Earth……The land of Immigrants

It is true that everything that walks this Earth, whether on four legs or two, is an Immigrant of this planet.
We are also all creatures of this planet, with the Human being the smartest of the creatures, just as the Lion or the Bear’s of the Animal kingdom mark their territory, we as Humans also mark our territory, except our’s are in the form of a Country, which we the people elect Individuals to lead us and help us grow further.
Mankind was never as we see it today, as the beginning of Mankind was a time we had to find our way, learn everything as we did it, which led to alot of mistakes, we had to get used to our surroundings and learn of everything around us, Mankind didn’t even know how to feel, let alone survive in this new territory, there were other creatures here first and we had to learn to adapt and know what was their territory, we did so through alot pain sufferings, which helped us later on our Journey through our life.
During the formation of the countries, along the journey of Mankind, we have always been an immigrant and had to obide by all the rules put in place by each country, Mankind has always been an explorer and liked to explore new territory’s, so when Columbus came to America and found this place, he to was an Immigrant and had to learn everything about this place, before he went back to report of his findings, when you move to another place you are an immigrant of that place and need to do it the right way, so you can be respected and accepted into the place you are going.
When you come to another territory unannounced and try to blend in, cause you want a better place, that is fine as we are all immigrants, but when you don’t follow the proper channels, you have now crossed into the world of Illegal Immigrant, when you see the word “illegal”, that should be a sign of, you are doing something wrong and you need to correct your mistake, very much like Mankind had to correct their mistakes from the begininning, when you learn from your mistakes and walk your journey correctly, we all as Mankind benefit with a Society of happiness, we as Humans who are suppose to be the smartest of the creatures, have not learned from our mistakes, instead we have compounded them by, sweeping them under the rug to try to forget them, so we can move forward and keep going about things the wrong way, eventually this method will catch up to you and the problems only get worse with time, we are all Immigrants and we need to respect each other, as well as their territory, if you want to move to their space, do it the right way, so we all as Mankind can be happy, as we all walk our Journey’s together.

” We are all Immigrants, we need to respect each other and their space”

” mistakes are a part of life, we need to learn from them to be better moving forward”

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