The Border Patrol

Our Border Patrol’s down along the Mexico border, are so overwhelmed from families in Mexico dumping their children on to our soil, but yet our elected officials are doing nothing but playing games with it all, than sending help to our Border Patrol officer’s.
I get the fact that Mexico has it’s issues down there, but right here in the United States, we also have alot of issues that our officials are just simply ignoring, cause it doesn’t affect their agenda’s.
The families in Mexico cause they are trying to make their childrens lives better, are flooding our border down their, so their children can be here in America, Mexico’s goverment is doing the same thing as our government and pointing the finger at each other, playing games with peoples lives, instead of taking action and helping their citizens.
I am not against Immigration, as we are all decendants of immigrants here in America, this is how America has grown throughout the history of America, but at some point you have to close the border, fix all the issues we have now, to keep America strong moving forward, so one day we can re-open the borders and help others have a chance, as they may not have where they are, just as America has to fix itself, other countries have to do the same and you can’t do that by pointing the finger, or playing games with the lives of it’s people.
Immigration is a touchy topic, as this form down on the Mexico/America border deals with children, but at some point you have to look at reality and ask these families, why are you still having children, if you can’t handle/take care of them? These families that are sending their children across the border, are now pointing their finger to America and saying, “here you take care of them”, if you can’t handle the responsibility of having children, than stop having them.
I get the fact of the Mexican government isn’t helping their people, as the drug cartel has them in their pockets, if thats the case then you think the drug Lords need to be addressed? Just as Mexico has their issues, America has it’s own issues and it’s time that actions out weigh the chit chat, the finger pointing stops, to which we need to fix our situations, so both countries can move forward stronger and better, for the good of the people.
The time is now, to help our Border Patrol here in America, close the Borders so we here in America can fix our own situations, to help America be stronger and better, the game playing, or the finger pointing by our elected officials stops, take more action and be accountable for them, so we than can re-open our borders, to help others have a chance, that they may not get in their current location, everything gets spun by our officials in a political way, that will only benefit themselves and their agenda’s, it’s time to get off your “HIGH HORSE”, take action that helps everybody throughout this great country of America and those Immigrants that want to do it correctly, so they to can have a better life.

“America was built by Immigrants, so other Immigrants can have a better life”

“When you want a better life in a different country, do it correctly to gain respect and acceptence, by the Citizens there now”

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