The TMZ and the Papparazzi revolution

TMZ has made the Papparazzi more dangerous then in years past, they have created this addiction of making fun of other’s situations, so we can forget about our own, these people get paid big money to get the story with pictures, with a do what it takes mentality, now normal people will see they are clearly stalking, so they can get paid, but to TMZ and the Papparazzi they will say, ” I am only doing my job”?
This TMZ revolution clearly shows how shallow we have become as a Society, we quickly judge others and make fun of them, to hide to people around us our situations and problems, we think if we make fun of others, our problems will go away, NEWSFLASH!!! It don’t work that way, your problems never leave you, til you look deep within yourself, fix what is wrong and the mistakes you have made, so you can continue on your journey of life, with the confidence and strength to tackle anything that you may come across on your path in life.
This TMZ revolution tells me that these people, have their own hidden situations they are hiding and using this as a way to continue their journey, which is doing nothing but creating a Society of shallowness, the old saying “judge a book by it’s cover”, is exactly what the TMZ revolution does, which is far from being a Society of being true to self, so we can see the beauty that each one of us holds deep inside us.
I get the fact of we want to earn a living throughout our journey of life, but at what cost do we want to earn that living? The cost of what we are doing now, will do nothing but kill humanity and make all our journey’s harder then they have to be, it is so much easier if we all be true to ourselves, look at other’s as a Human being and not as an object, when we do this we shall see the real beauty of life and the true beauty of us as Humans, much like God had seen when he first created us.

“judge a book by its cover” “this quote says it all as we become shallow in our lives and Society”

” to look deep within ourselves, is to see the true beauty of ourselves and others”

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