Another 4th of July celebration

As we all embark on another 4th of July celebration, let us never forget those before us, that sacreficed and worked hard, so we people of today can celebrate freely, as we share photos of our fun with our techy devices.
4th of July is the birthday of America, before America became America, there were alot of Individuals that paved the way for the birth of America, these Individuals did it the hard way, they couldn’t send an email in real time, as it took days or months just to deliver a letter, they couldn’t go to the nearest Home Depot for supplies, as they had to make their own tools and gather their own supplies, nobody even knew where they were or where they were going til they arrived to their destination.
Life back then was very different than life of today, we people of today take all of what we have for granted and think everything is just handed to us? Technology has made us all lazy, to the point of we think life is nothing but a party, the generation growing up today, have no idea what the 4th really means, except we must party, most don’t even know the names like Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison etc… The ones who were responsible for the technology age we are in now and they don’t even know what it was like without a cellphone to either call or text.
Today’s Society is more connected than Society’s of yesterday, but yet we are so far disconnected from each other it is kind of sad in a way, back in our pioneer days, where you had to ride a horse for miles, just to get into town, they knew more of what was going on around them than we of today, even with all our technology, so as we celebrate another 4th of July, let us do so in real American fashion, by remembering all those before us, that made our lives easier, so we can celebrate as we do, so we can be free to do what we want when we want, it is when we don’t remember all the true hero’s of America, when we disrespect them and all that they did for us, there is to much disrespect today, we need more respect of ourselves and all those around us, so we can make proud all of our fallen hero’s in this great country called America and through time there were many true hero’s of America.

” God bless America and God bless all the people of America”

” America was built on hard work and ingenuity, let us celebrate that and not take advantage of it”

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