out smelling like a rose, so we don’t have to hide away our true feelings and be the true person we really are, we as Individuals have created all this crap of these words, so we as Individuals can end this crap, then all of us can walk our Journey’s in life, in happiness while our Society can grow further in the same happiness, without any idea of what being betrayed is, as we all know what true trustworthyness really is.
Trust is a word that we all take for granted, it is a word that we also have forgotten it’s true meaning, cause we only use it for personal gain and could give two cents on the feelings of those around us, trust may be a word, but it is a word with more than a meaning, as this word affects the true feelings of each and every one of us as a Human Being, when we get back to the true meaning of this word, than maybe we will see all this hatred in our Society disappear, so we all can walk our journey’s in happiness and strength, it is up to each one of us as Individuals, that determine how our Society grows, when done correctly our Society will grow with strength and happiness.

” trust and betrayal may have different meanings, but they both are intertwined with each other”

” being betrayed is a feeling that hurts deep inside each of us”

” trusting in someone is the same sacredness than, having a believe in our Lord God and his son Jesus Christ”

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